Robert re-entered the hideout, and returned to the Mentor. He stood there, peering out the window and eventually noticed that Robert had let himself in.

"Greetings Robert, I trust everything's well?" Giacomo asked, smiling.

"I want in," Robert responded quickly, "I was up all night, thinking about what you had said and I realize that I need a purpose!"

"Everyone is here for a reason, I cannot just make you an Assassin, it requires dedication and time, even if you are an Assassin in a way, you're not a true Assassin until you die defending what you hold dear to you or unless you've done all you can do for your time," the Mentor responded.

"Then tell me what must be done, and I'll see that it's completed," Robert told the Mentor.

"Why are you so eager? There must be more reasoning to join us, Robert, and I don't appreciate the fact that you're lying to me," Giacomo responded.

"Have you ever just known something without any research put into it?" Robert asked.

"Every day, that's what an Assassin strives on," Giacomo replied.

"Well, this is something you must trust me on, please, I am willing to do the job fully, just let me do it!" Robert exclaimed, slamming his fist into the table.

"His name is Jacques Cassini, he's a Templar currently stationed in Lyons, kill him and then maybe I'll consider it," Giacomo said, sipping on his finest glass of Chardonnay. Robert gripped the handle but was stopped when he heard the fling of still hit the door.

"I didn't say you could leave, we still need to finish our discussion from yesterday," Giacomo told Robert, pointing him to a seat.

"Why do this? Why strive for peace when it's blatantly obvious that chances of peace are slim at best?" Robert asked, leaning forward.

"We need hope to get us through the days, if there's no hope, what point is there in leaving a warm bed in the morning?"

"What can you tell me about my target then, Jacques Cassini sounds familiar."

"He's a French Astronomer, though his work seems good what he intends on calling his next book isn't."

"And what is that?"

"Assassin Credo, so you must understand that this could compromise the Brotherhood, contradicting one of the Creed's three tenets. You may not understand us, but you need to understand the world needs us to work in the shadows"

"I know what must be done," Robert responded, pushing himself up from the chair.

"Take this, good luck," the Mentor said throwing a jewel encrusted knife on the table.

Robert mounted onto his horse in the midst of the night, bringing nothing but his newly given weapon. He rode off, waving the Assassins away, the moon was out, lighting the sky and also the path for Robert. It was hard to take in, the Assassins and Templars but Robert felt as though it was the right thing to do. He continued into the centre of a chasm and all was silent, the ground was shaking around him, he looked up and noticed men with large overcoats hoarding in rocks just above. Robert was about to mount back on his steed when suddenly a boulder comes crashing into the ground, knocking the horse down. Robert leaped onto rocks and glided by. Down came another, creating impact and blowing Robert to his knees. He got back to his feet and continued sprinting, he jumped across the large rocks crashing down to the ground and suddenly he felt an arrow strike his foot.

"They're going to kill me if I don't get out of this trench," Robert murmured to himself. He continued to charge down, a rock flying by, Robert leaped onto it, gripping the stone and eventually trying one leap from the rock to grasp the ledge of the Cliffside hanging over the chasm. One hand managed to grip the ledge, he pulled himself up and charged through, and barrages of arrows came from all directions. He sprinted into one of the men; throwing the weight of his body against the other mans and using it to push him off the cliff. Robert's march continued to the next man, laying him to waste with a dagger to the chest. He was eventually stopped by the cliff's end, leading only to a river down below, the rest of the guards had Robert cornered. They readied their bows and quickly fired, just as the arrows were flying, Robert launched himself down the cliff and extended his arms during the "flight." He crashed down into the water, the pressure of the fall pushing him down to the bottom, he swam up and gasped for air and began to push himself back to land.

The journey was peaceful from there, before stepping into the Astronomer's manor; Robert decided to grab a drink at a Tavern not too far away.

Robert entered, the doors slamming against the wooden walls, the pictures flinging from their hangers from the sudden burst of air. The people there stood silent, noticing the jewel-encrusted knife in Robert's pocket, their eyes just looking at the diamonds. Robert sat himself down, leaning forward in exhaustion, he sighed heavily.

