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If there was one thing Kotomine Kirei was certain of, it was that the creatures he faced had incredible endurance. The battle began in earnest on his part as he decided propelled himself against his first target; the large trench coat wearing figure.

Already calculating how much power he needed as well as making adjustments for margins of error, the executor planted a foot into the ground, shifting his weight to the side before following through with a straight punch to the creature's abdomen. He wanted to target where the heart should be but due to the difference in height Kirei decided to rupture any organ he could, most specifically the spleen.

The creature staggered back a few steps but that was all that indicated any form of damage. On retaliation, it wasted no time or effort as it swung its hammer from the side.

Ducking below the attack, Kirei could feel the displaced air brush across his scalp as the head of the weapon flew past. Already seeing the change in his opponent's stance, he shifted to the opposite side as the hammer was swung upward.

Anchoring a foot to the ground, Kirei stretched out his other leg and, continuing with the momentum from his dodge, he launched rising spin kick to the giant's back. This sent his attacker forward a few steps.

The giant staggered a few steps, but just like before it regained its balance, stood back to full height before turning to face the Kotomine scion.

Kirei stared at the creature slightly amazed at the fact the creature could still stand after those strikes. Years of training and experience, his own body is a weapon that could send a normal man flying and crush concrete under his own bone and flesh. Yet, this hammer wielding monster of a man took two hits with no discernable damage.

Metal screeched on pavement as this time the other giant creature moved forward, past the hammer wielder and directly towards Kirei with charging gait. Already seeing his second attacker's movement, Kirei swiftly moved to the side once more to dodge the overhead swing of the helmet wearing creature.

However, instead of counterattacking Kirei had to jump back to maneuver out of the way of another side swing from the large hammer his other opponent used. Shifting his stance the moment his feet touched the ground, Kirei was unprepared as his pyramid headed opponent appeared to his side its sword already arched in a swing of its own.

With no room left to evade Kirei made a quick flick with his hands as he materialized three black keys between his fingers. The thin and long blades of the churchman's charms met against the larger and bulkier one used in the attack.

Unfortunately it could not stop the blade but it did stop the rusty metal from digging too deep into his side as the accompanying force of the blow blew him away into a mid-air spin and then into the nearby concrete wall. Said wall had a small crater appear as Kirei's back was rammed into it, a testament to the force behind the strike.

Sliding down the partition, Kirei could feel his blood start to flow slowly from the wound he received at his side. Righting himself back up he watched as both his opponents stood side by side once more, weapons held at the ready.

Ignoring the pain, an ability he cultivated through time, Kirei snapped his hand and let loose the blades he had held in it. Each one spun in the air like discs and curved around the mammoth beings and became embedded into the sword wielding creature's legs while the third key found a home in the creature's back.

The pyramid head gave a sound that a mix of a screech and a groan as it dropped to its knees. The unexpected flinch of pain from the use of his equipment was not unwelcomed as Kirei allowed himself a faint smirk at the pain he had inflicted.

Still, there was not time for idleness as the loud and rapid thuds of heavy boots were making themselves known. The black lenses of the gasmask reflected the priest's form as the hammer using attacker strode forward to finish the fight.

A quick roll to the side stopped the impending splatter of Kirei's head to the pavement. The same could not be said for the wall though. Concrete crumbled under the sheer force of the weight brought down upon it. Despite the miss though, the hammer was quickly brought down on him again, but instead of rolling away from his attacker, Kirei dove forward.

Metal flashed for a brief moment, Kirei surging passed the giant Black Keys once more between fingers. The prana activated charms tore through the trench coat it wore but the wound became deeper as Kirei spun to launch in place just as the blades passed through the things body. This allowed a quick follow-up allowing the keys to dig deeper through the material, through bone and flesh before Kirei jumped continued towards his original direction and away in order to gain some breathing room.

That was his original line of thought before a gloved back hand was knocked into his ribs. Spittle flew from his mouth just a bit, while he kept his balance as well as use the momentum given to him to once again put distance between him and the masked giant.

Only, there was no reprieve as Kirei brought his blades up in order to catch the giant cleaver and redirect the tip that would have surely impaled his skull. And while he turned to ram his other set of keys into the gut of the monster, the beast proved the faster one.

