I must first of all admit much inspiration from Majora-Cremia's Fanfic 'Karin's Cherry Blossom. While unfinished, it was still so good that it got me thinking up ideas for Karin and Sakura. In this fic, Karin is a little less snobby, and a bit friendlier. However, she still has that snobbish streak. Also, Sakura's obsession for Ryu is almost non-existent. It's mainly because it annoys me, but partially down to it being difficult to write Sakura with anyone else while she obsesses over Ryu. This is my first Yuri, and I love this pairing, so let's see where this goes! I don't think there will be lemon, I'm not that confident yet, but we'll see!

Sakura sighed. It was another day at school, and she had English. She didn't want to go, for two reasons. One was that she hated English. Two was that there was a homework assignment to hand in. Her teacher had told her that if she forgot to do her homework once more, there would be a week long detention at two hours a day, and a look into "home tutoring." Sakura did not like the sound of that.

Sakura burst into the classroom, rushed to her seat, breathed out a nearly non-existent 'Hi!' to her friend Kei, and started writing.

'Shakespeare wrote many plays, one of whi-'

"Good morning class!" The teacher, Miss Ford called. She was a middle aged dark haired female who wore contact lenses "Hand in your homework assignments please!" Sakura froze. 'What am I going to do?'

As everyone lined up, Karin happened to be in front of Sakura. The rich snob had become a bit more bearable recently, as the two girls weren't enemies anymore. They weren't friends, but they did have a small sense of camaraderie. Karin smirked.

"Let me guess…you forgot to do your homework again?" Sakura nodded, looking at the floor. "Ho ho ho…well what's your excuse this time?"

"…Nothing. I'm all out."

"The flu?"

"Used it."

"The holiday?"

"Used it."

"Your brother ripped it up?"

"Used it. Twice."

"What abou-"

"Used it. I've used all of them, Karin!" Sakura seemed panicky, and Karin recoiled.

"What are you so worried about? It's not like you're going to get arrested!" Karin said, grinning. Sakura genuinely seemed worried though.

"Great, so now I'm going to be schooled at home, I'm going to miss my friends, my fighting life will be ruined for like, six months, and all you can do is laugh! Just great Karin!" Sakura was getting ready to push Karin aside, to get this over with quickly. Karin put a hand on Sakura's shoulder to stop her.

"Calm down! I have an idea." Karin strolled up confidently to the teacher, who had finished with the previous students.

"Excuse me Miss, but we have a slight problem." Karin said. Miss Ford frowned.

"What is it, Karin?" The Kanzuki girl looked her in the eye.

"Yesterday Sakura came over to my house. We had both finished our assignments and wanted to compare. You know, to see if we missed anything, whether or not we had enough written down, that sort of thing. Well, we had the wood-burner on, and Sakura had gone to get a drink and had put her work down. Unfortunately, she put it on the firewood for the wood-burner. I went to put the wood into the wood-burner, and didn't notice her work until it was too late. It was simple human error, Miss, that's all." By the end of her speech, Karin, a bit breathless, was smiling sweetly. She still met Miss Ford's eye.

"Ok, no problem. Is your work ok?" Karin nodded and handed it over. She turned and smirked at a gawping Sakura.

"Close your mouth, Kasugano. You owe me!" Sakura nodded, and walked back to her seat.

"What happened?" Kei hissed. Sakura, still shocked by what had happened, took a few moments to reply.

"Karin covered for me…" Kei snorted at how surprised Sakura was.

"I bet she said that you owe her! You know that means trouble!" Kei insisted. Sakura shook her head.

"No. It usually means a fight!"

During their lunch break, Sakura and Kei would eat together. Kei always spent half the amount that Sakura would on lunch, and always finished eating after Sakura did. She was shocked that Sakura retained her physique. As they were talking, Karin sauntered over and Sakura noticed her.

"You're such a commoner." Were Karin's first words when she reached the duo. Sakura blinked.

"And hello to you to." She said, sarcastically.

"Hi Karin!" Kei chipped in, but Karin only spared her a small wave of the hand. Karin turned to Sakura.

"You will need better table manners than that if you are going to have dinner with my father's business partners." Karin folded her arms.

"What do you mean?" Sakura asked, confused. Karin acted shocked.

"You owe me, remember? I have to attend, so my father says, and I get bored on my own, so you are going to keep me company, capiche?" Karin appeared very smug. She knew what was coming.

