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7:00-8:00 AM

I rolled over as the alarm clock rang, and Jack slowly got up from the bed. I tried falling back to sleep but instead just kept my eyes closed as I heard Jack walking to the bathroom. I heard the door close behind him and opened my eyes. I couldn't possibly fall back asleep. Today was the day. Tonight. I would tell him how hard I was falling for him.

I sighed as I sat up and pulled the covers off of me. I grabbed the skirt I planned to wear and the black bra next to it and walked sleepily to the bathroom. I pulled back the shower curtain just enough to slip inside. Jack smiled at me as I stepped towards him and wrapped my arms around him. I could tell he was just as tired from our late night last night as I was. We stayed in each other's arms for a minute before Jack kissed my head and let me go. I watched as he stepped out of the shower. I spent the rest of my shower thinking of all the different ways tonight could play out. What I'm going to say. What he might say.

When I finished with my shower, I dried off and then put on the clothes I had taken in with me. I blow-dried my hair and thought about how weird today was going to be for him. He was meeting with the woman who fired him. I walked out of the bathroom deciding to ask him if he'll be okay. I thought of how to word it so that he had to answer with more than an 'I'm fine'.

"Is it going to be uncomfortable?" I asked.

"What?" Jack asked me.

"Going back to CTU? Seeing Driscoll again?" I asked.

"I don't blame her for her decision," Jack said simply.

"How can that be?" I asked. "She forced you out of CTU."

"She didn't want an ex-junkie on her staff," Jack answered. "That's not unreasonable."

I hated how hard he could be on himself. I pulled my tank top on. "You weren't a junkie. You were doing your job."

"I was addicted to heroin. It didn't matter why," Jack said.

"Do you miss your old job?" I asked, looking at myself in the mirror.

"I could've joined other agencies if I still wanted to do field work," Jack replied. I put on my lipstick as Jack continued. "But I didn't."

I stopped putting on the lipstick, and Jack walked over to me. "I wanted something different for my life."

He bent down to kiss my shoulder and my heart melted a little. I turned around to kiss him, his hands holding my face to his. When he stopped, he brought his lips to my forehead and kissed it gently. He put his forehead to mine. "I know it may not seem like a lot to you. But, for me, to be able to have this kind of a connection with someone, I couldn't have that before."

He was wrong. It does mean a lot to me. I'm so in love with him. I smiled. "I'm glad you can now."

We kissed again and I realized that there's no way I'm ever going to let him go. But then I remembered work and pulled back smiling. "You better go."

He kissed my forehead again. "Yeah," he said stepping away.

"Secretary Heller's going to be in the lobby in five minutes," I told him.

Jack walked towards the door. "Secretary Heller?"

"I called him dad once in a press conference so I decided then and there to use his title all the time."

Jack reached for the handle but turned back instead. "Audrey."

I looked up. He continued, "Your father's a very perceptive man. I would like to tell him about us before he finds out on his own."

I thought of how I could explain it. "Look, my father is very old fashioned. Even though Paul and I are separated, he-he still considers us married."

"I understand that," Jack said, walking towards me. "And, I don't want your father to draw the wrong conclusion and think that I had anything to do with the break-up between you and Paul."

"Yeah, but you didn't," I said, meeting up with him. "Please Jack, let's just give it a little more time."

I didn't plan to say it right then, but my heart was screaming at me to just do it and stop worrying about it. It took only a split second to decide and then I started.

"Look, I'm going to tell you something and I don't want you to panic," I said. This was it. "I'm falling in love with you. I don't want you to say anything and I don't need you to feel the same way. I just wanted you to know."

There. I said it. Jack didn't say anything. Then he stepped away. "I will see you downstairs."

I watched him leave slowly. I played back what I said to him in my head, trying to decide if I said something wrong. If Jack loved me, he would have said it back even though I told him not to, right? But, I knew Jack had a hard time with these kinds of things. We'd only been dating for six months. I tried making as many excuses as I could for him but I really couldn't stand not knowing what he was thinking when I told him.

