Dear all,

I am happy to announce you that "The Last Surprise", the sequel to "Unforgettable Hearts" by Emily A. Lawrence is now available on Amazon. For all those who have messaged me, you can now find out the ending to this fan fiction I began in 2012, published under the title "The Last Surprise", a romantic suspense with a HEA. Happy reading! :)

A much better and intriguing version of this fan fiction in now published on Amazon under the title "Unforgettable Hearts" by Emily A. Lawrence. I've changed quite a lot and added more to it, but the main idea remained the same. This story is the second book in my "Soul's Desire Series". The first book, "The Guardian of my Soul", was published in December 2013.

Book 1 - The Guardian Of My Soul (Soul's Desire Series)

Book 2 - Unforgettable Hearts (Soul's Desire Series)

Book 3 - The Last Surprise (Soul's Desire Series)

On my profile page on this site you can find my contact links and the links to my books on Amazon. I would love to hear from you!

Also, I would like to let you know that I am now an editor too for my publisher, Beau Coup Publishing. So, if you have an interesting story you wrote and you'd like to publish, don't hesitate to contact me. Stories must be at least 50K long. I was lucky to meet the right people at the right time, so I'm eager to help others too. We can never know who the next E L James will be, so give it a try if you enjoy writing. :)

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. This all started as a dream. Now I'm living it and it's mostly thanks to you for giving me that extra push I needed.


Emily A. Lawrence


I LIE ON MY bed staring at the ceiling, lost in thought. The news Mom gave me this morning still make my heart pound. I turn to my bedside table and stare blankly at the clock radio. It's almost three in the morning. I can't sleep. How could I sleep knowing that I will be seeing him again after twelve long years? Will he still remember me? What will he look like? Hmmm... So many questions swirl inside my brain, making my head spin. My stomach rumbles reminding me of the little food I could eat today. I frown and head to the kitchen for a glass of orange juice. Why am I so nervous?

You're going to see the man who has been constantly on your mind ever since you were seven! That's why, my subconscious whispers bored.

I flush and wonder what it will be like when we meet. I take a refreshing mouthful of juice and then inhale deeply, hoping it would steady my pounding heart. My stomach doesn't feel very good, but I'm simply in no mood to eat. I put the bottle back in the fridge and stalk up to my room, throwing myself on the bed again.

I WAKE UP WITH a start when my alarm announces it is time to get up. I glance at the time and see it's seven o'clock. Damn it! I must have had less than four hours of sleep. I'm tired and nervous but our flight from New York to Los Angeles is in about three hours, so I have to get up.

'Ana, darling, I have great news! We are spending the summer vacation with our old neighbors from LA. Your friend Christian and his family!' I sigh as I remember Mom's words from last morning. I shake my head and slip quickly in my bathroom to shower.

Ten minutes later I stare at my reflection in the mirror. I flush crimson as I contemplate the possibility of being with him. Keep on dreaming, my subconscious sneers at me. I decide to ignore her and head to my closet. I put on a matching black bra and panties, pull on a white t-shirt and my favorite black skinny jeans and then sit down on my bed to put my Converse shoes on. I dry my hair and desperately try to bring it under control with the brush. When I decide it looks decent enough, I put on some mascara and I'm good to go.

The rumble in my stomach reminds me of how hungry I am, so I head downstairs to the kitchen where I find my Mom making breakfast and my Dad making coffee.

"Morning, dear," Mom says, beaming at me.

"Morning..." I say and kiss them both on their cheeks.

"Did you sleep well last night?" she asks, eyeing me with curiosity.

"Yes, Mom," I lie. "Why wouldn't I?"

She shrugs and busies herself with our breakfast.

"How long will this vacation last?" I dare ask.

"About a month... We're going on a cruise to Barbados. We're taking their yacht," Mom says happily, obviously eager to see them.

I gape at her. "A month?" Oh, my. A month with Christian on a yacht. My heart starts pounding again.

She smirks. "Yes, dear. Exciting, isn't it?"

I blink, lost in my thoughts again.

"It will be one memorable vacation!" Dad says with excitement in his voice.

THE FLIGHT IS CALM, but even though we are flying in first class I can't get myself to relax at all. All I can think of is his big, green eyes and chestnut hair.

We land at the LAX in the afternoon and as we step outside the airport after collecting our luggage, we are struck by the hot July day. I had forgotten how hot it can get in LA, but I sure missed it. Life in New York was never satisfactory enough for me. And I was away from him. My beautiful Christian. I sigh and follow my parents toward a black Audi SUV that is waiting for us. It looks like the Grey's sent us a car.

My heart is in my throat and I find it difficult to breathe. It is now only a matter of minutes before I see him again. This feels so unreal. What am I going to say to him? I am unaware that I'm biting my lower lip until it starts to hurt.

Damn you, Ana! Pull yourself together! My subconscious snaps at me. I take a lungful of air and fiddle with a stray lock of hair in my desperate attempt to calm down.

THE HOUSE IS JUST as I remembered it. My heart clenches in my chest when we go past our old house and tears prick my eyes as I'm flooded with memories of my childhood. God, I was so happy here! Why did we have to leave? I stifle a sob, trying to compose myself. We are so close...

The car stops in front of the gate and Taylor, the driver, presses a code that opens them. He looks so tough in his black suit and dark sunglasses.

I spot Carrick and Grace waiting on the front stairs as we approach the house and I smile, so happy to see them. They look just as I remembered them. One couldn't say that twelve years have passed over them. I reach to open my door but I'm startled by Taylor who leaps out of the car and rushes to get the door for me.

"Um... Thank you," I say timidly.

"You're welcome, Miss Steele," he offers me a shy smile in return.

"Ana!" Grace beams and before I know it I am wrapped in her arms. "Oh, dear, look at you!" she smirks, keeping me at arm's length to examine me. "You're a woman now! Oh, how lovely to see you again!"

"Mrs. Grey... I missed you too," I murmur and smile at her brightly.

"Hey... Call me Grace," she giggled and I smile once more.

Carrick envelops me in a hug as well and I'm surprised by how much I really missed them. When he lets go he deposits a kiss on my forehead and moves to greet my parents.

"Ray, Carla! I'm so glad you could come!" I heard Grace, but I find myself stepping inside the house, absentmindedly looking for him.

WE ARE SITTING ON the couches in the large living room, trying to catch up. I take a sip of my apple juice, my mouth dry as I glance around anxiously. Where is he? Why doesn't he come say hello?

My train of thought is interrupted by Grace. "Christian?!" She calls. "Our guests have arrived!"

"Coming!" I hear a man's voice and my heart is in my throat again.

Thank you for reading this fan fiction. Your support has meant the world to me, and I wouldn't be writing today if it weren't for your words of encouragement.

Since the fan fiction got published, I had to take the rest of the story off. I hope you'll understand.

Love you all!

Emily A. Lawrence