For the longest of time, Law had wanted to be just as tall as or maybe even taller than Doflamingo for the sheer pleasure of finally being able to look eye to eye with the bastard or even look down on him. Of course, it wasn't much more than a passing thought to feed his revenge complex since the eccentric captain was over ten feet in height, a far stretch for the teenager or any other normal person in this world. Law figured at the rate he was growing he'd hit six feet within two years and begin to slow down after that, no where near the pirate which was a let-down but much more practical than having to duck through just about every doorway. But then again, being just over five and a half feet also had its impracticalities and Law was currently experiencing them to the full extent at the moment.

The young doctor bolted through the island forest, vaulting himself over felled trees, leaping down short overhangs and crashing through foliage in order to escape the men chasing him. Just a short while ago, he and Doflamingo managed to infiltrate the natives' village with the captain still handcuffed in Sea Stone, looking for the captured crew along with keys to Doflamingo's bindings. It had been relatively easy to find everything they needed on their mission but they were unfortunately spotted and cornered before accomplishing anything other than the locations of what they were after. The two had been held at spear point, neither able to do anything helpful for fear of being impaled. But of course neither was willing to give up.

Doflamingo made the first move, drawing attention to himself before shouting for the teenager to make a run for it. At first, Law thought the demented captain had finally grown at heart during this harrowing situation but soon came to realize when he noticed half of the village's warriors were chasing him down that he was nothing more than bait to thin the numbers for the pirate.

That conniving dick.

Law dashed as fast as he could, clawing his way through the leaves and vines while cursing his awkward growth spurts over the past few months that left him unaccustomed to his longer legs. Not to mention somewhere along this chase he had lost his favorite hat which only served to worsen his day. He continued to stumble ungracefully along the forest ground, ducking arrows and avoiding spears flying at him until a hiccup arose.

The young doctor's foot suddenly caught on a raised tree root, causing him to call out in surprise before taking a nose-dive into some shrubbery. But with the momentum he had been traveling at, Law wasn't just thrown to the floor with the aid of gravity; he was sent somersaulting down a slightly declining hill until finally coming to a rest under a tree. The teen brought a hand to his head, waiting for his vision to stop spinning as he attempted to sit up. The sounds of angry men coming crashing after him could be heard which caused Law to panic a bit, remembering that he was in a life or death situation and needed to be on the move. Before he had a chance to completely orient himself, he jumped to his feet only to collapse shortly after.

The doctor grimaced in pain, feeling a stabbing sensation in his ankle as if it were broken.


Law glanced around; looking for some place to hide only to realize the single thing closest enough to him was the tree in front of him. He crawled to the other side of it, for once thankful to have his skinny frame since it wasn't a very wide trunk. The shouts grew louder as Law imagined the men were drawing nearer and (hopefully) about to go racing by his poor hiding spot. He closed his eyes and remained perfectly still, praying to any higher power who was listening at the moment that he wouldn't be spotted. The war cries quickly approached the teen before they started sprinting right by the tree; footsteps trampled across the floor as the angry natives whizzed past the teenager who was quietly pleading for them not to notice him.

Silence fell over the scene and Law dared to open an eye, carefully glancing around until he was sure no one was there. The young doctor stared incredulously, unable to comprehend how that terrible plan had actually worked. Now all he had to do was find a way back to the ship…

But of course, Law had spoken too soon. The doctor blanched as he noticed two unfamiliar men staring at him through a few bushes with surprised expressions, causing him to wish there was some way for him to teleport himself halfway across the world. Unfortunately there wasn't and as soon as the men realized their group had been duped they called out to their fellow tribesmen to turn around and come get the prey.

Law attempted to get up once more only to crumple back to where he had been sitting with a pained expression. If walking wasn't going to work, then maybe crawling.

The doctor began pulling himself backwards as fast as his arms could take him, but his actions were for naught. The men charged, aiming their weapons and preparing themselves for their victory against the skinny, crippled thirteen-year-old.

