As Sakura exited the school she noticed Karin walking over to her limo. Running after her, Sakura attempted to get the other girl's attention.

"Karin! Hi!" Sakura Karin in for a quick lip kiss. She was extremely disappointed and hurt when Karin pulled away.

"Sakura. I can't date you anymore." Karin said bluntly. Sakura was immediately upset and was having much trouble maintaining her composure.

"What? Why?"

"Uh…My father doesn't approve." Sakura stared deeply into Karin's eyes.

"Liar!" Sakura pointed at Karin. "Tell me the truth! I can handle it! Are you tired of me?" Karin looked at her feet.

She spoke about Kei and her ultimatum. Sakura listened anxiously.

"Not again! This is bad!" Sakura chewed her lip.

"Uh, Sakura, what do you mean?" Karin asked nervously.

"Look, Karin." Sakura turned around. "Let me explain. A few years ago, when we were ten…"

"Sakura! Come on! It's fun!" A young Kei was jumping about on the train track in the countryside. The young Sakura looked out at the track dubiously.

"I dunno, Kei. What if a train comes?" Kei smiled.
"We can see for miles! If a train comes then we can just run onto the grass! Easy!" Sakura shrugged. Abandoning any shred of sense a ten year old may have, she was about to jump on the track with her friend.
"Hey Kei!" Sakura pointed. "There's a train coming!" Kei turned to see a distant train rumbling closer.
"Ok!" Kei smiled. Balancing carefully, hands stretched out, she walked towards the grass.

"AH!" Kei screamed as her foot caught on a plank of wood and tripped. "My foot's stuck!" She cried.

"Kei! Wait there! I'm coming!" Sakura ran to the tracks. Helping her friend out, she noticed the train was well on its way. Rumbling closer, it was like an earthquake on the tracks, an angel of death. it would hit them in the next ten seconds! Speeding up, Sakura grabbed Kei's foot and forced it past the wood. Kei cried out in pain, but Sakura ignored it and pushed her to safety. As Sakura was about to get of the track her self, she stumbled. Her shoe fell onto the track, but Sakura fell forward. Moments later, the train flew past the schoolgirls; the only harm done was a broken shoe.

"Ever since then she's been very protective of me...she…" Sakura gulped. "She even tried to kill someone once. She means her threats. The psychologists said that something in her brain became active that day. She sees me as some guardian angel. She is forced by her brain to act when my presence is being removed…when her protective shield is going. Or when I'm threatened." Sakura finished awkwardly. Karin's eyes were wide.

"Is that even possible?"


"What do we do?"

"Let me talk to her. That usually helps."

"Usually?" Karin stressed. "What happens when it doesn't help?" Sakura didn't answer.

Knock knock!

Kei answered the door to a smiling Sakura.
"Hi Kei! Can I come in?" Sakura walked into Kei's house without waiting for an answer. "Brilliant! Hey, what does a girl have to do to get a snack around here?"

"Why are you here, Sakura?" Kei stared at the girl she addressed unnervingly.

"I just wanted to see you!" Sakura said cheerfully. Kei narrowed her eyes suspiciously.
"Why aren't you with your girlfriend?" Sakura looked around nervously, making sure no-one was listening in.

"Can we do this at the park?"

"Ok, what do want?" Kei sighed, annoyed. Sakura dragged her all the way out here, for what? To have a little heart to heart(!)

"I know you told Karin to stay away from me, Kei. You have to understand that I am not a possession. You don't own me. I want to be friends, but I have my own life. Yes, that life may be mainly my love life now, but it's still my life! I can't stay near you forever! I have Karin!" Sakura was out of breath.
"Speak of the devil…" Kei nodded towards Karin sullenly. Karin had entered the park and looked a bit panicked when Kei immediately ran over to her with Sakura in tow. Karin stared at the two nervously.



"Listen you guys!" This was Sakura. "Kei. Yes Karin is a girl. I may not be a lesbian, but…" Sakura glanced at Karin. Grabbing her hand, she squeezed it and smiled. "I have the oddest feelings for her…that's why I started a relationship. It could mean something! I'm sorry you get edged out a bit, but I'm still your friend! I'm not gone!"

"Kei." Karin cut in. "Sakura is still here for you. She's not going to leave!"

'Karin. Relationship. Edged out. Gone. Sakura. Leave.' Kei heard only these phrases. Her mind began playing tricks on her. Part of her was still sane though, and this part was arguing against the insanity. She could almost speak to it.

"Sakura is leaving. You must remove the cause of this. Karin!" Kei's eyes widened in response to this voice.

'No! I can't do that again…'

'You must! Or the world will destroy you! You will die! It's Karin or us now.'

