You're invisible. And you like it that way.

When you walk down the halls of Hogwarts, people's eyes move past you like Muggle's eyes move past the Leaky Cauldron. They just don't seem to see you. Sometimes, it feels to you like everyone's drunk a forgetfulness potion, and just seemed to have forgotten all about you.

You're not important to them, you're not important to anyone. You're invisible, just another Weasley. People see your red hair and freckles and think, Weasley. They don't think Molly.

And you like it that way.

You're shy, painfully, horribly shy. You hardly ever talk to people, even if they try to talk to you. You just freeze up, and your eyes grow as big as saucers. You don't say anything, can't say anything, you just stare ahead. They always give you a weird look, always the same look and walk away.

"Hi," you always whisper under your breath after they leave hoping for them to hear you, begging for them to hear you. But they don't. They never do. But you're okay with that. You're perfectly okay with solitude. Sometimes you prefer it. It's peaceful and quiet. No one bothers you, and no one wants you to do things for them.

You like it that way.

But the rumors. You still hear them. And despite your best efforts to go unnoticed, to be invisible, they're still there. They say you're a recluse, you're a mute, or that you can't talk. Despite your best efforts, you're still a Weasley. And Weasleys aren't invisible. However, you can still try. You ignore the rumors, ignore everything. It's easier than you think. Nobody talks to you, or ever did. Slowly, your plan starts to work. You start to fade into the background. People stop talking about, thinking about, even looking at you. Their eyes just slide by you. Which is exactly what you wanted. Exactly what you hoped for.

But then why, every time it happens, do you feel like you died a little more inside? Why every time it happens do you feel the urge to pipe up, to yell, "I'm here! Can't you see me?" Sometimes, you wish you could do that. You wish you had more bravado, a trait that all of your other cousins seem to possess. You wish you could speak to people, have conversations with people. Everyone else seems to be capable of it, so why aren't you?

You think it's because they're better than you. You think it's because they're not you. You don't understand that it's not true. If you did, you wouldn't cry in the middle of the night, when no one could hear you. But even if you did it during the day, no one would hear you anyway. No one would care anyway.

You're invisible.

You're happy that way. You wouldn't want to be noticed. You wouldn't want people to talk about you, to stare at you, all the other things that come with being visible. You wouldn't want to have to pay attention to the rumors. You wouldn't want to hear people talking about you. Isn't that way you became invisible in the first place?

You're invisible.

And you like it that way.

You think.

A/N- This is my drabble for The NextGen Challenge with the prompt Invisible for Molly Weasley II, for the Favorite Era Boot Camp with the prompt Bravado, and for the Potions Competition with forgetfulness potion. Thanks for reading!