"What? No fight?" Big eyed, cute childish voice. Exactly like a child who had been told that, in fact, there wasn't any chocolate.

"No. That will be your reward, if you learn some table manners." Sakura visibly cheered up as soon as Karin said this.

"Brilliant, but just one thing. What are table manners?"

Sakura had ordered steak. She wished she hadn't. Karin had very clearly explained the concept of 'table manners' and had told Sakura that she was not to order anything that would be difficult to cut, because it would be bad manners if she did have trouble. It took at least five minutes to cut any of the succulent meat off! If she was allowed to use all her strength it would be fine! But nooooo, she had to be 'delicate' and 'polite.' It didn't help that Karin, who was seated next to Sakura, kept hissing at her every thirty seconds.

"Sit up straight!"

"Stop grunting!"

"Get your elbows off the table!"

"Use your napkin!"

Sakura had had enough. Wiping her mouth with her napkin, she went to the loo.

Washing her hands, Sakura heard the door open. Turning around, she saw Karin.

"What are you doing, plebeian?" Karin raised her voice.

"What do you mean?" Sakura was genuinely confused. Karin snorted.

"Did I not clearly explain table manners to you, Sakura?" Karin elongated each word, both intimidating Sakura and making her cringe. Karin did seem a bit too…seductive.

"Um, yes you did. I know I wasn't perfect, but I did pretty well, right?" Sakura asked. Karin pinched her nose, eyes closed, clearly frustrated.

"If you had done pretty well, would I have come to the bathroom to tell you to buck up? You now owe me two favours for your insubordination!" Karin smiled sweetly. "I'm going to cash one of those in right now. Father gave me some money to tour the town. You're going to keep me company. Let's go." Sakura was in awe of Karin's cheekiness. Did Karin think that she would just go along with her? Then Sakura noticed Karin staring at her, still smiling. Sighing, Sakura cursed herself for not being more resistant to the puppy eyes.

"Ok. Just let me use the loo, and we'll go."

Touring the town with milkshakes, both fighters had already seen a film, gone bowling, played pool and air hockey, and eaten burgers. Both of them had had fun, and Sakura was extremely happy to have seen Karin loosen up, forget about fighting and do some normal stuff.

"Hey Karin."

"Yes, Sakura?"

"How come you ate normal food?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, normally all food you eat is cooked by some master chef. Tonight you ate normal food."

"Once in while can't hurt." Karin shrugged. "Besides, it's good to have some greasy food occasionally." Sakura laughed.

"It sure is. I just would never have expected you to eat plebeian food!" Sakura giggled, running.

"WHAT! Get back here, plebeian!"

"Hi, Sakura, how've you been?" Kei said through the phone. She and Sakura hadn't talked to each other much, and had spent less time together recently. This was mainly because Sakura had been spending time with Karin. Kei did not fail to notice this, and frowned at the thought. 'Sakura is far too close to that Kanzuki…'

"I'm ok, Kei." Sakura replied, munching on a few biscuits.

"Cool. I was just wondering if you wanted to go to the park on Saturday?" Kei said hopefully. She frowned again when Sakura began laughing.

"That was funny Kei! You are definitely getting funnier! You should be a stand up comedian!" Sakura controlled her laughing, but still grinned.

"What did I say? What's funny?" Kei replied, flustered.

"C'mon Kei! We're going to Karin's party Saturday, remember?" Kei did not.

"Uh, no. I didn't get invited…"

"Huh? Oh, perhaps Karin forgot to give you an invitation…ah, well, I get a plus one anyway, so it's Saturday at five. Got it?" Sakura said quickly.

"O-ok." Kei replied, unable to keep the stutter out of her voice.

"Ok! Bye Kei!"

"Bye, Sakura…" After Kei hung up, she thought.

'Kanzuki must have deliberately left me out of that party…she's never liked me. She always respected Sakura, but she's so dismissive of me. There's nothing that sets me apart. She only sees me as Sakura's friend. She's stealing Sakura away!'

"Hey Sakura! Glad you could make it!" Karin greeted Sakura at the door of the mansion, and hugged her. She was completely ignoring Kei, who was standing next to Sakura.

"Thanks Karin! I wouldn't have missed it for the world!" Sakura was happy to get to the party. In spite of their rivalry, Karin still invited Sakura to her parties 'out of respect' so Karin said.

"Hey Karin." Kei deadpanned, as if they were talking in the lunch hall, not at a loud, music filled mansion.

