Okay, I was bored, really bored and this plunnie suddenly came out of nowhere. I hope you find it amusing!

Disclaimer: Nope, I don't own it. I asked the Hive 5 to steal it for me, but you know how that always ends up.

The relative silence of the tower was suddenly broken as a loud alarm sounded, bright red lights flashing along with an earsplitting call. The five teens living in the tower jumped to attention, each one heading to the commons room. Robin arrived first, and was reading a report about what was happening when the others arrived.

"Titans, trouble. There's a monster destroying the city, the report doesn't say where but it says that it shouldn't be hard to find. Lets go!"

The heroes rushed from the room, some flying while others drove, and went to find and battle the beast that dared to threaten the city they protected. And like the report said, it wasn't hard to find. The titans had barely left the tower when a horrendous figure rose before them. The five froze in a moment of surprised awe as the creature seemed to get bigger and bigger, soon becoming the largest beast the team had ever battled. Larger even than Trigon, the demon who used their tower as a throne. The creature's head seemed to touch the clouds, steam rising from it's nose mingled with the clouds, and as it moved it's head it blocked out the sun. It gave a ferocious, mighty roar that shook the ground, and bent down to wreak more havoc as the Titans stood for a few more seconds in shock. Finally Starfire spoke in an awed whisper.

"That was bigger than both a drievenklop and a shygranta standing on top of a greastunyitgloopian."

The team turned their stared from the creature to their alien team mate, all thinking the same thought which only Beast Boy would put to words.

"Face it, when writing your lines the authors just hit random keys and keep whatever comes up, don't they?"

We all know its true.

And before you ask, yes they did somehow manage to defeat the monster with limited property damage and it was taken to jail were it will eventually escape just as EVERY SINGLE OTHER minor villan does.

I hope you've enjoyed my random drabble.