Law collapsed and turned away, unable to watch as he prepared for the worst. But after a few moments of bracing for the pain he realized there wasn't a plethora of spears sticking through his chest and dared to look up. To his disbelief, the young doctor was staring at the back of one of the men from Doflamingo's crew as more began rushing around the sides of his vision. Battle cries erupted from both sides of this confrontation as the pirates began cutting down their adversaries. Law was speechless while he watched, wondering how on Earth he had been found and most importantly why had he been found?

The native men dropped one after another, no longer able to draw the pirates into the clever traps they had used to first capture them and losing to the more advanced weapons of the sea fairing men. Law was still in shock, sitting in one spot as if he were deaf and dumb. But before he had a chance to ask one of the men what was going on another battle cry sounded off to his side. The teenager shot his vision to the noise and cringed when he saw another indigenous man coming for him. Law was about to glance around in hopes to find something to defend himself with when the enemy charging for him was suddenly run through by another one of Doflamingo's pirates.

"Come any closer to the kid and you'll suffer something worse than death." The pirate said menacingly before drawing his sword from the native's abdomen and watching as he collapsed; dead before he even hit the ground. The teen blinked several times as he tried to comprehend the situation.

"Looks like the squirt gets to live another day." Another pirate stated with a laugh. Law recognized the first speaker as Bardot, the crew's best swordsman and the second speaker as Alexander, the shipwright. He raised an eyebrow but was, yet again, unable to inquire about what was going on when he was suddenly grabbed by his upper arms and lifted to his feet. Law balanced on his good ankle for a moment before flailing his hands out in order to find anything to hold onto. Two men came, one on either side of him, to steady the doctor before he fell on his ass again.

"Get the hell off of me; I can stand on my own!" Law called out as he attempted to shove the men away but to no avail. They held on steadfastly, chuckling as they secured his arms from moving.

"Now that our little doctor isn't able to move he's actually pretty helpless."

"Seems to me Law isn't as big and mighty as he lets on to be."

"It's cute how defiant he's being."

Law recognized all of the voices, vowing to disembowel them at the next chance he got. Unfortunately, the gestures and familiarities didn't end there. The teenager ducked his head as each of the pirates seemed to be taking their turns messing up his hair or clapping him on the shoulder.

"What the hell do you think you're doing? ! Stop it!" He called out, attempting once more to move his arms so he could swat the hands away.

"Come on, can't your crewmates worry about you? I mean, what would we do without our doctor and favorite pass time?"

"Believe it or not but some of us actually want you to stay on the ship not just for your skills."

"It'd be a helluva lot more boring without you."

Law gave up, waiting impatiently for the noogies and ruffling of his hair to stop.

"Geez, quit being such a sourpuss. Cheer up a little!" One of the men joked which caused the teen to narrow his eyes.

"You seem to forget why I'm even on your ship. And no, we are not crewmates. We never have been and never will be. I haven't succumbed to Stockholm syndrome yet nor do I plan on it." Law stated finally, wishing to drop the subject and just get the hell off this island before something else went wrong. But instead of the group quickly making their way to the shore, another pirate spoke up.

"And you seem to forget that we're pirates. Sure, we went about things the wrong way when we first met but since you've patched up every guy on this ship good as new with more skills than the big city surgeons we can't just let that go. Whether you like it or not, you're part of this crew since the majority of us owe you our lives."

Law frowned at the man, Veasel, but said nothing in return. The pirate just chuckled before ordering the men holding the teen up to do something. Law found himself being lifted into the air only to be seated on the man's back with Veasel's arms tucking beneath him for support.

"Put me down, I can walk on my own!" The doctor stated indignantly as he began struggling to get free. However, he couldn't move very purposefully since the throbbing in his ankle kept denying him the chance.

"Yeah, of course. Then you'll skip merrily along the beach before happily boarding the ship." A few men chuckled at the pirate's retort but Law was unamused.

