Loving Again

Chapter 1

"Kiya, hurry up, we've got to get on the road, so we can make it to pop-pop and gigi's for dinner." I yelled to my 5 year old princess.

"I'm coming mommy! Clara needed her bottle! How many times do I haf to tell you, geeze!" she yelled from her room.

Let me start by telling you who I am!

My name is Bella Swan Black and I have a daughter who is 5 and sassy!

Her father passed away when she was 3, he was working a second job, as a bouncer and was breaking up a fight, when some asshole pulled a gun and shot him!

Yes, the guy is serving life in prison, but it won't bring back my life long friend and husband or my daughters father.

We finally sold our house and Jake's business here in Portland and we're moving back to Forks, to be closer to mine and Jake's families, as I think it's important for Kiya to spend as much time possible with her grand pappy Billy, pop-pop and gigi, as well as her one aunt, Rachel who moved back to Port Angeles to be closer to her dad, Billy as well.

So, that brings us back to getting on the road.

We'll be staying with my parents while I look for a house.

An old family friend is going to help me look and I have a job already lined up, thanks to Forks being such a small town, people still remember me and having a Master's degree, made it easier to get a job.

We were finally leaving, which was good because it was about a six hour drive, depending on traffic and potty brakes.

I convinced Kiya she could feed Clara in the car and she was happy with that.

Our moving van had left yesterday and my dad informed me it was already in storage.

All we had were our clothes and Kiya's necessary toys, thankfully I had a Range Rover SUV, so I had plenty of room for everything.

We stopped at Mc Donald's and ate breakfast, also making that a potty break.

Amazingly, Kiya fell asleep and slept for 3 hours, so I stopped off for a quick lunch and potty break and before I knew it we were pulling up in front of my parents home.

I saw Billy's truck out front as well as Rachel's car, Kiya was unbuckling before I could even turn off the car.

Thank goodness for child safety locks.

"Mom! I can't open the stupid door if you keep it locked!" she shouted, while jiggling the handle.

"That's the point, baby. I don't want you hurting yourself." I smiled through the rearview mirror and was met with Jake's eyes and face.

She huffed and crossed her arms, until she saw her grandparents coming outside, followed by her aunt and of all people Paul!

Billy was the first to reach the car and pulled Kiya out, swinging her into the air.

"I've missed you my Princess." he smiled at her and they rubbed noises, as always.

"I've missed you too pappy." she hugged his neck.

Billy pulled me in for a hug and kiss on the cheek.

"How are you Bells?" he smiled, Jake's smile again.

"Doing good, one day at a time, you know." I shrugged.

It was still hard, mostly at night when I was by myself, that's when I missed Jake the most.

We would talk or joke around and we just got each other, we always had.

Our dads always teased that we were betrothed and I guess, we were, because it was always, just us.

We were it for each other and the thought of moving on, hurt, even though that's what everyone told me Jake would want, so I would be happy again and Kiya would have another father figure, the thought, killed me, even after 2 years.

I guess when I'm ready, I'll know.

For now, It's me and my girl and our family and that's enough.

Oh and I'm thinking of getting a dog.

A big one!

I'm going house hunting today with Rosalie McCarty, she's an old high school friend.

It use to be Rosalie Hale, but she also married her high school sweetheart Emmett.

They had their own business.

It was a family business, Emmett was a home builder/contractor, Rosalie was a realtor, Alice, Emmett's twin (which you'd never guess) is a furniture designer and their mother, Esme is an Interior designer.

Their father and older brother are both doctors.

Go figure.

Rose took me to look at a townhouse, but it wasn't what I was looking for, I really want a single family home, with a nice yard for Kiya and my yet to be decided on dog to play in.

Money really wasn't an issue, Jake had a pretty good policy, plus the sale of the business and house left us sitting comfy.

Rose took us to the upscale neighborhood and I could tell, this is where I wanted to be.

Not that I was a snob, but it had the nice big yards, all the back yards backed up to the lake or the forest and no one would ever be able to build behind you, just like our home in Portland, it's in a neighborhood, but it's private.

The one she showed me was 2 story, 3 bedroom, 2 and ½ bath, huge kitchen and all walk in closets.

I was sold and told her if inspection went o.k., I'd take it.

She was giggling and told me it was her and Emmett's home, they'd just put it on the market, 2 days ago, when they'd moved into the new house he'd just finished building, 1 block over.

I told her to draw up the paper work, I wanted it now.

It was absolutely perfect, right down to the little girls room, it was all done in lavender and creams, Kiya would love it!

Rose waived the closing costs for me, since we were friends, as long as she got to come over and have dinner, once we were settled and bring her twins over for play dates with Kiya.

He twins Mercedes and Ford (yes, they're car lovers) were 5 as well and would be starting kindergarten with Kiya in the fall.

We were all moved in with in a week, with the exception of my bedroom and the living room, I called in Alice and Esme to plan out my room, seeing as my old furniture held memories of Jake and I knew that was the first thing I needed to get rid of and the living room furniture just needed updating.

By the time they were done, my room looked like a 5 Star Spa! I couldn't wait to see if it helped me sleep at night.

The living room was a simple update, to bring it up to date and seat the many of guests we were sure to have,

And this house also held a little playroom off to the side, so they fixed that up for the kids as well.

Our first week in this house has been amazing!

Kiya loves it here and she's informed me Clara does too, which is Oh, So Important!

We're going to the SPCA today to look for a dog.

Kiya is very excited and pop-pop is going with us.

He's grumbling about why I need or even want a dog, but that's just him, a dog would take away from his precious game time.

We go and look around, dad takes Kiya and I go off by myself.

I find him, he's gorgeous!

He's HUGE!

His name is Zeus!

And rightfully so!

He's an Irish Wolfhound it says, an elderly owner who passed away .

I take his paper to the lady at the desk and ask if I can play with him in the yard and she smiles kindly at me and tells me where to meet her.

I text my dad and tell him to bring Kiya, I found THE dog.

Kiya is in love at first sight.

I thought it was MY dog.

Oh well, at least he'll love ONE of us.

We fill out the paper work and have to wait for the approval, 2 days later, we're bringing Zeus home to be our newest member.

Things are looking up!



Sorry for being gone for so damn long!

I haven't had internet, so I wasn't able to write.

I do apologize if this story is choppy or kinda runs on, it's been over a year, close to 2, since I've wrote ANYTHING!

I will try and finish my other stories, but I've got others burning in my head….

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I hope you'll enjoy this story it's going to be a B&E story… :0)

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