Summary: When the Original witch realizes what an abomination Klaus has become, she casts a spell that prohibits him and his siblings from venturing too far from their estate. The curse can only be broken if he learns to love, and is loved in return. But who could ever learn to love this hybrid? Based on Beauty and the Beast.

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A/N: Hi, readers! There will be a few small changes from the original story. In this story, Esther allowed Klaus to be a hybrid. Instead of casting a spell on him to prevent his werewolf form from manifesting, she casts the spell that keeps the Originals from leaving their home, which means Klaus didn't rip out her heart for keeping him from becoming a true hybrid. Also, this takes place in present day and Caroline is still a vampire.


Mystic Falls was a small town. Everybody knew everybody's business, and if you were new to town, flying under the radar would be next to impossible. People could pick out an unfamiliar face immediately. Because of this, everybody in the town felt safe. There were no strangers and no one to be wary of. But the citizens of Mystic Falls were scared of one thing: the woods.

One part of the woods was safe. There was a road that went through it, and people drove on it all the time and teenagers had their parties near it. The other part lies deep in the woods. Hardly anybody goes there, because those who have dared to wander that far have all gone missing.

What the Mystic Falls residents don't know is that in the deep woods, there lies a house. It's more of an estate, really. It's large and is surrounded by gardens filled with every flower imaginable and stables with horses that rarely ever get ridden.

Contrary to the light exterior of the mansion, the owners are dark and intimidating. There are five of them; Finn, Kol, Elijah, Rebekah, and Klaus. They're all siblings and they're all vampires, but they're no ordinary vampires. They're Originals.

Klaus was different from his siblings. His mother had an affair a thousand years ago with a man who happened to be a werewolf. When she cast the spell that made them immortal, it became obvious that Klaus was much more than just a vampire. He was a hybrid.

After witnessing Klaus massacre an entire village, she decided to put an end to this abomination. She cast a spell, trapping him and the rest of her children in their home. They can only venture out as far as a mile before they run into the barrier that keeps them from leaving. They can survive off of the animals in the forest, but occasionally there will be a human that wanders too far into the woods.

The only way to break the curse is if Klaus finds someone whom he loves, and who will love him in return. The Original witch figured that this would be impossible, considering Klaus's inability to care for anyone other than himself. However, she still put a time limit on it. If he couldn't break the spell in twenty-one years, he and his siblings would be trapped there forever. In their house is an enchanted rose that wilts little by little as the years go on. When their time is up, it will be dead.

The twenty-one year mark was approaching quickly, but Klaus wasn't anywhere near breaking the curse. He had begun to give up hope, for who could ever learn to care for him?


Caroline walked across the school lawn, heading for the parking lot with Bonnie and Elena.

"Bonnie and I were going to the Grill later. Do you want to come?" Elena offered Caroline.

"As much as I would love to, I can't. I'm so behind on homework, I swear it'll take a century to finish it." Good thing I have an eternity, she thought.

Before Elena or Bonnie could respond, they were interrupted by the ever-cocky Tyler Lockwood. He approached the girls arrogantly, planting himself right in front of Caroline.

"Hello, Caroline," he drawled.

She rolled her eyes as she greeted him. "Tyler."

If Tyler was aware that his presence annoyed her, he chose to ignore it. "I was wondering if maybe you wanted to meet me at the Grill later. If it gets boring, we could always slip out and find somewhere more...private." He raised his eyebrows suggestively and snaked his arm around her shoulders.
Caroline scoffed and shrugged away from him, folding her arms over her chest. "No thanks. I'm busy."

Tyler's face twisted into a frown, but he recovered quickly. "How about tomorrow?"

"Still busy."

"The day after?"

"I'm busy pretty much every day, so..." Caroline trailed off, hoping he'd get the hint that she wasn't interested. Tyler Lockwood was an self absorbed jock with no regard for anyone other than himself. He wasn't exactly the most ideal company.

Tyler glanced from Bonnie to Elena, obviously embarrassed from Caroline's public rejection. He shrugged it off and gave Caroline a half smirk. "Then I guess I'll see you at school." He turned around and walked away.

Once he was well out of earshot, Bonnie smacked Caroline's arm lightly. "He was totally hitting on you and you just blew him off!"

Caroline winced and rubbed her arm, pretending like Bonnie's hit hurt more than it actually did. "There's no need to get violent over it."

"But you're single and he's really hot," Elena said, stating the obvious. "You can let yourself have a little fun, you know."

"Not with someone like that."

Bonnie and Elena rolled their eyes simultaneously. "See you in class tomorrow," Bonnie said before taking off with Elena in the direction of her car.