A meaty fist made contact with his stomach forcing the air from Kirei's lungs as well as slightly lifting the priest of his feet, evidence to the strength used. The same hand that had tried to lodge itself into his gut found its way firmly wrapped around his head like a vice. The appendage squeezed his skull, pressure building and threatening the crush both bone and brain matter. This forced Kirei to drop his weapons in an attempt to grasp his assailant's hand to crush it. Yet again, Kirei wasn't fast enough as he was tossed into the air. His impromptu flight shoved him through a large window. He bounced once, twice, three times before making a landing on hard cobblestone.

Kirei struggled to get on his feet once more, his lungs burning for oxygen, his head pounding, his body screaming for rest. The heavy and copper scent of blood, his blood, filled his nostrils as his vision began to swim. The steady loss of blood was beginning to affect him. He had been able get up to his knees and noticed the white all around him; an emptiness of both color and sound.


A soft voice, a sweet voice, Kirei's eyes began to focus on the small frame that appeared in front of him on the path; a figure that appeared in front of a familiar abode. In front of him, in front of his home, was his daughter.


He said the little girl's name, his daughter's name. Beside Caren was Claudia, bereft of the bandages that usually wrapped her around her body, and not a marred feature in sight. The two both sported the same style of sundress as well as matching smiles beckoning him towards themselves.

The vast white nothingness surrounding him began to shake as shadows began to devour the void. Both his daughter and wife became frightened. Claudia opened the door to their home and slightly ushered in their daughter, they were halfway through the portal when they both looked back towards him. Their hands rose to call him into safety.

Placing more effort and strain into his body, Kirei stood and barely took two steps forward to his wife and daughter when the shaking stopped. The inky darkness that began to eat away at everything halted its advance.

Thuds of heavy and large footsteps came from behind and the former executor took a glance to see the two giants standing at the border between the light and shadow. Both had their respective weapons slung on their shoulder but they did not proceed further. Once more, these beasts garbed as men rose a hand, mirroring both Claudia and Caren who could only stare in worry at him and the behemoths.

Rising to his feet once more Kirei turned his back to the darkness and began to move towards his family. Step by step he moved, he moved at a slow pace towards his wife and child. Yet, despite the distance he was crossing he was not moving any closer to them. In fact, it seemed that the cobblestone path towards the two females seemed to lengthen the more he moved.

Kirei stopped finally understanding that what he was doing was an exercise in futility. He wasn't going to reach his family, an unattainable goal.

Had he been a fool the entire time?

Once again he was presented with a choice. The answer would have been simple at first glance. His daughter, his wife, a home, happiness which he did not see at first was in front of him. Yet, behind him laid the personification of what he wanted to leave behind. His regrets, his own inhumanity that hounded him since as far back as he could remember.

He had tried to fight them off. His own sinful desires to forge a new beginning for himself, yet he failed. Were the two weapon-wielding mammoths his true nature? Was he a creature that was brought into being to inflict pain to receive happiness to call his own? Was he to be an entire existence as someone, as something, a monster that hounded for victims in the shadows?

Kirei looked back once again. The distance between him and the creatures did not change and neither did the giants move at all. Their hands still outstretched towards him.

"You cannot truly change who you are."

Once more her words came back to him. Was this what her words meant? Did Archer know from the beginning that there was no salvation for him?

"Stop beating around the bush and decide for yourself what it is you seek."

Archer's words were coming back. Yet, Kirei could not stop the feeling of frustration begin to well up within. He knew what he wanted. He wanted to understand, to understand his own existence, to understand his nature, to understand why he could not be like everyone else, to be normal.

"Kirei-san, all you have to do is to understand yourself."

Or maybe, he was going about his self-reflection all wrong. What if all this time, his denial of his own nature was the reason for his confusion?


Maybe that was what he needed after-all. It was not perspective on others but himself, his true personality. Perhaps acceptance of that part of himself was needed to finally gain a glimmer comprehension about the mystery of Kotomine Kirei.

Again he turned to face the monsters, the parts of himself that he refused to accept for so long.

