A one-shot from the POV of a mockingjay.

I'm not a mockingjay myself, so it was pretty challenging to write from the POV of a bird.

Let's hope it's okay.

The sky is blue. There are almost no clouds. I like it that way better. Everything looks clearer.

The wind is blowing. My dark feathers are now messy. I don't care. I like the wind.

I fly as much as I can, because I don't have anything else to do and I like to fly, but after a while it becomes tiring and I stop. I decide to rest for a short while before I spread my wings and fly again. That's all I do. Fly and make noises. That's what I'm best at.

I turn my head slowly and take in my surroundings. Trees. Lots of trees. Everything's green. I like it. It feels like home. Green and nice.

I start making those weird noises again. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but I like making them. I like mimicking weird noises I hear. My friends and I, we all do it. Mimic noises. It comes naturally to us. Maybe it comes natural to everyone. It doesn't interest us that much, so we don't question that gift. Why would we care anyway?

I spot another bird that looks like me in another tree, a few meters away from the tree I'm resting in. I greet him with some noises I heard a few days ago. He greets me back immediately, picking the same weird tune I picked.

And then I hear a weird noise. A new one. Stranger than the noises I heard before.

I want to know what creature makes those noises. I look down. I see movement on the ground. I narrow my eyes and try to see what is making those noises.

I can see it now. It looks weird. I've seen this type of creature before. It always looks different. Sometimes the fur on its head is brown, sometimes yellow, sometimes green. I don't understand why they only have fur on their head and not on the rest of their body. Aren't they cold that way? They don't have feathers either. They just have skin. It's weird. They're weird.

The creature keeps making those noises. Those noises, they're… different. Special.


I start mimicking the awful tune to my buddy, who's sitting in the tree across from me. He answers quickly, laughing at the tune also. The message is clear – this is the worst tune ever.

The creature on the ground makes some more noises, and I stop mimicking it to listen to its new bad tune. It's even worse than the last one. My buddy then mimics it perfectly, laughing at it some more, and I mimic it back because it's awful and funny.

The creature on the ground looks happy for some reason. I don't know why. We laugh at its weird noises. It's not supposed to be happy about it.

Those creatures are weird.

I feel better now and well rested, so I spread my wings and fly, still mimicking the extremely bad tune so that more of my friends could hear it and laugh at it too.

And that creature on the ground still looks happy.


I actually quite liked it :)

My Dad gave me the idea of writing from the POV of a mockingjay. He thinks mockingjays are great creations, and that it's unique and special. I agree.

And I know the mockingjays here don't like the way Katniss sings, but it doesn't mean I hate it. After all, Jennifer Lawrence's voice is a combination of Fergie and Jesus.

Hope you liked it, review, and have a lovely day :)