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out with the tide


He is skeptical at first.

But something about her kind eyes and sweet smile are enough to draw him in.


{theirs is a tale destined for tragedy}


It hurts her to be away from him. He is her light in the dark, a spark of good in this cruel, cruel world.

And when he begins spend less and less time with her and more and more time with the girl he calls Tate ("Just a friend," he tells her.), she knows that something must be done.

She just isn't sure what yet, and so she watches from the shadows as they laugh together.


{envy will consume you, become you}


"I…," he begins, and she looks at him expectantly. She hopes this is an apology for the way he's been acting these past weeks. "I…I'm sorry," he says eventually. He does not meet her eyes.

She smiles a bit, opens her mouth to speak, but—"I'm so sorry it had to end this way." She frowns.

"I mean, it's just not working anym—"

She understands now, and wonders why she didn't see it before.

"—and, you know—"

"Leave," she tells him, and her voice is fading already.

"What?" he asks, finally meeting her eyes.

"I said leave," she repeats slowly. It requires more concentration than ever to keep this form.

He leaves her, looking guilty. As he should, she thinks.

She dissolves into a puddle on the floor.


{we all fall apart sometimes}


Eventually she calls him; invites him to lunch. He accepts, sounding relieved.

They meet at a little café by the ocean. She is comforted by the crashing of the waves; strengthened by the nearness of her main body.

They make small talk that is awkward on his part and strangely nonchalant on hers.

"So," she asks casually as she reaches for the salt, "how're things with that girl—Potato, I believe you called her. An odd nickname."

He chokes on his food.

"Um," he says, and gulps down some of his drink. "Potato—she's doing well."

She nods, a small smirk on her face.

"Well," she says suddenly, and stands. "How about a walk? I'm not hungry anymore."

He scrambles up from his seat, grateful for the change in topic.

There is a foot of space between them. A small part of her would like to close the distance.


{once you have entered someone's heart, you will never leave}


As the tide comes in her form grows even more substantial and her mind clearer. She inhales the salty air with a smile.

He is walking alongside her, painfully aware of her presence and yet completely oblivious.

The beach is empty. No witnesses, she thinks with a bitter sort of amusement.

Suddenly, a gigantic wave comes rolling towards them. She laughs aloud.

He barely has time to acknowledge the mass of water before it consumes him, but she can sense him there, in her territory. She can feel his confusion, smell his fear.

She can feel how painful it is—his lungs working so hard but to no avail, the burning of his throat as it is filled with salty water—and it fills her with a sick sort of glee.

And then she cannot sense him anymore; his heart has given one last feeble beat and she can almost see his eyes glazing over as he is swept away with the current.

She turns and walks away.

{hearts shatter; time passes; tragedy strikes}

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