This story have some of the Na'vi's language. I have used words from james-camerons-avatar*dot*wikia*dot*com
After every meaning I have used their language you can see the translation. The translation is italic.

Chapter 1: Sky people

"Alyara! Come back!" Shouted my brother Talion and ran after me.
"I cannot do so, Talion!" I shouted back and kept run over the roots and the brooks. "I want to see the Sky people!" I stopped by the gates and looked in at them.
"Alyara!" He said and stopped behind me. "Father will not like this."
"I know. But I want to meet them! We have permission for that!" I turned. "Sempul!" I shouted the word for father. "Sempul! Io neu tse'a Tawtute!" 'Father! I want to see a Sky person' A guard looked at me before he ran in to the building the Sky people was in under their visit here at Pandora. My father came out and stopped in front of me, but at the other side of the gate.
"Si kehe…" 'Make no…' I looked meaning at him.

"Oe omun." 'I know.' He nod and opened the gate. I walked in with a smile at my face. It was years ago since they was here. The last generation was the one who came with Jakesully, the Toruk Makto. It was very high hopes in those Sky people. Maybe one of them can to the same?
"Alyara, remember that they are not like us. They are for example not as tall as we." I nod to my father's notification and stepped in to the room where they were. No one of them had entered an Avatar yet but when we entered the room every one of them raised and bow. I looked at them.

"I See you." They smiled and straightened up.
"I See you." They said all at once. I smiled to them. Their skin wasn't like ours. It looked more fragile. One of their toktor, doctor, came to me.
"May I?" She holds out her hand so I putted mine in hers. She smiled when our skins touched and looked at me. I responded with a smile and sat on squatting in front of her. She ran her fingers over my skin and seemed very fascinating.

"Such a strong skin compared to ours." She said and looked at the crowd. "Phil, come here." I man with light hair, blond as my father called it, came out from the crowd and to us. I looked curiously at the thing he had at his nose and in front of his eyes and touched it carefully. A smile appeared at his lips and he looked at me.
"Have you never seen glasses, princess Alyara?" I shook my head.
"What are they? For what use are they?" I asked.

"I have problems with my eyes and those glasses help my eyes to see." I looked him in the eyes and nod. "May I take a look at your braiding and the neural whip in it?" I nod and he slowly took my braid so everyone in the room could see it and turn it upside down so the neural whip became visible.
"When you enter your Avatar body, be very careful with this part. It can make you blind if they come in contact with your eyes and are used to connect with the animals at Pandora." I looked at him and listened to what he said. They knew a lot about us.
"May I came and look at it?" A man with a long braid like ours raised his hand and looked at me with golden eyes. I laid my head to one side and looked at him.

"Princess Alyara, is that okay for you?" I nod and the man came to our little ground and slowly touched the braid, like he was afraid that it would hurt him.
"It will not bite you." I smiled. "As long as you keep it away from your eyes you will be okay." He looked at me and nods before he, with more trust for the neural whip, started to study it.

"It looks very fragile, is it?" I shook my head.

"No. But very powerful. We are fighting against strong opponents and it doesn't get hurt." He nod once more and let go of my braid and hold out his hand to me. I laid my free hand in his and saw how surprised he became when our skin was touching. His skin felt fragile but at the same time soft.
"What are you name, Sky man?" I asked.
"My name is Jacob, princess Alyara."
"I See you, Jacob. But you don't need to add princess. Here I'm your friend, not the princess of Na'vi." He looked at me with a smile.

"I See you, Alyara. And I will not forget those words."
"Tsmuke." 'Sister'. I turned and looked at my brother.
"Srane, tsmukan?" 'Yes, brother?'
"Ayoeng kin ne käí ne'ìm." 'We need to go back.' I nod and looked at Jacob who nod.
"I understand. You need to go back to the Na'vi's." I nod. "Will you come back?"

"I will come back as soon as I can, Jacob." He smiled and nod. They took their hands from me and I stood up. "Maybe we will see each other out in the woods. But watch out for nantangs."
"Viperwolfs." I nod.
"You do not want to fight them. Promise me, we know. And don't teas bigger animals then you, or rather don teas any animal. It can be your death."
"We will keep that in mind." Phil smiled. I smiled to them before I turned and walked after my brother and father.

"Your mother is waiting for both of you." Dad said and we nod.
We came outside and mother smiled to us.
"'ite. 'itan." 'Daughter. Son.'
"Oe-l nga-ti kame." 'I See you' both of us greeted.
"Krr ne käí ne Kelutral." 'Time to go home to the Hometree." We followed her home where everyone talked existed about the Sky people. My mind was at Jacob. Something with him made me curious. I jumped surprised when Talion scared me.

"Ftang tsní, tsmukan!" 'Stop that, brother!' I hissed to him. He smiled and hugged me.
"Something is on your mind. Can it be the Sky people?" I nod.
"I'm curious. Their air is different from ours, I could feel it in there."
"I'm surprised you even could be in there. My body can't." I leaned my back against his chest.
"I could, without any problems." Mother came to us.

"I heard what you said, 'ite." 'Daughter.' "Eywa is with you. You have a purpose with them, just like Jacksully had with us." I bit my lip.
"Are you sure of that, sa'nok?" 'Mother.' "I know that Eywa's spirits touched me as a child and still does but do you think that means something now?" She nod.
"I do. Jacksully, our first Toruk Makto in a very long time, was also touched by Eywa's pure spirits. So be prepared, daughter." I nod and she walked over to father again. I looked at the dance around the fire and smiled. If Eywa had a purpose for me that would be visible sooner or later. Maybe it isn't a coincident that I could breathe their air.

"Talion, we are related to Jacksully and Neytiri, right?" He nods. "Maybe that's why I can breathe their air? He could." I looked up at him. "Is that crazy?" He shook at his head.
"No, it can be that way but Eywa gave you that possibility." I nod.
"So the Great mother has plans for me." I said.
"It seems to be that way."

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