Chapter 2

The Birthday Ball

"Mom, do we have to go?" asked Cameron prince of Eraklyon

"Yes for the 100th time and any way your friends Ryan and Liam will be there to," replied his mother, Queen Bloom,

"They will? I didn't know that!" said Cameron "Mom come on lets go," said Cameron

" A minute ago you said you didn't want to go," said his mother while looking at him all confused. All Cameron did was smile and then they left.

When they arrived Cameron ran to his friends and Bloom walked up to Flora, Musa, Layla, Stella and Tecna and they all began chatting away

"Well least your mother is having fun," said king Sky to his son, then he saw Timmy, Riven, Nabu, Brandon and Helia and they all started talking about sports and other stuff.

Cameron turned to Ryan and Liam who were talking to two girls named Violet and Lilly

"Hey don't you two go Magix High as well?" asked Liam

"We sure do we heard a lot and I mean a lot about you guys," replied Violet

"Oh really like what?" asked Ryan

"Now that would be telling," said Lilly then they all started laughing.

Cameron's Dad came over and suggested that they go fine the Princess they agreed and went looking for her.

"So were do you think she is?" said Ryan looking down one hallway

"I don't know probably looking in a mirror telling herself how pretty she looks," replied Liam looking in down a different hallway,

"Or not," said Cameron while looking into a room there her saw a girl with a blindfold on holding 5 darts.

They all came to see suddenly, she threw a dart it hit bull's-eye then another it hit bull's-eye again then the other three remaining darts they all hit bull's-eye the others were impressed.

Crystal took of her blind fold and went to get the darts of the board that's when they walked in.

I know this chapter isnt very good but its going somewere you just see xx