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Warning: This is a slash story which means same sex relationships. If you don't like it, don't read it. In later chapter's there will be talk about child abuse.

Author's Notes: This is the sequel to my story 'Please Stay, Don't Go!' This Story does have slash in it, as in Shawn and Lassiter are now a couple, but this isn't the main focus for this story. This story will be looking at McNab and his past.

Story Notes: Lassiter, O'Hara, Shawn, Gus and Henry, investigate the shooting at a restaurant. McNab and his wife are victims of the shooting and as they dive further and further into the shooting more and more questions come up about their beloved McNab and who he really is.

It's always the quiet ones: By islashlove

Chapter 1: If McNab is Hurt, We All Bleed.

Three vehicles pull up at the crime scene and the occupants climbed out. There was an uneasy quietness in the air, as if the world knew a gentle giant had been hurt.

Lassiter was the first to reach the crime tape and he slowly looked around. When he couldn't find what he was looking for, he went to speak to the nearest officer. Shawn watched him and didn't miss the slight flinch Lassiter gave as he realised why McNab wasn't there to meet them. Looking back at the others, Lassiter couldn't help feeling like a fool. He now realised how much he had become dependent on McNab at crime scenes and not having him here had already shook him. But now it was going to be even worse, since he was one of the victims.

Walking back to the others, Lassiter could see Shawn giving him a worried look. He smiled at the man who was now his lover, his life, just to reassure him that he was ok. But he could see that this case was going to take a heavy toll on Shawn, both physically and mentally. Then looking around, he figured it was going to do that to everyone at the station. Because that was how much McNab was respected and loved.

Shawn could see the pain in Lassiter's eyes as he looked around at all of the people there. Both police officers and civilians stood there in wonderment at how such a tragedy could happen in their city. He knew this was going to hurt them all, especially if McNab dies. But with saying that, he also knew that every man would be working their hardest to find who did this to these people, to their McNab and his family.

After they had been there for about five minutes they finally headed into the restaurant where the shooting had taken place. All the survivors had been taken to hospital and only the dead were left lying where they had fallen. Shawn shivered as he quickly glanced around the room and counted the bodies. Twenty four; twenty four bodies lay motionless on the floor and there was another twelve markers where the survivors had been; now it was a waiting game to see how many of them would make it.

Shawn shook his head at the number of dead who were children. He could hear an officer saying something about a children's birthday party and how there had been fifteen kids there, but only six were taken to the hospital.

As he looked at each marker, he could see they each had a name on them. Shawn could also see both McNab's and his wife's names on two of the markers in the back of the restaurant. At first, it looked like every other shooting he had been to, but then something caught his eye. Something that made his stomach churn and his blood boiled at the same time. Shaking his head again, trying to clear it from the shock he just had, Shawn once again looked at the markers.

There were two colours being used; red for where the victims had fallen and blue for where they had been setting at the time the shooter had walked in. But no matter how many ways he looked at it, it came out the same way. There were two areas, one where most of the people, including the staff were, and the second one only had a few people in it. It was the area with the least number of people that had been shot up the most; which meant that this was a hit on someone and the rest of the victims were probably just damage control. The only problem was, who were they after? The name on the markers here indicated that it was also the area where McNab and his wife had been sitting.

There were two other victims in this area, which meant there were four people who could have been the potential target. One of the four had died at the scene. But, if it were McNab or his wife, what could they have done to warrant such an attack, and what type of monsters were they, that they could shoot up a kid's party without any remorse at all. Shawn was brought from his thoughts as his dad placed a hand onto his shoulder.

"Are you ok, son?"

"Yeah, Dad, I'm fine. I just think that this was a hit and McNab or his wife could have been the target."

"What makes you think that, Shawn?" Gus piped in as he listened nearby.

"The area where they were sitting was shot up the most and there were only four people sitting in that area."

As Henry and Gus looked at the area Shawn had just mentioned, a call came in over the radio. McNab's wife didn't make it. Now, more than ever, Shawn was determined to find out who had hurt McNab and why.

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