White (tentative title)


'blah blah' = thoughts



A word symbolising purity, light, peace, hope…

But for four young men who chose to live their lives by the word, ironically, darkness, and despair, envelope them.

A lone assassin stood in contemplative silence, watching the heavens, just minutes past midnight.

The inky skies spilled forth torrents of snowflakes – beautiful, pure white…

Was hope being born out of darkness?

Or simply being discarded…

Turning weary violet eyes around, the assassin surveyed the room he was in.

White walls, floor, glaring bright flourescent light.

But they did nothing to dispel the shadows of pain lurking deep in the recesses of the mind.

Heavy feet retraced their path back to a chair by the lone bed in the room.

It would be another night of quiet waiting…

Slender fingers reached forward to softly caress the pale cheek of the bed's occupant, before tracing the curve of bloodless lips.

'White. Too white.'

The fingers resumed their journey up a delicate nose, before tenderly brushing aside brunette locks from eyes that have been closed for far too long.

He knew what lay hidden behind those lids - beautiful chocolate orbs that once conveyed a myriad of emotions, so filled with life that you could spend hours reading their story.

He wished those lids would open soon, even though he knew his heart would wrench at the sight.

No dancing liquid chocolate, but dull, emotionless wood.

He knew.

He had seen those empty, lifeless eyes before.

After all, he was the one who made them so...

Outside, darkness reigned.

The snow had ceased to fall…