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Of course, Scott's house was the first place Stiles went.

It'd been almost six weeks since he had been in a familiar place. Being kidnapped by a pack of angry werewolves and some how getting out alive made him realize two things; one, this whole werewolf thing had completely consumed his life, and two, he was pretty much the most bad ass human to ever walk the earth.

Sure, he had a few bites and scratches, but he had avoided the alpha's teeth and made it back home in one piece.

He was pretty exhausted, fretting the fact that he would have to climb into Scott's window in a minute. The door was never an option.

A sharp wind outside hissed at his open skin and scrapes and bruises, making him unbalanced on his feet. He realized then that he was light headed, and he wished someone was there with him in case he collapsed...

Maybe Derek will come.

And then his thoughts stopped.

The last time he'd seen Derek was one of the most confusing things he'd ever experienced. They had been talking and confiding in each other, and the next thing he knew he was pressed down onto his bed with Derek on top of him, their lips pushed together and their tongues locked. He'd never imagined doing something like that with someone like Derek, but his instincts seemed to take over and express his true wants. He realized then that he wanted exactly that. He wanted to be able to kiss Derek like that every day. But before he even got a chance to talk with him, the man had disappeared as he often did, leaving no trace of where he'd went.

He wanted nothing more than to see Derek now, but he wondered what he would say, or if they'd even be able to talk.

"I'm telling you, it's him!" A deep voice yelled from inside of Scott's house.

"You've been doing this all month, Derek, give it up!"

"No, it's Stiles, I can smell him!"

Derek and Scott came bolting out of the front door and down onto the drive way where Stiles stood in a haze. He managed to give them a dazed wave before he was pulled into a powerful embrace.

Derek's thick muscular arms were tightly secured around Stiles, giving the boy a lusty rush of adrenaline, but at the same time crushing his spine and ribs. "Ow, ow, ow, DUDE! You trying to hug me or kill me, cuz I really can't tell!"

Derek loosened his grasp in response but still held onto him for a while. Stiles met Scott's glance over Derek's shoulder and he smiled. "Sup?"

Scott ran his hand through his hair and tried to believe his eyes. "You've been gone for like, two months." he pointed out, trying to hide the worry in his voice.

When Stiles was set free from the embrace he started walking toward Scott, but was tugged back almost immediately.

"Where the hell have you been!?" Derek asked him with just about as much intimidation as he could. Stiles tried to back away but he was grabbed by his shoulders and pulled closer. "Do you have any idea how many nights we were out looking for you!?"

"He was driving me insane." Scott added, "He kept insisting that he smelled you and that he knew where you were, making us check the same places over and over. He was a wreck... um, never mind."

Derek was giving Scott a death stare of all death stares. He would've just punched him but he had to deal with Stiles first.

"You gonna answer me?"

Stiles sighed, "Can we talk about it later? I swear to god I'm gonna – AH!" Derek had grabbed is arm right on a wound.

"...You're hurt."

"Derek..." he sighed

Derek tore Stile's jacket off to reveal a ripped up and blood stained T-shirt. Scrapes and bite marks wrapped around is arms and neck.

"You're hurt all over!"


"What the hell happened!?"

Scott pulled Derek back by his shoulder, "Leave him alone, we have to get him inside!"

"You stay out of this." he said in a quite but highly threatening tone. He then turned back to his half conscious problem, "Now you..."

"Look, Derek, I'm bleeding, tired, dizzy, starving, I can't see straight, and now you ripped my jacket so I'm really cold, and I liked that jacket."

"Shut up! Look, whatever it was, why didn't you call me or Scott? We could have helped you."

"Can we go insi-"

He grabbed Stile's shirt and pulled him close. "Answer the question."

"They wanted you!" he finally spit out, "They wanted to kill you, all they wanted from me was information. I... I didn't tell them anything, so..." he raised his arms to indicate the scratches and bite marks.

Derek backed away and brought his hand to his forehead. He got it now.

"So all this... you let them do all this to you so that they wouldn't find me?"

Stiles didn't respond, he just lowered his head.

"So tell me Stiles... what the hell do you think I would've done if they'd killed you?"


"They could have killed you!"

"Look, I'm sorry, but-"

Before he could say anything more Derek had punched him in the gut hard enough to completely block out all of his senses.

Scott whirled Derek around and punched him across the face. "You don't hit him like that! He's human, keep this up and you'll kill him yourself!"

Stiles gripped onto Derek's shirt and fell onto his shoulder. He looked like he was going to say something but he didn't have a chance to before he completely lost consciousness.

When Stiles woke up his arms were bandaged and he had an ice pack on his stomach.

"Thank god." Scott sighed when he saw his friend's eyes open. His tan face was paler than ever. "I was going insane... probably skipped about three weeks of school, your Dad was going insane, and... I didn't know if you were gonna wake up after what Derek did."

"I'm sorry..." Stiles choked out.

Scott stood up suddenly, "Why didn't you call me!? I mean, dammit Stiles, you're only human, I don't care if they wanted Derek! I thought we were good enough friends that you could ask for help in a situation like that!"

"We're good enough friends for me to not want you to be killed, dumb ass..."

"You honestly think you could take them better than me?"

"Look, there's no reasoning with me until I get my medicine, its been like, two months and I'm going through serious withdrawal."

Scott sighed and sat down. He seemed to be contemplating with himself until he finally found something to say. "You feeling any better?"

"Yeah... pretty much everything's fine except where Derek hit me. That really hurt, where is he by the way?"

"In the hall way beating himself up about what he did. Apparently I didn't beat him up enough myself..."