When Caroline arrived home, she saw a familiar silver vehicle sitting in her driveway. Her face lit up in excitement as she fumbled with her keys, unlocking the front door and stepping inside. She tossed her bag on the table in the foyer and ran into her living room.

"Dad!" she squealed as she raced forward to hug her father.

Bill squeezed her back, smoothing down her hair. "Hi, sweetie. How have you been?"

"Great! Why are you here?" Caroline was grinning as she pulled away.

"I was near town for a business meeting and thought I'd stop by to see you. I have to leave early tomorrow, though."

Caroline's smile fell slightly. "You're leaving tomorrow?"

"I'm afraid so."

Caroline was quiet for a moment before her face brightened up again. "Well, you at least have to stay for dinner."


After saying his goodbyes to his daughter the next morning, Bill set out for home. He'd driven through the woods that led to the highway countless times, but this morning it was extraordinarily foggy. He drove slowly and carefully down the deserted road.

After a while, he looked at the gas and realized he was running on E. The nearest gas station was only a few miles away, so he reached into his pocket to get his credit card out.

"Shit," he muttered under his breath. He left his wallet at Liz's and he didn't have enough gas to go back. With a frustrated sigh, Bill used the last bit of fuel he had to pull over to the side of the road.

He pulled out his phone. No signal.

He laughed a little breathlessly. This was just like a scene from a horror film. He decided to get out of the car and wander a little bit to see if he would come across a person or a house or some sign of civilization.

The morning air was freezing, and the wind bit at his cheeks. Bill rubbed his hands together in hopes of bringing some warmth into them as he continued his trek through the woods. The amount of fog that surrounded him was actually kind of ridiculous.

Suddenly, Bill could make out the outline of something in the distance. It looked like a small house. He broke out into a run, rushing towards what turned out to be not a small house, but a huge one. Huge was an understatement. The place was enormous.

Bill pushed through the iron gates that surrounded the mansion and climbed the steps that led to the front door. He raised the horseshoe handle and banged it against the door three times before bringing his hands together and rubbing warmth into them again.

Bill had barely stood outside for more than a minute when the giant oak door creaked open, and he was met with a very sophisticated-looking man. He stared at Bill emotionlessly.

"Can I help you?" the man asked.

"My car ran out of gas about a mile out from here and my phone doesn't have a signal. I was wondering if you might have a landline I could use to call the tow?" He smiled genuinely to show that he wasn't a serial killer.

The man stepped aside and gestured for Bill to enter. "I'm Elijah," the man told Bill as he crossed the threshold.

"Bill," he introduced himself as Elijah guided him through the hallway and down a spiral staircase that led to another dark hallway that was only lit by candles on the wall. After a moment of silence, he spoke up again. "Thank you for letting me use your phone."

Elijah didn't say anything. Instead, he stopped and turned around, looking at Bill sadly. The candles cast strange shadows on his handsome face, making him seem more intimidating. Bill felt his stomach twist uncomfortably.

"Is something wrong?" he asked.

Before Elijah could answer, Bill saw another man appear beside him. "Ooh, look. Elijah's brought a snack," the man purred in a thick British accent.

"Don't be mean, Kol," a female voice scolded. A blonde woman walked up from behind Bill, grabbing him by the arm. He tried to twist out of her grip, but she was inhumanly strong. She placed her lips by his neck, and her breath sent chills down his spine. "Don't be afraid," she whispered, but her tone had no trace of reassurance.

Kol flashed in front of Bill, smirking. "Didn't anyone ever teach you to share, Bekah?"

"Enough," Elijah said calmly. "Open the door, Rebekah."

The woman named Rebekah sighed loudly and moved into the shadows. Bill heard the jingling of keys and the sound of a cell door opening. Suddenly, Kol grabbed the back of his neck and shoved him in the room. It was too dark to see anything, but Bill could tell that the room was extraordinarily small. He tried to run out of the cell before they closed the door, but it was too late. His hands only found concrete. He moved his hands up a little bit and grasped at the barred window.

"HELP!" he cried. "HELP!"

Bill could hear snickering, but Elijah's voice drowned it out. "It's no use. No one can hear you."

"What are you going to do to me?"

"It's obvious, isn't it?" came a new voice, more chilling than all the others combined. Elijah, Kol, and Rebekah turned to face the owner of the voice. As Bill's eyes adjusted to the darkness, he could make out the face of the man. His hair was light, and his eyes were bright blue. He stepped closer, stopping just in front of the cell. "We're going to kill you."


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