Loving Again


Kiya was growing so fast, it seems that just the other day Jake and I were bringing her home, today she turns Sweet Sixteen and I couldn't stop crying as I decorated. "Bella, if you don't stop crying we'll never get this place decorated, love." Edward patted my butt. "I can't help it. My little girl is driving now!" I hugged Edward close. "We still have a few years until Levi is a teenager." He reminded me. "I know. But this is our girl! It's totally different than our son." I sighed. "Hey, I know. We already give him more freedom than she had at that age, but she's got a good head on her shoulders and she's so smart like you and we've got two more years before college." He kissed my head and I nodded.

Everyone arrived and got into place for Kiya's arrival. I'd had her boyfriend keep her out all day, which wasn't a hard task, the kid was crazy about her and after three months he was still here and Lord knows Edward put him through the ringer.

"SURPRISE!" we all yelled as they walked through the door. "Oh my gosh! Mom, dad! That is awesome!" she hugged us both and Edward was smiling like the proud father he truly was.

He'd adopted Kiya shortly after we married, after we got her OK. And then two years later we adopted Levi, his parents were killed in a car accident and he was severely injured, Edward and I fought for him, since he needed such intense therapy, who better than a doctor and his wife. Finally after months of undergoing background checks and Edward talking about Ronan, we got Levi. He was turning 5 and we wanted to get him together before school, seeing as it was the beginning of summer, it didn't give us long.

Kiya luckily fell in love with him as did the rest of the family and he recovered and blossomed. I could see Edward hold back at times when we had to discipline him, worried he'd do something like Ronan, but I assured Edward the therapist said he'd adjusted well over the last five years and had no mental disorders. He still hesitated at times, but was doing better.

Kiya's birthday went off without a hitch and everyone had a great time. She was super happy when she saw the car in the garage at the end of the party. Edward had bought her a used VW Bug and had it painted a light lilac color, her favorite. And that was all his idea. Of course she had to take it for a ride immediately and invited Levi and her boyfriend along. That gave Edward and I some alone time and instead of cleaning up, we snuck in a quickie on the counter in our bathroom.

Of course, not 2 minutes after we finished, Edwards's beeper goes off and he has to leave for the hospital, leaving me to clean up the mess. Sometimes I wonder if he does that on purpose so he doesn't have to clean up. I laugh to myself and start the cleanup, loving my family no matter what.

The End~~~


I hope you enjoyed this one as well…

I have had writers block on how to finish this and it finally came to me.

I hope you all enjoyed it as well!