Their hands began to drop as he started moving towards them, away from calls and cries of the images of his wife and child. And soon, for the meantime, they did not matter.

It was time to stop running, and face the demons that he had though hounded him. No, not hounded; these were the reflections of himself that he had been running away from.

The things he desired.

The things he abhorred.

Now as he continued towards the darkness ahead these monsters walked with him. Their steps synchronized with his own.

Slowly the trepidation and shame he felt when he usually confronted these sides of himself were strangely absent. Perhaps it was the images that came to mind. The joy he felt as he teased Archer and the Einzbern homunculus. The grief he experienced at the loss of life of the children.

With each step he took into the shadows the weight of uncertainty of his own being began to gradually lessen. His steps became lighter; his shoulder began to straighten out further than ever before.

Kotomine Kirei was a person that thrived on the pain of others, that much was clear. He enjoyed it when people cried, when people felt horror and despair. He reveled in the look of their faces as their happiness was ripped away from under their very feet.

It was not normal; it was beyond the norm of acceptance in society. Yet, that didn't mean he was without morals. The death of children, of the helpless was not acceptable. It proved that even though such thoughts of revelry swirled inside his own twisted core, these values still showed that there were lines he would not cross, boundaries that exemplified his own humanity, no matter how distorted it was.

After-all, what fun was there to be had in making them cry when he was not one doing it? What fun was it to see the horror on their faces as they died instead of the anger that ensued, that sense of self-righteous fury in the face of adversity? What fun was it to kill, to end an existence, when so much more entertainment could be derived from the struggle and from the satisfaction of triumph over such difficulties?

Yes, he was a monster to some, a sadist to others. But that was only because he wanted to see the humanity as a whole and not a farce. He wanted to see the primal emotions they felt as the cycle of acceptance and adaptation continued.

Maybe this was the reason he had been accepted as a Master in the Grail War? He was told that he was chosen the grail in order to support Tohsaka Tokiomi in achieving the true magic of the Heaven's Feel.

When he heard those words from his father he couldn't help but disbelieve. Now though, he understood why the grail had chosen him. He had a wish within him all this time. His wish was to comprehend himself. The answer he sought and the answer he discovered was not quite what he expected but it was satisfactory.

And with that epiphany his eyes opened.


This was getting ridiculous!

How long and how far were those demonic statues going to follow them?!

Angel his left foot, as the chase wore on both he and Irisviel had finally caught a glimpse of the faces that statues hid behind stone fingers.

To say the least, they were terrifying.

Thankfully, just as more statues appeared to encircle them, they had found an entrance to a cave in this rather ridiculous place. With the small opening available it allowed them to keep a clear line of vision towards the chasing party. Well, Irisviel kept her eyes on the entrance while Waver went further into inky blackness to find a way out, and maybe a clue as to what it was that was chasing them, or maybe a solution on how to get rid of them. His Command Seals were still not functioning as they should; and if the information that priest had given was right then Irisviel could not even contact Saber at all because if she was not the blonde knight's true Master and so would not have the Command Seals to do so in the first place. And during his quick check-up of her before the split with Kirei he had found none on either her hands or arms, thus proving the validity of what he was told.

As the light of the cave entrance grew dimmer with each step, Waver reached into his pouch and produced a flare. The tunnel continued further into the rock for a few more meters before leading into a larger cavern. The cavern was tall enough that even Rider would have no problem is standing his full height and the length and width of the area was enough for a small apartment.

The problem now laid in finding a way out; which, after scanning the surface of the earthen walls, he found none. Calming the panic and worry that began to rise, Waver continued his search. He looked for anything that could lead to an extent.

As he searched he saw the flame of the flare move. With relief, he had done it; he had found a way out. There were several loose stones, moving them aside revealed a small passage with just enough of a width for himself and Irisviel to get out. Now the problem was those weird angels that kept following them.

Carefully observing the area, Waver noticed that some of the rocks embedded in the wall jutted to form square frames, and they dispersed throughout the cavern.

Perhaps there was a way.

The statues only moved if they took their eyes of them. If given anything about their situation there was no doubt that whatever was chasing was alive and could therefore see, so what if he could make them see themselves.

