Darling: A Pretty Little Poem

A Pretty Little Liars / Twilight crossover by MusicTwilightLove


Bella Swan has a secret,

And it just can't stay inside.

She's the only person that knows the truth,

Why Alison DiLaurentis is supposedly no longer alive.

Emily, Aria, Spencer, and Hanna,

They think they know it all.

Oh, how wrong they are, Bella muses aloud,

Just watch how soon they will fall.

There once was a time when Bella was somewhat normal,

Or had she always been this sick?

Bella may never know,

This couldn't possibly do the trick.

Hush, my pretty darling, Bella purrs,

Her knife tenderly against Alison's neck.

Alison can't do anything but scream,

Can anybody hear? Bella doesn't bother to check.

Alison was never dead,

Only Bella knows this fact.

And the innocent impression that Bella gave everyone?

Just like Mona, that was all merely an act.

Bella loves Alison,

All of Ali's friends really do.

But the other friends don't matter, Bella whispers in her ear,

Because this, Alison, is between me and you.

Or maybe this is all just wrong,

Since it had started because of a boy.

Alison's crush on Edward Cullen,

Had been nothing for Bella to enjoy.

Bella loved Edward with every beat of her dark heart,

But Alison obviously didn't care.

Shhh, Bella hushes her as her victim whimpers,

Her hand caressing Ali's golden blonde hair.

Bella never had a chance with Edward,

And she realized this too late.

Edward picked Alison over Bella,

Which brought Alison to this fate.

Alison had been missing for a while now,

And that was thanks to Bella Swan.

But hopefully everybody would forget Alison,

Because everybody is only a pawn.

Maybe Edward will get his punishment later,

But Alison must be first.

You're my best friend, Bella admits, and you always will be,

But sorry, my pretty darling, because your fate cannot be reversed.