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Pitch's new creation, Kelsi is ready to help him, but Kit also learns a few things that may change things for her.

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Pitch was smirking, as he focused as powerful fear like magic emitted, as it created a young girl with dark hair, pale skin, but wore a black dress, with purple leggings with black boots but he cackled seeing her, as she bowed before him.

"Welcome, Kelsi to the world.

You're powerful, than Kit." he said.

Kelsi smiled, as she wanted to please her father but knew he wanted to spread fear over Earth, but couldn't do that with the Guardians of Childhood in his way.

She had no idea that Mother Nature, Pitch's daughter was watching but she was angry, that her father had created a child out of his dark magic.

She had faith that the Guardians of Childhood would stop her father and his little creation, from spreading fear across the world.

Bunnymund watched, as Kit slept, as she reminded him of her birth mother, Kayley who had been his best friend when he'd met and befriended her as a teen, but knew that his little Phooka would bre proud of Kit knowing that she was becoming a Guardian in training, but Kit had to know about her birth mother, as he was going to Tooth's castle to ask her, as they were friends.

He ordered his warrior eggs to watch Kit until he returned, as they obeyed as he was leaving, but found his way into Tooth's palace, as the mini fairies were startled and ready to fight, but Tooth entered, as she was happy seeing him here.

"It's been a long time, Toothina.

I need to ask you, about Kayley." he said.

The half hummingbird and human tooth fairy's eyes widened, as she sent her mini fairies away so they could talk, as she knew Kayley, Kit's birth mother was a good friend of theirs.

"You think, that Kit's ready?

To know, about her birth mother?

Right now, she's going through a lot." she replied.

"I know, but she has to know.

I believe, that she could handle it." he replied.

Tooth understood, as she knew he wouldn't do anything to hurt Kit, as he'd promised Kayley to watch over Kit, and keep her safe from harm, but knew that Kit was ready, as Bunnymund smiled.

"Just take it wasy, on her.

She mat be a Guardian, but she's also a child." Tooth said.

Bunnymund nodded, leaving.

He then hoped that Kit was okay, as he returned to his warren.

Kit's eyes fluttered open, as she realised she was hovering in the air, as there were wings on her back, as she was amazed but Bunnymund's eyes widened, realising she had the same powers as Kayley, meaning he had to tell her now, but he was scared at how she would react, but he knew that Kayley would want her to know, as he sighed.

"Aren't these cool, Bunnymund?" she asked.

"Yeah, just like your birth mother." he said.

Kit's eyes widened, as she was sitting on the bed. wondering what he meant.

"Y-You mean, that I was adopted?" she asked.

This was breaking Bunnymund's heart, seeing her like this, as he knew this was hard for her, but also him too.

"Yes, you were.

Your birth mother, Kayley Williams was a very powerful Guardian of Childhood, as she could replicate our powers, but we were best friends.

She was an outsider, but she and I became good friends, but then she discovered her HgUARDIAN POWERS.

Your birth father Rokai, was once a Fearling but your mother's love and courage turned him back into a human, and they fell in love and got married.

Whwn you arrived, the other Guardians, along with me and Tooth were so happy, until Pitch ruined everything.

He tried to kidnap you, but your parents used their love for you, and their powers to protect you.

Your mother decided, that it was too dangerous for you, so she let a woman who didn't have any children adopt you, but was hoping for the day, when you'd discover your destiny, as a Guardian of Childhood.

I'm sorry, Kit." he said.

Tears leaked from Kit's eyes, as he was hugging her, running a hand through her hair, as she was upset, but calming down, as she needed time.

He knew that Kayley needed to be with Kit, as he was the only one who knew where she and Rokai were.

He had to do it, for Kit.