It was a long shot, and there was a chance it would not work but being with Rider had taught him that there were times hesitation would do no good.

It was time to act.

Lighting up another flare he had tucked away and sticking it into the earth, Waver knelt down between his light sources and began his work. The young mage began taking out the materials he needed; these were silver nitrate, ammonia, sugar and sodium hydroxide.

Making a small pit a few inches deep, Waver took out two bright pills and crushed them together. He immediately dropped then into the hole he had just dug. Already heat begun to emanate from the pills as they glowed before Waver buried them in a few centimeters of earth.

It wasn't the best heating tool, but it would get the job done. Preparing a container Waver began the mixture of silver solution for his plan to work. It would take some time so he hoped Irisviel could hold out until then.


It took great amounts of self-control for to keep up with the statues that stood just outside of the entrance of their temporary sanctuary. She had to be sure to blink with one eye at a time for the entire duration Waver was gone but she endured.

Unfortunately this was probably the best she could do. Her body was not responding as it should. There was something about this location which just interfered with the prana in her system. It was nauseating to say the least. Thankfully Avalon was keeping her for keeling over then and there, despite the loss of connection to Saber.

Her senses her so weakened that she could barely even keep track of how much time had passed since Waver had went deeper into the underpass. Still, she kept up her part of the partnership. She had felt how strained the young man was from carrying her. It was obvious for anyone to see that he wasn't the most physically fit for his age, but he made up for it with sheer tenacity.

It made her happy a little to see such fire in his eyes. Perhaps, if she were to live through this war, she might be able to have son that could have such passion. But if anything, that thought, would be a fleeting dream, and wish that would never be fulfilled.


Waver finally called out from behind her, but she dared not turn. She did straighten up a little to show that she had heard him. Just talking was also becoming a chore for her to do as well now.

"I found a way out." He said as he stepped closer and wrapped his arms around her to drag her away from the mouth of the cave. That way there were still eyes to cover their retreat.

"There's a cavern a bit further down with an exit at the other side. It's small so once I bring there you'll have to move yourself first." His voice then dipped lower in volume as he whispered the rest. "I laid a trap for our pursuers. Once you start moving I'll spring it and follow right after, but whatever you do don't look back."

She nodded as the light from the entrance became dimmer and she could barely make out small flickers of light, just bright that she could a foot away, enter her peripherals.

Soon enough she could feel a cool wind press against her back as Waver placed her down near the opening in the wall. "Alright." He began. "You go on ahead, just remember, don't look back." With a nod and digging deep into her well of willpower, she resisted to urge to vomit as she made her way up to a vertical base before turning her back to Waver he went back to the passage they had just come from.

With a small prayer on her mind, she began her own journey through the dark. The Einzbern had seen a light start to pour another opening ahead, showing that an exit was just about to reach when the shadows from behind her disappeared as a bright light come from the cavern she had just left, no doubt Waver's handiwork.

She had remembered Waver's warning and continued onwards sluggishly despite her curiosity to look back. She was just about to reach the entrance when something reached out from the many crevices of the cavern.

It was long, thick and slimy. It also wrapped around her head. Her earlier need to retch would have been fulfilled if not for a long tube that had entered her mouth, pressed against her tongue and slithered down her throat.

Her consciousness began to fade as her limbs and body began to lose strength. Shame washed through her system as the pitiful attempt of resistance she could mount was muffled moan of protest. Then soon, oblivion took her once more.


A few moments earlier…

Waver saw through the flickering flames of his dying flares that their hunters had already moved to the mouth of the cavern. From here he could clearly see their forms, their hands still covering what he knew to be grotesque visages.

From the fading sounds of struggled breathing, he could tell the Einzbern woman had already moved farther ahead. That was good, because he needed whatever those angels were to solely focus on him and him alone.

As the flames of his flare began to recede further and further, the light being eaten up by the darkness, he could barely make out the entrance of the cavern, as well as the movement that was being made.

That was good. And as soon as the last of the luminosity disappeared, Waver Velvet closed his eyes.

'Please work. Please work. Please work. Please work! Please work! Please work! PLEASE WORK!'

