The ground collided with his face faster each time he was thrown to the floor, and each time it brought more pain to every corner of his body. Trafalgar Law grimaced as he felt the fresh warm blood trickle from his nose and drip to the ground, forming another small puddle to go along with the several others splattered variously around him. Yet again he tried to get up by pushing himself onto his elbows and yet again he was picked up only to be thrown to the ground. This time he landed on his back with his head smacking into the floor below him and making a very unpleasant sound. His ears rang and his eyes burned, but he still refused to give up.

He couldn't give up.

Law spat the blood from his mouth and wiped his jaw, breathing heavily after the ass-kicking he had just received from the Shichibukai standing in front of him. But it seemed Don Quixote Doflamingo was far from through.

"By the look in you eyes it seems your mind hasn't been changed. You really have become nothing more than a devoted fool." Cackling laughter erupted from the feather clad man looming over him. Law only glared in return and began trying to think of a way to get out of this, after all, it wouldn't be any time soon that he'd get a few moments to think to himself. But there was no answer, no matter how much he racked his brain there was only ever one conclusion to the mess he had gotten himself into and it was no where near pleasant.

Law pushed himself up in an attempt to sit normally only to be thrown back down to the ground with a foot planted firmly on his chest. He involuntarily let out a cry as he felt several ribs crack under the pressure. White lights streaked across his vision but refused to take him away to a place less cruel.

If there was a God, he was laughing.

Law cracked open his eyes to see Doflamingo a foot or two from his face, giving him his usual Cheshire cat smile. Hatred over came the pirate's every thought as he stared into the colored shades before him. Without giving it a second thought, the rookie spat a mixture of blood and saliva into Doflamingo's face.

It took him all but three seconds to realize the shit he had now gotten himself into. The foot was removed from his chest only to be replaced with a fist in his face. Law realized soon after that he was being suspended in the air by the collar of his shirt just before his face started to get rearranged. After a while he began slipping in and out of consciousness, wondering if all of this could possibly be some horrible nightmare…? The rookie was jarred from his hopes as he felt his body collide with the ground again and a foot connect briefly with his stomach. Law coughed and gasped, trying to get his lungs to fill with air again.

Snickering came from above him.

"You're a sick son of a bitch." The pirate rookie managed to wheeze out. A violent kick connected with his back, causing him to stiffen from the pain.

"And don't you ever forget it." Doflamingo replied. The clicking of the Shichibukai's shoes could be heard reverberating off of the empty walls before he sank into the only piece of furniture there. It had been almost a half hour since Law had been taken in that room and he regretted every moment he hadn't used to make up some excuse he needed in order to leave.

The rookie coughed again, relieving more blood from his lungs as he tried pushing himself up. He managed to get to his knees, sitting on them as if he was still some school boy in front of his teacher.

Man does this bring back some shitty memories…

Law's attention was brought back to the man in front of him as he stood gracefully and began walking around the pirate rookie before him. The even clicks of the heal-toe steps seemed to be drilling their way through Law's ears as the older man began leaving the younger's peripheral vision until Doflamingo stopped completely behind him. Law prepared for what was to come, knowing full well that what happened next was, without a doubt, to be far worse than the physical torture he had just endured.

Doflamingo slowly lowered himself to his knees, snickering low and maliciously as he savored the anxiety coming from the young man in front of him. He grinned slowly and deliberately, making sure the sounds of his lips sliding over his teeth were audible enough for Law to hear.

Doflamingo leaned in close to the rookie before him, letting his mouth stop just next to Law's right ear. He spoke.

"You're making it sound as if I'm giving you a choice, my dear boy." A chuckle snuck out between his teeth. Law swallowed what little saliva he had left in his mouth.

"But you're forgetting one thing, Trafalgar Law," his name was said with such hatred and such anger that he could practically feel it pierce and twist in his heart. Law clenched his fists, refusing to let a single expression out on his face, which only amused the Shichibukai more as he continued.

"I own you."

Law didn't get a chance to react before a large hand engulfed his right shoulder while the other snaked around his waist. A gasp mixed with both surprise and anger betrayed him by letting itself out, causing the elder to only grin wider in satisfaction. Doflamingo threw his head back and cackled with laughter, pulling the rookie flush against his chest as it undulated from his hysterics. Law glared up at the Shichibukai, no longer giving a damn about what was going on. As Doflamingo calmed down he caught sight of the younger's fierce gaze.