Kei submitted to the voice by hanging her head.

'Yes. It's clear now…'

Kei pulled out the sharp knife that was stored away in her coat's sleeve. Glaring at her target, she brutally thrusted it into Karin's stomach. Everyone was silent. Everything. For a long moment, no-one breathed. No cars moved. Not a breeze blew. The universe held it's breath for what was to come. Pulling the knife out, Kei saw that only half went into Karin. Karin stumbled backwards, breathing heavily in short gasps, her face already pale. Frowning, Kei went to put the knife into Karin again. Sakura thought quickly, raising her fist.
Kei fell back when a fist connected with her nose. She felt the knife being kicked out of her hand, and a repeated fist in her face. Mentally exhausted, the beating she was receiving was too much for her. She was out cold.

"Karin!" Sakura kneeled over Karin. "Hang on! An ambulance will be here in no time!" Fumbling on her phone, Sakura called the emergency services. After breathlessly giving away their location she threw the phone to the side, uncaring of the loud smash she heard. Ignoring the cold, Sakura quickly took her jumper off, applying pressure to Karin's wound. Studying it for a moment, she realised the cut wasn't deep. But she wasn't sure if the knife had hit any vital organs. Keeping the pressure on, she began crying.

"Karin! Why did I risk it? I knew it could happen! Why?!" Sakura buried her face into Karin's neck and cried. "If you die, I'll kill myself! Karin, don't die! Please! I need you!" Sakura remained in that position for while, and sobbed. Listening to her own crying, Sakura also heard Karin's shaky breaths that were coming in short, desperate gasps. The gut wrenching need that the ambulance would get there soon. When they finally did, Sakura pointed to Kei.

"Take her too." Turning back to Karin, she kissed her cheek and forehead, keeping her lips on each area for several seconds. "Please Karin…survive…for me…please."

A month had passed since that dreadful day and all was well. Karin had recovered with no major trouble. She would have a small scar on her stomach for life though. Karin had healed enough to move back home, and Sakura planned a little party for the near future. She had visited Karin every day in hospital, and Karin appreciated that. They were currently at Karin's hospital bed.

"Sakura? I'm going to visit Kei soon." Sakura didn't reply. She simply hugged Karin. Breathing into her ear, Sakura gave silent approval in the form of a kiss to the cheek.

Karin walked through the door. There she saw Kei. A glass screen separated them.

"Hi." Karin attempted to start a conversation. She had already been told that Kei had not communicated to anyone since being here. Apparently she only ate her meals and sat there. Not a word was spoken from Kei, and Karin felt awkward. Shrugging that off, Karin jumped straight to the point.

"Listen. I know Sakura means a lot to you. I get that. But she means a lot to me too. I'm going to take care of her. No-one is getting in the way of our relationship. No-one. It's time for you to let go. Other people need Sakura. Like me. You don't need her anymore. You're strong. I'm weak. You must share. I need her…" Karin started crying. "I love her! Please understand…I can't live without her!" Karin backed away, wanting to leave this dreadful room.

"Take care of her. Treat her like a queen." Kei hoarse voice sounded through the glass, cracking from the lack of use. Both female's eyes met. A nod of understanding was shared. Karin left.

All of the couple's friends were invited to Sakura's party, and everyone was dancing. Nobody knew what the occasion was, they were just happy to act like crazy kids.

When both Sakura and Karin got to the party, Karin immediately sat down. She was not to aggravate her body for at least a month. This was only to make sure that she was fully healed.

"Hey, Sakura?" Karin whispered into her girlfriend's ear.

"Yes Karin?" Sakura whispered back.

"I love you."

"Huh?" Sakura glanced at Karin, blushing.

"I mean it. If the month in that hospital didn't prove your feelings for me, that day in the park, then the fact that you've given up your fun just to sit with me proves it. You're genuine, kind, and caring. I love you so damn much." Sakura shifted in her seat.

"I love you too, Karin. I just feel natural. Maybe it's because we used to be rivals, but we just fit so well together…"
The two were happy to sit there and rest their heads on each other, murmuring sweet nothings. Sakura gently stroked Karin's blonde curly locks of hair while Karin stroked Sakura's thigh in return. They cuddled, steadily growing closer, eventually falling asleep in each others arms. They both realised before they fell asleep that they were making their relationship public, which meant all the kids from school would know and that some would take advantage, maybe tell the head teacher, try to split them up. But both realised they didn't care. Karin woke up a short while later and saw Sakura asleep. Karin felt sleep taking her back over. Before she fell back asleep, Karin applied a long, long kiss to Sakura's lips, ignoring the stares of many onlookers.

"We fit together perfectly..."