Waver repeated those two words like a mantra. With each repetition, Waver felt his unneeded worry grow before green light filled his vision. His trap was sprung. Opening his eyelids just a bit and making sure look down so as not be blinded by his own improvised light source he could see lot of lower stone body parts as no doubt they would remain like that.

Making liquid silver was easy enough and thanks to Irisviel keeping them at the entrance, he had been able to paint the material all over the square shaped stones. They were smooth enough to make makeshift mirrors thus bouncing back the reflection of the angels against them. This would meet the requirements of keeping eyes on the angels without having to look at them anymore. It was when he started making his way back. He was grateful that these creatures were just a susceptible to overconfidence liked he had hoped and that his runic arrays hadn't failed like his last experiment. Now he had to move though, the luminosity he made would last a while, a few hours at best, so it would be better to make use of that time to widen the distance between himself and those relentless statues. Hopefully by then he would have managed to make contact with Rider or any of the other combat oriented members of their party,

It wasn't until he neared the tunnel exit that he spotted a crumpled form on the floor.

It was Irisviel.

Rushing to her he turned her over to see her eyes closed. Her form was still, Waver could see her draw breath regardless giving him a little bit of relief. He did notice black sludge at the sides of her mouth as well as on some parts of her clothes. The sludge seemed to be giving off a slight oily scent as well.

Unfortunately, now was not the time and place for full procedural diagnostic. He had to get her out and link up with one of the others, and now more than ever.

Just as did earlier, he dragged her out of the cave, the ceiling being too low for him to carry like before. He reached the outside in a few minutes despite the weight. The young Velvet was refreshed by the salty humidity, if only that it was infinitely better than the dark cave, at least he had natural light now, as dim as it was.

Letting down the woman for him to take a little rest, it wasn't until a large shadow had appeared over him that sense of dread filled him. Before he could turn around, a large appendage grabbed his skull and began to squeeze.

He screamed.

"That's a healthy set of lungs boy. But there could be better uses for them in this situation."

Then Waver promptly stopped as he recognized who had just spoken.

Rider's grin entered his vision showing his Servant seemed a little worn but none the worse for wear.

And next to him Kirei , which he could say the same for. The priest stared blankly still, but his frock was covered in what appeared to be a red foul smelling substance; as well of chunks of meat that dotted parts of his hair.

He couldn't help but ask. "What… happened to you?"

Kirei responded promptly. "I was taking a nap and something woke me up."

That was all he said, and all he was probably willing to divulge, and so he didn't press. Finally feeling safe, Waver did the most sensible thing he could do.

He fainted.


He couldn't help but laugh as his Master fainted on the spot, his head still clutched in his hand. "Rest well little Master. If anything in this place has been of any warning, then no doubt you have earned your rest." Rider said as he looked over the still form of the Saber's ally, the silver haired woman. Said woman was currently being overlooked by the priest.

"So?" The King of Conquerors prompted. "How is she?"

His hands glowed green as small amounts of prana was used. Kirei then replied. "She seems fine, unusually better than from when I last saw her."

Rider nodded before looking at the disheveled priest. "And what of yourself?"

Kirei just gave a firm response again. "I am fine."

Iskander couldn't help but raise a brow at his declaration. "You seem fine as well." He concurred. "It's as if a great weight has been lifted from you."

The stoic expression on the Master's face was broken by the appearance of a small smirk. "You could say that." The hint of the expression died immediately on the man's face as he continued. "In any case, now that the four of us are together. We will have to try and link-up with the other Servants. Hopefully, Archer, Lancer, Berserker, Saber, and Assassin are fine."


The mention of the Servant's class made him remember the sacrifice made.

He wished that the Servant still lived, but he had doubts, not after seeing the capabilities those monsters possessed.

"By the way Rider, how long will hold your Master like that?" The priest pointed out.

Iskander looked to his hand to see that he was still holding Waver's limp form by his head. Whoops. He wondered why he had that strange nagging condition.

Setting the boy down next to the woman, Rider took a seat as well next to the kneeling Kirei.

"We should take this time to rest. In an hour's time we will continue." The king of Macedonia ordered with full authority.

