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Sooo… I had this little fluffy plot bunny hiding underneath my couch and I thought…it must be freed!

So the idea I got this from is a scene from one of my favorite movies, 'Sorcerer's Apprentice.'

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Beastboy blushed a bright red as he crept into the common room.

If anyone knew he was awake at five in the morning….

He shook the thought away as he made his way towards the kitchen, a determined look in his eyes as he set to his plan.

Several Minutes Later….

Raven sleepily trudged through the common room doors fully intent on ingesting a cup of herbal tea before she was forced to deal with her teammates.

As she walked into the kitchen however she found a steaming cup of herbal tea sitting on the counter, staring up at her invitingly as it sat inside of her favorite green mug.

The empath narrowed her eyes cautiously as she ran a diagnostic spell over it.

Sensing nothing out of the ordinary- despite Beastboy's lingering aura- she wearily raised it to her lips and took a pre-cautionary sip.

Noting that it tasted excellent she went to take another, longer sip when a patch of light yellow caught her attention.

Looking down at the counter, the girl spotted a small yellow post-it clinging to the kitchen counter right where her cup had been.

Quirking an eyebrow, Raven set her mug down with care and picked up the note and read it, her eyebrow rising higher.

It read:

Check One:

I would like to be Beastboy's….

[_] Friend

[_] Girlfriend

Looking around the common room curiously the young half-demon looked around to see if this was a prank before turning back to the slip of paper and shrugging as she marked in a box. Not noticing the look of anticipation on a green spider's face as it watched her excitedly from the ceiling.

As soon as she left, the spider shifted back into Beastboy and darted over to the kitchen counter.

Closing his eyes and crossing his fingers the changeling lifted the note up to his face and peaked at it before completely opening his eyes and grinning.

It said:

I would like to be Beastboy's

[_] Friend

[X] Girlfriend

P.S. Pick me up at 8 o'clock sharp or I'm going to throw you into the lake…again.


"Yes!" the green teen yelled excitedly as he seemed to go into one of his tangent 'go beastboy!' dances as he whooped and hollered in excited victory.

Raven watched all of this go on behind the common room doors, a small smile on her face.

'You're so stupid getting stuck on the idiot'

'Don't ya mean OUR CUTE idiot' A pink clad emotion giggled happily.

The empath rolled her eyes-a blush tainting her cheeks none the less- as she took one last glance at the boy and smiled.

She couldn't wait until tonight.


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