Kathryn Janeway entered the bridge of "Voyager" and saw Commander Chakotay sitting at his chair. She motioned to him towards the Ready Room and he jumped up and followed her.

He saw her over at the replicator and heard her say "Coffee, black, hot." She took it and walked over to him and handed him the drink. "I believe I owe you one from your holodeck ration." Chakotay smiled and accepted it. They sat on the couch. "How did it go?" he asked, blowing on the drink to cool it. Janeway smiled broadly. "Excellent," she began, "That truly was an inspired idea of yours, Commander." He nodded in appreciation. "So he helped you with your problem?" "Yes. The ability to speak with another starship commander, but especially that one, really helped me put things in perspective. We had a nice little chat and it gave me some good encouragement."

Chakotay smiled again. "I'm glad." Then he noted something. "Captain?" He saw that she was staring out of the viewport, distractedly. "Hmm?" she answered not looking back. "You were in there for a long time for just a 'little chat'?" he asked. "Was I?" she said, turning back from the stars to look at the First Officer. "Yes, almost three hours," Chakotay said very puzzled. "What else happened?"

Janeway looked at her friend with a disapproving look, but then a sly smile. "Now, Commander. You know we starship captains never kiss and tell."