The priest nodded in understanding while Rider kept his senses alert for anything within the mist the pervaded this strange land. But his eyes did land somewhere in particular as the priest continued his healing. More specifically, the priest's hand, and what he made his lips thin to a line ever so slightly.


"Tiro finale!"

Lancer quickly ducked as the large bullet shot over his head and directly into the face of one of the skeletal giants he was facing. The visage caved for only a moment before the destroyed pieces of ivory reformed themselves.

The golem gave a roar before taking another swipe at Lancer who dodged in response with a quick back flip.

"This is crazy!" He heard the red haired girl –Kyouko, he remembered- cry out in exasperation as her spear lopped off an appendage from the giant she faced, only for the limb to regrow mere moments afterwards. "These guys just won't take a hint!" She added with a grunt as she moved her body of her weapon to block the fist that was just about to reach her, sending her flying back.

Diarmuid couldn't help but mentally agree with the observation. Their attacks seemed to have no effect save for any strikes he would make with Gae Buidhe. Hence why the number of golems they had fought went from the initial dozen –the eleven having been called by the first golem they fought- to now half that number.

It was taking time to destroy all these monsters as Archer was still reeling from the wound he had dealt letting the friends she had undoubtedly summoned to fight in her stead.

Said Servant was helped by her blue haired friend as the saber wielding girl managed to deflect the gigantic fist that sent straight towards Archer. The ivory hand was pushed to the side, sending dust and debris up into the air again only for a strained cry to follow after another crash of the earth cracking came into existence courtesy of a follow-up from another giant.

"Sayaka!" Lancer could hear the worry in Archer's voice.

His feet already moving, the knight sped towards he last saw the Servant of the bow and her friend. Through the airborne dust he went and as through it he could see the shadow of the colossus before him and without hesitation, Lancer jumped.

In mid-leap he swung to the side, spearing Gae Dearg into the hand the threatened to swat him in intercept before swinging himself onto the limb whilst tearing out his longer weapon before springboarding off of said limb.

His body back on course made a quick incision through the bone protecting the giants' only weak spot, the sack of flesh, with the use of Gae Buidhe before quickly stabbing it with Gae Dearg.

The golem gave a groan as the sack shriveled and blood gushed out of the wound he had just made. And like those that fell before it, the bones of the giant crumbled to the ground into a heap with Lancer landing gracefully just afterwards.

"Sayaka, are you alright?" He could see Archer had already moved to help her blue haired friend out of the crater that just made. Said girl looked hurt, but he could see her wounds were already healing themselves. The surprise of seeing such an accelerated healing had already faded after he saw the young girl take several wounds before from the repeated stabs and crushes she had deflected in order to protect the pink-haired Servant. Sayaka had his respects for being Archer's shield. Though it didn't help lessen the guilt any.

His eyes darting back into the battle both weapons were raised as the five remaining giants surrounded in a pentagon shape, their green eyes focusing on them. Both Kyouko and the blonde, Mami her name is, backed up from the advancing figures in order to secure Archer with Sayaka already standing under her own power to do the same.

As one, the golems roared, but unlike the pain filled ones, or the one used to call for aid, this time, their voices were different. The noise they made was longer, more intent filled, and without warning or provocation they rushed forward towards the center of their formation, towards Lancer and the girls.

They each prepared in their own ways as best they could. Archer, injured as she was, was readying to dodge to at least not become a total liability in this situation. Sayaka had twin sabers drawn once again as Mami had several rifles already buried slightly in the ground ready for use. While Kyouko nibbled on something whilst holding her spear nonchalantly. Lancer himself had his own duo of weapons ready to strike with the speed he had been graced with.

Yet, despite their preparations, it was of no use.

The sacks that were the weak point of the giants began to glow brightly as they grew closer. It all happened in that instant, the moment the giants were literally on top of them. The world around them, around Lancer, exploded into white noise before oblivion took him once again.


Their blades sang in unison as both he and his King played their battle like a dance. Blow for blow, step for step, their fight came without any pause. For every slash and thrust he would parry, block, or dodge, another would already be making its way to his body. For every counter attack he would make so too would the phantom of his king perform one of the three actions he would do. It was as if he was facing himself, yet not. Still, he persevered.