"Hey." Karin returned Kei's cold demeanour. Turning to Sakura, she said: "Come inside, we have food!" Sakura punched the air and rushed past Karin to be the first one to get at the food.

"Party games! Who has any ideas?" After the owner of the party had gathered everyone into the main room and called out the question, everyone was silent. What good party game was there to play? All was silent for a moment, until Kei said timidly:

"What about spin the bottle?" This was met with mostly cheers. There were a couple of people looking at each other as if to say 'really?' but then shrugged and sat in the circle. Karin sat at the head of the circle, after she had fetched a glass bottle from the recycling.

"Ok, rules! Same-sex kisses, yay or nay?" Karin shouted, which was met with mostly appreciative cheers, and a couple of people shaking their heads. "Ok, so that's that decided. If the bottle lands in the middle of two people, the spinner gets to choose. Are we all agreed?" This was also met with cheers. "And the kisses must be mouth to mouth!"

The game proceeded with extreme silliness. Firstly, Karin spun the bottle and kissed a random guy. He spun it to kiss another guy. Within ten minutes, this is what the kiss layout looked like.

Sakura: four girls, three guys.

Kei: one girl, three guys.

Karin: two girls, two guys.

The game often deteriorated into jeers when two members of the same sex kissed, but it was all in good nature. No-one refused to kiss anyone, no-one was nasty, just a bit of fun.

It was Karin's turn again. Spinning the bottle, it stopped right in between Sakura and Kei. Instantly, she said 'Sakura.' Crawling towards Sakura, Karin grinned. Sakura grinned back, and their lips met. During the game, it had become an unofficial rule that each kiss had to last five seconds.

The first second, Sakura felt Karin's lip in a chaste kiss, a simple pressing of lips. The second, she was sure she felt a bit of tongue. The next two, she was sure that she felt more pressure from Karin's lips, turning her own white. The final second, she was sure she felt Karin sigh. As Karin pulled away, Sakura trembled on the spot in fear for a moment, before remembering it was only a game. Just as she was about to sit back down, Karin clapped her hands and shouted.

"It's nearly half past nine, people! The party finishes at ten, so let's go dance for a bit! And please," She added as everyone began to get up, "Eat the food! It means less clearing up for me!"

It was a quarter to ten, and most people had left or were leaving. Kei had left a few minutes ago, having told Sakura that she was supposed to be home by ten. Waving, Sakura remembered she had to be back by half past ten herself. Sitting on the large roof, looking up at the sky, Sakura was disturbed by a voice.

"Hey Sakura!" The girl in question jumped.

"Karin! You scared me." Taking a seat next to her friend, Karin was silent for a moment. Looking at the stars, she struck up a conversation.

"Did you have fun?" Turning to face Karin, Sakura replied enthusiastically.

"Oh yeah! I wish we could do that every week!" Karin giggled at this.

"My father wouldn't allow it! He says that once every four months is more than enough." They both looked at the sky. It was the perfect mood, and Karin decided to make her move.

"Sakura?" She said, suddenly. Sakura turned to face her friend once more.

"Yeah?" Karin took a deep breath.

"I have something to tell you." 'Stop shaking!' She silently told herself.

"What is it?" Sakura's innocent eyes stared at Karin curiously, seriously.

"We've been hanging out more recently, right?"

"Yeah! We've had fun!"

"Well…ah, damn! Why is it so damn hard?" Sakura was shocked at Karin's outburst.

"Why is what so hard?" She asked. Karin took another deep breath, and pasted a shaky smile on her face.

"Sakura…recently…I haven't been able to keep you out of my mind. I keep asking you to hang out with me. Damn it girl!" Karin all but screamed, pounding the floor.

"How have you not noticed me? I've randomly been kinder to you, stared at you, Ignored most other people, showered you with attention! How can you not see my attraction to you?" Sakura was taken aback.

"What? Karin-" Karin cut in, with her shaky, unsure smile back on her face.

"Please Sakura…you may just see me as a friend…but please, give me a chance! I want to make you happy!" Karin held her hand out, shaking visibly, with the palm facing the stars. "Will you give me a chance?" Sakura looked at Karin's hand. Then her smiling face. Hand. Face. Hand. Face. Standing up, backing away, Sakura began to run home. Risking a look back, she saw Karin with her head facing the floor, a hand rubbing the tears from her eyes…