"Not to mention it's either this or carrying you in my arms like the whiny princess you're being."

The comment caused the young doctor's cheeks to flush out of embarrassment and anger as several men laughed heartily. Law wanted to retort something but realized he was truly at a disadvantage and hated to admit that he really did need help in order to move. The teenager mumbled something about bothersome pirates but settled down from his poorly executed escape plan.

Just as Law was perfectly complacent and ready to get a move on, something very familiar was jammed onto his head and over his eyes. The teen pushed it up, recognizing the object to be his hat and glancing over at who returned it.

"A touching reunion indeed, but how about we get a move on back to the ship?"

Law glowered at who it was, absolutely irate that Doflamingo was still healthy and in one piece. The captain just laughed at his expression, turning away and leading the way back to the shore.


"Dammit! I'm the friggen doctor of this whole godforsaken ship, I can do this on my own!" Law called out as he tried to reason for the third time how much more competent he was at fixing a broken ankle than an unskilled pirate.

"And I told you to shut up and accept my help you ungrateful little shit. Now sit there and quit acting like a pampered princess!" Veasel retorted as he finally managed to remove the teenager's shoe. Law grunted from the last bit of pain, clenching his hands tightly as he tried to focus on something else. After that came his sock before the pirate carefully rolled up his pants leg.

"Okay, now what?" Veasel asked as he awaited further instruction.

"Now you get out of my room so I can do this myself."

"Not going to happen." Bardot replied off to the teen's side as he and Alexander came back from the medic attachment connected to Law's bedroom. The doctor sighed bitterly, frustrated at the pirates' stubbornness.

"I've fixed up plenty of broken bones and the such before during my job so this'll be no problem." Alexander stated as he dumped several roles of bandages, a box of syringes labeled C13H16ClNO and a wooden spoon onto the bed. The doctor skeptically raised his eyebrows at the second item.

"You plan on putting a horse under or something? Why did you pull out my entire supply of Ketamine?" He asked as he also severely questioned why he didn't keep a gun under his pillow.

"That's what that is? It was in a drawer labeled 'anesthesia' so I grabbed it." Alexander replied as he began attempting to open the box.

"Don't even think about it you moron. I trust you guys with my drugs about as much as I trust you with my life." Law grumbled as he motioned for the pirate to hand him the container. Alexander frowned but obliged.

"You have some serious trust issues then." Veasel stated as he examined the teen's ankle. Law bit back a nasty retort, too tired with the fact that he already had to deal with these morons longer than he would have liked and didn't want to stir anything up that may lead to a longer discussion.

"Alright then, Alex. Work your magic." Bardot announced as he jammed the handle of the wooden spoon long-ways between the doctor's teeth. Before he had a chance to protest, Alexander began wrapping his broken ankle while Veasel and Bardot held the teen down. Law expected the pain to be excruciating during the bandaging since these men were highly inexperienced in anything to do with medicine, but surprising enough the doctor could hardly feel anything. Silence passed between the four as they all watched Alexander work, quickly and delicately wrapping up the injury. When he finished he spoke.

"I couldn't find any plaster. You wouldn't mind telling me where that's at, would you?"

Law glanced up at Veasel who took the spoon from his mouth.

"Top shelf in the first cabinet by the door." The doctor replied. The three men glanced at each other briefly but none of them mentioned how unproblematic the teen suddenly was. Bardot left to go and find it along with an empty bucket and another filled with water.

Law laid in his bed as he listened to the sound of rummaging and water running in the other room. He would never admit it out loud and no matter how much he wanted to deny it, the truth was simple. Without these three, working on himself to get this job done would have taken a lot more effort and would've been many times more painful. Even if he had Bepo working with him, Law came to the conclusion that this was the least agonizing route to take and the thought revolted him.


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Definition note: Stockholm syndrome is where a kidnapped victim begins to sympathize with their kidnapper
and Ketamine is literally just an anesthesia used mainly on animals (apparently people use it recreationally too O_o)