I tried to put it out of my thoughts and finish getting ready. I went to the bathroom and put up my hair. I grabbed the jacket to match my skirt and put it on. I looked at the time. Too early to go downstairs. I picked up my phone and saw three missed calls, all from my father. I never even heard it ring.

I looked at the clock again deciding to go downstairs now. When I got there my dad was on the phone sitting next to Jack. I approached them and nodded my head towards the entrance to the hotel, telling them we should go.

They followed me out, my dad still on the phone. When we get to the limo, he hangs up. "32 dead."

"What's the initial assessment?" Jack asked.

"An act of terrorism," my father said. "When you get to CTU, I want you to find out all the details and call me."

"Yes sir," Jack said.

"And, listen," dad said, now speaking to both of us. "I don't want anybody except the two of you to know about this meeting with Richard."

I nod. "Of course."

I see the stress relieve from his face a little. "I tried calling you last night, where were you?"

"I had dinner with a friend," I said, which wasn't a total lie.

"Oh, anyone I know?" he asked.

"No," I said. He seems to except it.


"Sir," Jack said, as a goodbye. My dad got into the limo and I relax a little. I look over to Jack.

"I'll call you when I get to CTU," he said, with a slight smile. I got into the limo making sure that my face was neutral. The cars drove away, one after another. For a couple minutes, we didn't say anything. All I could think about was whether or not he knew about Jack and me. My cell phone rang and I answered it.

"Hi, this is Max Collins," the voice on the other line said.

"What can I do for you?" I asked.

"I was wondering how long Secretary Heller was going to be pushed back today," Max said.

"Uh, I don't know, Max. Let me find out," I told him. I brought the phone away from my ear. "I'm on with the representative from Vandenberg. He wants to know how long your going to be pushed back today."

"Don't change anything with Vandenberg," my dad told me.

I put the phone back. "We'll stick to the original schedule."

I said a short goodbye and hung up.

"Have you spoken to your brother?" dad asked me.

"No, I don't even think he knows I'm coming with you today," I said. I hadn't talked to Richard in a while.

"It's probably best that he doesn't," he said.

"Alright. I'll stay in the car," I told him. I was going to leave it at that but I didn't. "Dad, look, even if Richard does go to the protest in Lockheed, it's not the end of the world. It's not a page one story."

"That's not the point," he said. "It's an embarrassment to me and to the President."

I thought for a second. "What are you going to say to him?"

"I have no idea," he said.

"The thing that gets to me is he doesn't even know the first thing about the politics of all this. He's just doing this to rebel against you."

"When did I become the enemy? What did I do?" dad asked. I knew he hated that he and Richard don't get along.

"Nothing," I said. "Richard's acting like a spoiled child. He's going to have to grow up someday."

My father sighed and my phone rang. "Audrey Raines."

"The President for Secretary Heller," the other voice said. I handed the phone to my father. "It's the President's office."

I listened in as they talked about the train bombing and that we had to be prepared for other possible attacks. When he hung up, I took the phone. We arrived at my brother's house only five minutes later.

"Remember, dad, we're on a tight schedule today," I told him as he passed my window and walked towards the house.

My phone rang almost immediately after my father stepped inside, leaving me no time to wonder what was going to be said between my dad and Richard.

I saw the caller I.D. and smiled. "Hello?"

"Hey, it's me," Jack said.

"Hey, aren't you supposed to be in your meeting with Driscoll?" I asked. Not that I cared because I got to talk to him.

"Yeah she had to step away. Listen, CTU's just picked up a prime suspect in the train bombing. They're bringing him in for questioning now."

"Yeah my father's still in with Richard," I said.

"That's alright. I'll brief him later," Jack said. I wondered why he was calling. He knew my father would be with Richard. He could have told me this at the same time as my father. "I just wanted to let you know."

"Alright. That's good news," I said.

"Yeah yeah I think so," Jack said.

"Alright. I'll talk to you later?" I asked.

"Wait, wait," Jack said.

"What is it?" I asked. God, he was acting weird.

"Look, about earlier," Jack started. I brought my hand to my face wishing that I had never said what I did this morning. "I don't want you to think that made me uncomfortable. It's just that since Teri died, I-I never thought I'd-"

"Jack," I interrupted. "It's alright. I understand."

