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Epilogue: 70 years later

Frank stood at the edge of the River Styx, inspecting his spectral form in the reflection. He heard the scuffling of booted feet and looked up, surprised to see Nico di Angelo staring at him from across the river.

"Frank." The son of Hades nodded cordially. Frank furrowed his brow in confusion.

"Nico. How-how can you be so. . ."

"Young?" Nico suggested, motioning aimlessly to his sixteen-year-old body. "Dad's keeping me immortal so I can keep doing his dirty work." Frank frowned, but Nico seemed indifferent.

"So, I finally died." Frank said in an offhanded attempt to change the subject. Nico nodded, his dark eyes glinting in the dim light.

"So I see." He stepped into the shadows and reappeared seconds later at Frank's side. "You look good for an 86-year-old."

"So, what do I do now?" Frank asked, ignoring Nico's comment. Nico shadow-traveled across the river, standing next to the son of Mars.

"You come with me." Nico said. The teen grabbed Frank's arm and in an instant, they were walking through darkness. There was no light and no pathways, yet somehow Frank was able to see Nico's face and his own feet.

"Where are we going?" Frank asked. Nico didn't respond. As they walked for what seemed like miles, Frank noticed that his old, creaky limbs became spryer, his eyesight sharpened and his breathing became easier. When he looked down he was surprised to see that his hands were no longer gnarled and wrinkled and his arms were stronger. "What's happening?" Frank asked. Again, there was no reply from the son of Hades.

They emerged from the shadows into a grassy field. Sun was shining and there were birds chirping. It reminded Frank of the Field of Mars back at Camp Jupiter, only without the pockmarks and patches of dead grass left over from various Games and battles. Nico stood with his arms crossed near the edge while Frank took a few steps forward.

"Where are we?" Frank asked.

"This is Elysium." Nico said. "Paradise. It takes the appearance of the places where your best memories are." Frank nodded, noticing that Nico was looking him up and down appraisingly. "You look better. Being eighteen suited you much better." Frank's eyebrows flew up in shock. Running over to a nearby puddle of water, he studied himself in the wavering reflection. He no longer had the pitted skin and deep wrinkles of an old man. Staring back at him was the eighteen-year-old legionnaire that was remembered from Camp Jupiter's glory days. Every detail was impeccable, right down to the scar below his eye that he got at age sixteen, during the battle that cost him his best friend. He hated that scar.

Rustling footsteps caused Frank to turn on his heel. Nico was no longer in sight, but the steady pounding of boots against earth warned him that someone was approaching. He tensed automatically, but relaxed once he remembered that he was Elysium. There weren't any monsters here.

"Hello?" He called out cautiously. The footsteps stopped, then resumed. A skinny figure in a purple shirt and jeans emerged from the woods, brushing twigs out of her springy hair. She looked slightly older than the fourteen-year-old girl Frank remembered. She was taller and more filled out, although her slight frame and small hands were exactly as he remembered them. Frank stared, not daring to move.

"Hazel?" He whispered. She swiveled to face him, tears filling her golden eyes.

"Frank!" She shouted, running to him. They collided in a fierce hug, both of them crying and neither of them ashamed of that fact. Other demigods that had passed on ran to join the group, and Frank recognized some of them: Jason, Leo, Percy and Annabeth, among others. He kept a tight grip on Hazel as he pulled back ever-so-slightly and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips.

"I missed you so much." Hazel whispered.

"I missed you, too." Frank replied. His heart filled with happiness, he slung one arm around Percy's shoulders and took Hazel's hand with the other. The small band of demigods set off across the Elysian Fields to the Underworld version of Camp Jupiter. This is definitely paradise, Frank thought to himself as he stole another kiss from Hazel while Leo cat-called and Percy shouted.

For the first time in seventy years, Frank Zhang and Hazel Levesque were finally home.


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