Stiles began to sit up, "I'm gonna go talk to him..." But Scott lightly pushed him back down.

"Get up and I'll kill you. Do you seriously wanna see that asshole?"

"I just wanna talk to him. Also... I think it'd be funny to watch him try to apologize."

Scott smirked a little bit. "Fine. I'll get him."

"Five feet away from the bed." Scott told Derek when he lead him into the room. "If you get any closer than that I'll make you leave."

Usually Derek would have rolled his eyes but all he did was pick up a chair and set it down a measurable distance from his battered friend.

"Hey." Stiles smirked.

Derek rested his elbows on his knees and his face in his hands. "I... I shouldn't have done that." he mumbled.

"What was that Derek?" Stiles asked, wanting this to be as hard on Derek as possible.

Derek's fists clenched. "I shouldn't have hit you."

"Really, there must be something in my ear or something, 'cause-"

"I'm sorry! Good enough!?" he exploded and then quickly put his head back down.

Stiles' smirk consumed half of his face. "I forgive you."

"I don't." Scott grimaced.

Derek sighed and cleared is throat. "Stiles. What exactly happened?"

"I dunno if I should tell you. You might get mad again." he teased.

Derek leaned forward and tugged on Stiles shirt, earning a small cry of fear and sexual tension. "Tell me." he ordered.

"Five feet!" Scott reminded him.

"Yeah Derek." Stiles sang smugly as the man roughly flung the fabric from his grasp. "Remember the agonizing distance requirements."

"The hell are you implying?"

"Stiles." Scott interrupted them, "I'll make sure he doesn't lay a finger on you. Tell us what happened."

"Well." Stiles sighed, "I was in the woods and then these werewolves – well, I didn't know they were werewolves yet... but I probably should've 'cause they were all growly and in a pack and... anyway, they asked me if I knew Derek and I didn't take my medicine that day so I said yes."

"And why didn't you take your medicine?" Derek asked with frustration.

"...'cause I forgot. Anyway, I wouldn't tell them where you where so they beat me senseless..."

Stiles saw Derek's veins bulging out of his hand as he tightly gripped the arm of the chair.

"Well, I wasn't that senseless, I was pretty senseful actually, so-"

"Just continue."

"Right. So here comes the part where they bring me to some other city and basically scratch and bite the hell out of me ever day, thinking that it'll make me talk... they hardly fed me..."

"If I were there, none of them would be alive." Derek claimed.

"And neither would you." Stiles reminded him, "Anyway, so then I was a bad ass and escaped... after getting bitten half to death... and I got on a train and got home."

Derek shook his head. "I still don't see why you didn't call me. You have serious trust issues."

"Well, I lost my phone anyway, so-"

At that moment his ring tone went off.

"Fuck!" He took it out of his pocket and answered it. "Hello? Dad? Ahhh, don't talk so loud. I – I'm fine. Uh, can't do that. I'll be home later, I promise... or tomorrow. K, bye."

He ended the call. "My Dad." he laughed nervously.

"I see you found your phone."

"Heh, yeah, who would've guessed it'd be in my pocket."

With a loud crackling noise, the chair arm broke under Derek's grasp, sending wood chips in every direction.

Stiles felt the color completely drain from his face.

"I'm gonna leave before I murder you." Derek told the scared boy as he started to stand up.

"Wait," Stiles beckoned, getting up, walking toward him, but then falling back down, clutching his stomach. "Owww..."

Scott went down to help him up, followed immediately by Derek.

"... How am I gonna get home like this?" Stiles wondered aloud.

Derek took Stiles' arm and secured it around his neck. "I'll drive you, come on."

Scott grabbed Derek's arm before they left, "One finger on him and I swear to god..."

"Threatening me? Cute." he responded flatly.

"Hey Derek," Stiles started with his returned smug attitude, "I don't know if I can walk after all that damage. You're gonna have to carry me. Plus, you should do everything I say."

"Yeah? And why's that?"

"Ohhh, the pain, ahh, my stomach, I think I'm gonna die..."

Before he went on, Derek picked him up and started toward the door.

"Well thanks Dere- OW!" his head banged against a corner

"Sorry. Accident." Derek told him.

"I doubt that."

"What are we doing here?" Stiles asked when they pulled into a drive thru.

"I'm getting you some food before you faint again."

Stiles shrugged and took out withered dollar bills from his pockets.

"Put that away." Derek told him, "I'm buying it."

"I'm gonna order half the menu." Stiles warned him.

Derek sighed. "Go ahead."

After being handed about six bags of food, Derek parked the car so they could eat.

"Oh my god this is like, real food, it tastes so amazing!" Stiles exclaimed with his mouth full of fries.

"What did they feed you?"

"I honestly don't know... but I ate it anyway... yeah, I'm probably gonna die."

"If you die... I'll kill you."

"Makes sense."

"Look, Stiles, I need you to tell me more about this pack. I need to find them."

Stiles choked on his drink and coughed "What!?"

"If they're looking for me, then-"

"What the hell Derek!? I went through six weeks of torture so that they wouldn't find you, and now you just wanna give yourself away? Why don't we wrap you in some nice wrapping paper while we're at it, add a cute little bow at the top!"

"Stiles, listen-"

"No, for once, you listen to me. I'm not letting you go after them."

Derek shook his head. "We'll talk about this later."

"No need, its already settled."

He sighed.

"Oh yeah, one more thing," Stiles bashed Derek's face into his steering wheel the same way Derek had once done to him. "Had to do that. Just once."

"Guess I deserved it."

"You definitely did."

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