And, I did. I wanted him to love me back but I couldn't force him to. He was still trying to get over Teri. He had loved her. He watched her die.

"No," Jack argued. "No, you don't. I just want you to know that I'm falling in love with you too."

I totally wasn't expecting that. I tried to not sound overly excited, but I was so happy. "Wow. You caught me off guard."

"Yeah sorry about that," Jack said. We didn't say anything for a couple seconds, but I knew that anyone looking into the car right now would see me smiling like a complete idiot.

"Look, Driscoll's coming back," Jack said. "I got to go."

"Then go," I said.

"Okay, I'll talk to you later when I get a break," Jack said.

"Alright," I said. I hung up knowing that I could've just stayed on the phone with him all day if I could.

I thought back to when I first met Jack, never once thinking that the man standing in front of me would ever make me this happy.

Her phone rang again. "Hello?"

"Audrey. It's Paul," said the caller.

"What do you want, Paul?" Audrey asked. He always knew how to ruin a perfect day.

"I want to know when I'll get to see you again," Paul asked.

"I don't know," I told him.

"You could come home for dinner tonight," Paul suggested.

"I'm in L.A., Paul," I said.

"Tomorrow then," Paul said. I could tell he was getting irritated.

I took a deep breath. "I want a divorce."

"No," Paul said. "Not yet. Let's just wait a little longer."

"No, Paul. I don't want to wait. I'm going to call my lawyer as soon as we get back to D.C. We're going to get this divorce process moving."

"You said we were going to take a year apart and see what happens," Paul said.

"It's almost been a year. I don't want to wait any longer," I told him. He didn't respond. My phone made the call waiting noise. "Hold on."

I looked down at the caller I.D. "I have to take this call. Alright, we'll talk when I get back to D.C."

"Yeah fine," Paul said. I said goodbye and hung up with him. I switched over to the other call. "Jack."

"Hey. I need to speak to your father," Jack said.

"He's still in with Richard. He doesn't want to be interrupted."

"This is important. I need clearance so I can interrogate the suspect in the train bombing. Driscoll won't let me anywhere near him. I believe he information about a secondary hit. A larger one. It's supposed to take place this morning at eight o'clock."

I looked at my watch. "Well, it's almost eight now."

"I know. That's why I have to speak with him."

"Hang on." I got out of the car and walked up to the house. I opened the door. Something bad had obviously just been said because both men were silent.

"What is it Audrey?" dad asked me.

"Sorry, it's Jack. It's urgent," I said.

"Excuse me, Richard," dad said before walking outside.

"What could be more important than intimidating me?" Richard yelled at him as he left. "I didn't know you were hiding in the car."

"Richie, why are you doing this to dad?" I asked. "Can't you just back off."

"I'm doing anything to him," Richard said.

"You know that if you go to that protest at Lockheed, it's going to hurt him."

"Whatever it takes to stop what he's doing," Richard said. I shook my head at him. I really don't know where we went wrong with him.

The phone rang and I answered. It was the President calling again. I walked outside and told my father. I gave the phone to him. He told Jack that the President was on the phone and that he'd see Jack at Vandenberg.

Not even a minute later, Jack was calling my phone again. I ignored it and answered my father's question about which meetings we could move in order to get back to D.C. tonight. I finally answered.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Audrey, it's Jack," Jack said. He sounded worried. "Are you still at Richard's?"

"Yeah," I told him.

"You need to get your father out of there now," Jack said. "The bombing this morning was a diversion. Your father's the real target. You've got to get out of there now!"

"The target?" I said questioningly.

"Audrey," I heard Jack say before I lowered the phone.

"Oh my god," I said right before I heard an explosion behind us. We got on the ground and I could hear shooting. The men with guns were yelling at us to get on our feet and instead picked us up and dragged us away. I screamed and yelled for Jack. We were thrown into a van, gagged, and blindfolded. I couldn't believe this was happening. I had been having a great morning. And, now this. I have a horrible feeling: This is going to be the day I die. And, I can't let that happen. Jack would hate me if I let that happen.