And with a shout of effort, he locked blades with her again.

"Begone demon." He whispered to the pale face before him. "You are not welcome here."

A small smirk made its way to her lips. "Oh, so you've noticed. That is quite perceptive of you Berserker, no, Lancelot du Lac."

His opponent quickly shoved her blade forwards against his, but Lancelot countered with his own movement. He pushed back with as much force making sure to keep his footing even for a better position. However, it wasn't so easy to do.

Pushing her back and moving to his right, he found his adversary doing the same but moving in the opposite direction. She was making sure to keep sight of his movement, making sure than their lines of attack were the same so that it would be easier for his movements to be predicted.

Still, that didn't mean there weren't other options available.

Pushing his sword upwards so that the metal of Arondight scraped against the blackened blade of the fake Excalibur Lancelot waited for the blade of his opponent to meet the cross-guard of his sword. The moment it happened, victory was his.

Letting his off-hand fall to the side, Berserker moved his body in the same direction in a quick sidestep. This made his opponent lose her balance ever so slightly, but it was enough of an opening for him to capitalize on.

The blackened sword slid against his own his own just as he planned and the loss of his other hand allowed Arondight to dip to the side as a guide for his foe's weapon to follow. A quick shift of his own body, and Lancelot was now flanking his opponent. Adjusting the grip he had on his sword he brought the blade to be in parallel to the direction he was facing.

With his free off-hand, he reached upwards to grasp the grip of his sword once more, and with a shout of effort, brought the blade down on the shadow before him. The timing was perfect, but the demon of his mind was not an easy opponent to face.

Throwing out a leg, the off balanced sword-wielder altered her center of gravity. With a quick jerk as a follow-up, the pale blonde version of his king had been able to maneuver her body just out of harm's way, and returned the favor as from her abrupt corkscrew she spun out and brought about a full rotational cut aimed at his lower body.

Not giving up in the slightest, Lancelot continued the swing of his blade, but he added a slight angle change as the tip of Arondight dug into the earth beneath his feet. The nightmare's attack had been stopped but not entirely. This time using the locked blades as an axle, the perverted version of his king spun again for the same type of attack this time to the front.

Letting one hand go again, Lancelot moved his blade to intercept the attack. Just as sparks flew at the contact, Lancelot's gauntlet balled into a fist and raced towards the impostor's face.

It was the first blow delivered in their entire battle, but it was nevertheless satisfying. The apparition had not been able to roll out of the attack in time, and even though he had not dealt a full damaged attack, he had been able to scuff her cheek. But he used the provided momentum to distance herself and set her guard back up none the worse for wear.

"Just as skillful as you were in life. I'm impressed." A maddened smile formed all of sudden on her pale visage. "But it is now time for you to awaken Servant of Madness. Wake-up and see what your negligence has wrought."

And with those final words, his eyes opened.


Saber could only grunt as the slimy appendage that constricted her neck wrapped tighter whilst the others that bound her limbs did the same. Before her capture Berserker had fallen silent behind her. Turning around, she saw the black knight still on its feet, but the red and malevolent light that shined through its helm as unusually absent.

She was about to reach out and see if her ally was alright but her senses screamed of impending danger. Tentacles began to breach the wall of mist around them. Tough she had been able to put a defense and destroy some, their rapidly increasing numbers and tempo of attack had sooned overwhelmed her.

Her sword thrown from her grasp, her body now constrained, she could do little as disgust welled up in her. Her helplessness, her frustration, they began to spill out of her normally stoic façade as Caster appeared before her, stepping out of the mist the continuously blocked their path.

"Ah, my dear Jeanne." He cooed as he stepped closer. "How long have I waited for this moment." His finger traced the side of her face ever so slightly, but his cold and clammy skin made her own crawl.

"Soon my dear, soon your eyes will be open, and we shall be together again." His smile became maniacal once more and as the tentacles tightened, and as her vision began to blur, a black figure appeared in her fading vision.



A familiar name to a familiar voice, but Saber's thoughts escaped her grasp as her body finally caved under unrelenting pressure and her consciousness finally left.



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