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(PeteOnline: Danny) (Cols..Colin: Tom)

PeteOnline Has Signed On.

Cols..Colin Has Signed On.

Cols..Colin: HEY SEXY!

PeteOnline: I swear we were gonna text. ;)

Cols..Colin: Yeah! Okay to the texting!

Cols..Colin Has Signed Off.

PeteOnline Has Signed Off.

Danny put his laptop underneath his bed and grabbed his phone. He loved his nights texting Colin. They were always so...so erotic.

Tom turned off the computer down stairs and jogged up to his room. To see a text waiting for him. He smiled and locked his door, and laid on his bed.

Hey! I have an idea.3 - From Pete.

Yeah? What's that? - From Colin.

'Please. Don't want a picture' Tom whispered to himself. He hated not being able to show himself. But he couldn't. He was too scared to do that.

Explain what you look like. Please babe. Then we can have some fun. - From Pete.

Alright babe. - From Colin.

Tom signed and smiled. Of course he could explain.

BUT! Use a lot of detail! ;) - From Pete.

Tom smiled again. This boy. The boy he didn't know much off... Tom thought for a second. Really detailed.

Alright. Well i have messy blond hair, that i sometimes stick up. I have chocolate brown eyes, as my mum explains them. And my friends. I'm quite muscular. I mean i work out. I have a couple of tattoos. Oh i'm tall. I don't know what else to say. Your - From Colin.

Alright. You sound fucking sexy babe! Well i have brown hair, sometimes long and straight, and sometimes curly. Either way i like. I only do it to impress someone. But you know. I'm quite tall, and have a good, stern body. With loads of tattoos. Oh my back, Leg, arms and some other smalls ones. I have blue eyes. My friend explains them like the blue of the sea. - From Pete.

'Damn! Can i fuck you now! - From Colin.

Tom then realized what he sent. 'Oh shit!' He shouted.

Then there was banging on the wall from Dougie's room. 'SHUT UP TOM!' But it was Harry's voice? What? Huh? Confused. Tom was confused. Well i better get to sleep he thought.

Well babe. I'm sorry but i'm so tired. Night..3 - From Colin.

You can whenever you want! Night sleep tight!3 I wish i could be there to tuck you in. ;) - From Pete.

Danny smiled to himself. He would love to do that... He heard Tom shout 'Oh shit' From his room...Danny got up and quietly jogged to Tom's room.

He opened the door, trying to be quiet. He knew Tom was asleep, because he could that distance sleepy snoring that Tom did whilst sleep.

He knelt down, and moved some hair behind Tom's ears. 'Night Tom' He whispered giving Tom a small peck on his forehead...