Ryan forced E.D. to her feet. He pushed her back to the car. She couldn't think, she couldn't breathe, she couldn't walk.

'Jake…Jake….Jake." it was the only thing she could think.

"Come on princess, let's go." He pulled her and she screamed. "Shut up and come on." He kicked her. But she refused to move. She fought against him. He punched her in the face. She fell backwards.

"Fine, if you don't want to come with me…" He flicked the pocketknife open. She eyes opened in fear. She tried to run but before she could get up he sat on her, straddling her hips.

"Last chance, or I cut you open." He said running the blade against her cheek. She winced as the cold metal cut her skin.

"So, you coming?" She spat on him. He wiped his face.

"Fine then." He raised the blade. E.D. closed her eyes. She heard a loud 'thud' and felt Ryan's weight leave her. She opened her eyes. Ryan was lying on the ground, unconscious, his nose bloody. Standing over him was Jake.

"I told you if you ever touched her again I would kill you."

"Jake." He turned to her. There was a large blood stain on his shirt and it was growing. She got up.

"Are you okay?" he asked. He tried to walk towards her but he was unsteady on his feet. He tilted forward and E.D. caught him.

"Forget me!" she pressed her hand over the wound. "We have to get you help." She began screaming. 'Please let someone hear. Please.' She thought over and over again. She walked with one hand on his wound the other under his shoulder.

"Someone help!" She cried. She saw a young couple running towards her.

"Call the ambulance!" she cried, desperation in her voice. She saw the guy take a phone out of his pocket.

"Jake, stay with me. Please." She said. Jake nodded but he was looking pale. She felt his weight shift and he feel forward. She couldn't keep him up. She tried to get him to sit up but he seemed unable.

"Jake, stay with me." She was crying now. She rested his head in her lap. "Stay with me." She choked out the words.

"E.D." he said. She took hold of one his hands.

"I'm right here." She said. The young couple had reached them.

"We got the ambulance, they are on their way." The woman said. E.D. didn't respond.

"Thank you, for everything." He said.

"No, Jake you're going to be okay you hear me. You can't leave me. You promised, remember. You promised." She sobbed.

"Don't cry. I hate to see you crying." He said, brushing his hand against her cheek.

"Jake, I…I…I…" but she couldn't get out the words.

"E.D." he voice sounded so calm. She looked at him. He smiled up at her.

"I know." He said. She felt her heart twist.

"Please, don't go." She heard the siren in the distance. "Jake, stay with me, help is almost here. Just a little longer.

"You'll stay with me?"

"I'm not going anywhere."

"Good." His eyes closed.

"NO JAKE! Don't go to sleep. Stat with me." She broke down completely. The ambulance pulled around the corner.

"Help is here Jake, stay with me." The medics jumped out of the van. One asked her on to move. She didn't want to but Jake's live was at stake. She got out of the way.

"Miss how did this happen?"

"He was stabbed. A boy stabbed him."

"Do you know where the boy is?" she pointed.

"He's unconscious. Is Jake going to be okay?"

"We'll do everything we can for him." They put Jake on to a stretcher and lifted him into the ambulance.

"Miss will you come with him?"

"Yes, yes." She turned to the couple. "Thank you, so much." They both nodded. She got into the ambulance. She took Jake's hand. The medics were trying to get him to respond. One was working on his wound. She didn't remember much about the drive. When they got to the hospital one of the medics pulled her away. She tried to fight him, to go with Jake but he wouldn't let her.

"Listen, does the boy have parents."

"They're in jail. Ones is in jail the other's dead." She said.

"Is there someone you can call? An adult." She wasn't listening. She was looking at Jake. She watched as a doctor used the defibrillator on Jake. She cried out when his body jerked.

"Look at me. Is there someone you can call?"

"Ahh, there's my grandfather, he'll get here the fastest." She said.

"How can I call him?" E.D. told him where they were staying. He went of the make the call. A nurse showed her where she could wash up. For the first time she noticed the blood on hands. Jake's blood on her hands. She was shaking. She couldn't calm down. When Zedediah got there she threw herself into his hands.

"What happened?" he asked. It burst out of her, she told him everything that happened in the park.

"Are you okay? Those boys they didn't hurt you."

"Just some bruises. I'll be fine. But Jake…" she broke down again. Zedediah guided her to a chair.

"E.D. I can't say for sure but they are going to do everything they can for Jake." He said. She nodded but could stop crying. Zedediah went to call everyone at home.

"They are already on their way but it will be some time before they get here." He told her. She just nodded. It was all she was capable of. She was afraid if she tried to talk again she would break down. It had to hours they sat there waiting for word about Jake. It felt much longer to E.D. Zedediah suggested he take her to the hotel and then he would come back. She refused.

When she saw the doctor walking towards them she heart constricted. She stood up and practically ran to him.

"Are you here for Jake Semple?"

"Yes." She felt Zedediah's arm on her shoulders.

"He's going to be fine." E.D. felt her feet give away. She leaned against Zedediah. "He lost a lot of blood but thankfully the knife didn't damage any major organs. He'll need bed rest for the next couple of weeks, I think he should stay at least two weeks in the hospital, to make sure there was no infection for the knife." E.D. heard everything the doctor was say but she didn't absorb a word after 'fine.'

"Thank you." Zedediah said.

