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Even though I've accepted JJ and Will are now married, it will be JJ/Hotch because this is fanfiction and I can

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JJ picked up the bottle of coffee liquor and the sundae bowls from off the coffee table and entered her kitchen with a stifled yawn.

A few days ago had been her second wedding anniversary, she reminisced miserably.

They never even made it twelve months.

This time last year her small family had been on vacation, up in Maine, blissfully ignorant of their limited future together.

How the couple drifted apart wasn't completely clear but, if the profiler were honest with herself, she had pulled away from Will and he had let her.

It had been a tough year.

Will's work hours quickly increased upon his promotion after the bank robbery turned murder case in DC, which subsequently led to their wedding in the first place. JJ's job still remained a tense subject at times between the pair, and they'd even go weeks, without spending anytime together as a couple or as a threesome, with their son as a family should.

Then Henry became sick.

It happened before, when JJ was away on a case, and the couple instinctively thought it was simply a repetition of the flu, but that assumption changed quickly when the four year old had one seizure which rendered him unconscious for over two weeks.

Placing the porcelain bowls and spoons onto the kitchen bench, JJ smiled thinly at the sight of a family photo on the kitchen fridge. It was taken in the hospital just after Henry had woken up.

The couple sat either side of their sick son on the hospital bed, both adults, kissing the small boy's head.

The small child had been unaware of his parent's troubles. They'd come together at the hospital like nothing was going on, and supported each other during their time of need, only to realise neither gave the other, the comfort they truly needed.

A few days after the photo was taken, JJ found out she was pregnant only for it to be an unviable pregnancy.

They lost a baby they didn't know they were having.

They nearly lost Henry.

They were losing each other and both were unsure how to make things right.

The married couple had gone through so much during such a short period of time that when they were able to bring Henry home, Will had already moved out.

The team had stepped up their support during this time, solidifying their familial unit.

Emily called twice a week from London to keep up their gossiping and closeness the was solidified during her first time away from the team when she was presumed dead by nearly everyone else, and the brunette visited at least once every couple of months.

Garcia became even more integrated into the small family, moving in with JJ and Henry for three weeks after they returned from the hospital so JJ could recuperate as well.

Reid was helping with Henry any way he could, already the little boy's reading age was at a level above his own tender age.

Morgan had helped look for a new house, when JJ decided they needed a change and was constantly coming over on weekends to help with DIY errands.

Rossi voiced his concern several times over the separation, feeling somewhat guilty that he had pushed the wedding forwards but and offered support as much as he could, especially at work with the case load and leaving home cooked lasagnes on the younger woman's desk.

While Hotch was the one JJ would talk to the most about life at the BAU and home. He'd experienced divorce involving children before and she was grateful for his insight. Hotch was also the one member of the team she had been having the most contact with, outside of work since she started the BAU, except her friendships with the Garcia and Prentiss.

Tonight was pizza night for the Jareau's and Hotchner's. It had always been pizza night on any available Wednesday since Aaron Hotchner's divorce and now it was a comfort through her own irretrievable breakdown of marriage.

She could hear the Unit Chief's soft footsteps walking up the stairs as he went to check on their sleeping sons.

Hotch had been a lifesaver in recent months. He reorganised the younger profiler's work schedule so she had more time with Henry, he created play dates so Jack and Henry could become closer and be occupied while the grown-ups dealt with paperwork or just had adult interaction.

Hotch had made JJ and Henry's lives normal again. Thanks to the supervisor and rest of the team, the Jareau's had stability and a family which provided love and trust, which JJ craved more than anything during those lonely months after the hospital.

Yet one, quiet knock at the front door would change all that.


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