"What do you want?" Asked the barkeep, wiping a wet cloth down the bench, his breath reeking of booze.

"I need to rest, but I also need a name of a man," Robert told the barkeep, the his green eyes shining brightly, "he's an astronomer, goes by the name of Jacques Casini, perhaps you could help me?"

"Alot of people come here asking for Casini, you know what happens to them?" The barkeep asked, leaning over and quietly whispering, "They wind up dead the next morning."

"Just tell me where he is and -" Robert was soon interrupted by the sudden feel of a man's hand swiping his knife.

"You can't miss it, the grass on the lawn is filled with blood stains and its close by the burlesque house," the barkeep quickly said. Robert nodded and charged out the door, he saw the foot of the thief slide through a nearby alleyway. Robert's legs feeling a sting as he charged through the citizens, screaming as his shoulders went through their rib-cages. He turned into a dark alleyway, he saw a stair way ascending up to the rooftops. Robert hastily ran up the stairs, he found himself on the roofs, jumping from rooftop to rooftop. Robert took one last step and then jumped down, crashing on top of the thief, crushing the man's spine.

"Spare me!" The man shouted in agony, his spine crackling under too much pressure. Robert snatched the knife off and held it to the man's neck.

"What point is there in stealing? You're aware that god doesn't approve of stealing?" Robert questioned, pressing the knife closer to the thief's throat.

"Why does anyone do anything?" the thief responded.

"Fair point, but you're interrupting something I need to do, I don't have time for your games!" Robert said, the thief could see the fire inside Robert's eyes.

"Please, spare me!" The thief yelled.

"There's no mercy for the wicked," Robert replied, swiping his hand to the left, leaving nothing but a mark on the man's neck and the blood stain that surrounded it. Getting himself to his feet, Robert gazed at his hands, soaked with blood.

"What have I done?" He muttered to himself, he scaled the nearest building. Robert turned his attention across the city, scanning around for the burlesque house. He soon noticed a series of men entering a small and discrete area by a Mill close by. He noticed the moon was beginning to shine and that the drunks were beginning to wander the streets. Robert kept to the rooftops, avoiding any signs of brawls which were throughout the town between drunks and brutes. He arrived at the burlesque house and noticed across the street, the mailbox of a nearby manor was drenched in blood. Screaming could be heard, though Robert wasn't sure if it were the men getting lucky in the burlesque home or the murder of another man. Whichever answer it was, Robert wouldn't put up with it. He threw himself over the fence and gripped on whatever he could to scale the house. He crawled to a nearby window, opening it slightly so that he could hear what's inside.

"I don't care about the consequences, Roland, just get me out of this home," screamed a voice in fury.

"Why though? Are you not happy with the accommodation?" Replied the man named Roland, his voice being oddly low.

"Don't play me as a fool, I know the Assassin is coming after me, your denial is just aggravating me more!" The man proceeded to scream.

"Be reasonable Jacques, why would they attack you? You've done nothing wrong," Roland responded.

"These Assassin bastards won't stop 'till I am dead!" Jacques yelled, the sound of glass crashing against the wall was heard. Robert had heard enough, he pulled himself into the room and shut the windows.

"Assassin! Roland, help!" Jacques screamed; Roland had already fled from the room. The sound of Jacques' screams as the knife tore into his chest could be heard throughout the town of Lyon.

"Why me? I have done nothing," Jacques spat, blood spurring from his lips.

"This was my assignment, I needed your blood on my blade," Robert told him.

"You'd kill me, because someone asks you to? I hope you rot in hell Assassin," Jacques said.

"No, I'm killing you because I need more answers than what they'll give me, this is the only way and I'm sorry," Robert spoke but before he could finish, the sound of Jacques' heart beating stopped and all went silent.

"Reposer en paix," Robert replied, closing the eyelids of Jacques shut.