"Can I go see him?" she asked.

"He's resting right now. He won't be awake for a while."

"That's fine, I wouldn't wake him. I just want to be there when he gets up."

"He won't be up for a few hours."

"E.D. how about we go back to the hotel, you can get cleaned up and we'll come back."

"No, I want to stay with Jake." It was only after the doctor insisted the sedative wouldn't wear until tomorrow morning than she agreed to go. She got the hotel and showered and changed. The rest of her family arrived sometime when she was in the shower. The moment she got out of her room she was crushed by her mother's arms.

"Oh, my little girl. I'm so happy you're okay. I was so worried about you and Jake. Zedediah told us what happened. I can't believe how strong you were, or Jake was."

"Mom….can't breathe. Need…air." She choked out. Her mother let her go.

"I told you he liked you." Cordelia whispered in her ear.

"Yeah, cause if it someone tried to kidnap and rape you, Jake wouldn't do anything at all." She whispered back.

"I'm not saying that." She said. "But do you think he would have gotten up and fought after being stabbed, if it were me."

"Well, let's hope we never have to find out." E.D. turned away but Cordelia put a hand on her shoulder.

"Stop denying it."

"Okay fine, I like him alright. I think he likes me. Now would you stop bugging me about it?" Cordelia grinned but didn't say anything else.

"Who's going to the hospital?" E.D. asked.

"Maybe you should get some sleep, you can go in the morning." Sybil said.

"Jake isn't going to get up for a few hours anyway." Zedediah said.

"No, I'm going to that hospital tonight, even if I have to walk there." The adults shared a look.

"Fine, I'm going." Archie said getting up. "Let's go."

When E.D. entered the hospital room she couldn't help but gasp. He looked so pale and fragile. She walked to his bedside and brushed his hair away from his eyes.

"I'm going to see if there are any vending machines." Archie said and left the room. E.D. took Jake's hand her own. She leaded over him.

"Jake, thank you." She said and kissed his forehead. He didn't stir but she saw his eyes flicker under his eyelids. She smiled wondering what he was dreaming about. She pulled a chair next to the bed and lay her head down on the mattress. She was asleep before Archie got back.

The next day it was around ten when Jake woke up. He only managed to open his eyes a crack at first. He took in room slowly. He saw the Applewhites were all there. No one noticed he was up yet. E.D. was holding his hand, massaging small circles with her thumb. He gently squeezed her hand. She looked up and smile lit up her face.

"You're up." The Applewhites turned at the sound of her voice. They all crowded around his bed.

"Well, if it isn't the hero." Randolph said.

"How are you felling?" Sybil asked.

"Like someone stabbed me." He said with a smile.

"Jake, Jake, Jake," Destiny was jumping up and down at the foot of the bed. "E.D. said you beat up a bad guy. You're like a superhero." He said.

"I don't know about that."

"Well, you sure did save E.D." Cordelia said.

"The boy just woke up, maybe we should let he have a few minutes to himself." Zedediah said. The adults shared a knowing look.

"Come on, Destiny." Hal said.

"But I want to ask Jake how he beat up the bad guys." He pouted.

"I buy you something for the vending machine."


"Two things."

"Okay." Destiny followed Hal to the door. Bu then he stopped. "Wait why isn't E.D. leaving?" he asked. "Let's go." Cordelia gave him a push from behind. Cordelia winked at E.D. as she left the room. E.D. had to admit as crazy as her family was, they could be pretty cool at times. She looked at Jake.

"Hey." He said. She sat down on the bed next to him.

"Hey yourself." She said, brushing the hair from his face.

"You ok?"

"Thanks to you."

"That was nothing."

"It wasn't nothing to me. You saved me yesterday." He pushed himself into a sitting position. "Take it easy, you just took a knife to the stomach."

"E.D. you were the one who saved me." He said. He pulled her closer.

"Well, I guess we can call it even." She said, her voiced soften. "Jake what you did, yesterday…the way you protected me. I'll never be able to thank…."he put a finger on her lips.

"Shhh...you've saved me more times than you'll ever know." He leaded in and kissed her. She wrapped her hands around his neck and pulled him deeper into the kiss. He placed one hand at the small of her back, the other in her hair. God, how she never wanted this moment to end. The feel of his lips against hers made her light headed and his hands sent shivers up and down her spine. They finally had to break apart of air. Her cheeks were flushed and her heart was racing. He smiled at her. She returned the smile.

She was at a loss for words. She instead opted to leaning in and kiss him again.

"Jake, did the bad guy have superpowers." The teens were forced apart by the sound of Destiny's voice. We walked into the room eating a candy bar. They both looked at Destiny as he crawled onto the bed. He had not seemed to notice what they had been going when he walked on or the fact they were still on each other's arms.

"Destiny, could you go outside?" E.D. asked.

"Why? You're here." He said pointing with his candy bar. E.D. looked at Jake.

"Destiny, I need to be have quite, if I don't the doctors say I may never get well."

"I'll be quite…I promise."

"Sorry Destiny. The doc says if too many people are in my room at the same time, I may never run again. And if I can't run I would be able play tag with you."

"Oh no!"

"Yes, so you better leave." Destiny hopped of the bed and ran out the door.

"You are so bad." E.D. said grinning. He shrugged.

"Now where were we?" He asked.

"In the middle of a kiss, I think."


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