"Now, there's no reason for that scary look! After all, what would your mother say?" He burst into a loud, obnoxious laugh once again causing Law to only get angrier. Without a single regard for his situation, the younger pirate swiftly freed one of his arms and jammed his elbow into Doflamingo's ribcage. A grunt was heard from the Shichibukai as his laughing died down.

"No one could ever give me enough reason to go through with your twisted scheme." Law paused for a moment, expecting to be physically cut off. When he wasn't, he continued.

"Not a single person I know and most certainly not you." He threatened; making sure Doflamingo knew he wasn't scared so easily like the man's other prey.

A smile cracked across his face. Doflamingo removed the hand he had on Law's shoulder and used it to wrap around the younger's head. His thumb rested on the right side of Law's Adam's apple while his fingers clenched around his left ear.

Law grimaced at the situation he got himself into once again and tried to inch away from the man behind him. A slow chuckle emanated from Doflamingo.

Law was pulled closer into the man behind him as his head was turned slightly.

Something warm and slick traced its way from his jaw to his temple, leaving a cold trail behind. Law's eyes widen as that scene was unwillingly burned into his memories.

"It seems I wasn't very clear," the grip on the rookie's neck tightened and he squirmed in his captor's grasp; "if I tell you to kill everyone aboard your ship," Doflamingo held Law's head against his own as he venomously seethed his next words directly into the younger's ear; "you are expected to do it."

Law's breath caught. He sat for a moment, mulling over the orders he'd just been given for the second time. The sick bastard had informed him he needed to become a Shichibukai himself for the rest of his plan to go through, and the best way to do that was to cut out the hearts of his own crew and several high bounties to prove to the government his loyalty.

And by "best" it was the only offer acceptable by Doflamingo.

Law jerked his head away and glared as menacingly as possible.

"Not a chance in hell."

Silence filled the room, not even the sounds of breathing could be heard. Doflamingo looked down at the fiery eyes before him and took into account their intensity. For a moment Law thought he had actually won, but his false victory was short lived when the silence was suddenly cut by a single, small laugh.

Then another.

And another.

Soon Doflamingo was back to his usual roaring hysterics. With one swift movement, he forced Law to stand and shoved him into his chair. Law sat dazed for a moment wondering what exactly was going on when a familiar hand clamped down on his neck. The rookie pirate looked up to see an expression of pure insanity on the Shichibukai's face. Doflamingo's smile was carving into his face at impossible angles, giving even the most terrifying of sea kings a run for their money. The elder leaned down, calming his laugh to nothing more than a dry chuckle before continuing.

"Then it seems I'll have to start things off." Law narrowed his eyes as another bout of giggles came from the Shichibukai.

"Let me see if I can remember this correctly." He turned his gaze away and tapped his fingers of his free hand on his chin.

"What was that bear's name again…?" Doflamingo had thoughtfully asked himself. All of the color drained from Law's face.

"Ah, that's right," the older man stated, returning his full attention to the young man in front of him. A sinister scowl came over his features.


The pirate lost it; he lunged for the older man in front of him only to be knocked back and have his neck gripped tighter. Law grabbed the Shichibukai's hands in a vain attempt to get free but accomplished nothing of the sort. Asphyxiation began taking place and only just before he lost all feeling in his body was Law let go of. He collapsed against the back of the chair, drinking in oxygen like there was not enough to go around.

Doflamingo stood, giving a small chuckle and leaning in close to one of Law's ears.

"I expect it to be done within the week. Is that understood?" Law glanced at the man standing next to him, his breathing returning to normal.

Trafalgar Law nodded once.

Doflamingo stood, smirking to himself before turning and leaving. The door shut behind him leaving Law in the dim light, the only thing assuring him of his decision being that what ever he does himself is mercy on his crew compared to Doflamingo.


so, this has been bothering me to no end. if Law is perfectly fine with picking up anyone and putting them on his crew, why are they suddenly just gone? the marines mention Law cut out the hearts of 100 pirates but never specified which ones and it's pretty doubtful he'd be allowed to run around with a permanent crew especially after helping Luffy escape execution and alleged assault of the teryuubito so the hearts of any 100 guys wouldnt suffice too well. what if whenever Law sees luffy's crew happy he's reminded of the friends he betrayed and feels guilty? (thus giving us all those adorable expressions i might add) and, not just anyone would be accepted as a shichibukai after so many betrayals. Law is also probably looking to get rid of doflamingo and is probably seeking help from the straw hats (by extortion now, not friendship. my oh my, his story is sounding like the females' of this anime :3)
my theory will probably turn out wrong, buy for the next possible three months or more this shall be the peak of my curiosity.
and i also hope it's wrong ;A; this theory is just cruel...