I kinda dreamed most of this story. I do not own spirited away and I suck at writing however, I hope you enjoy :P xx

Its been 7 years since Chihiro was in the spirit world, 7 years since she was last with her true friends and 7 years since she was with the one she loved. Even when she was 10 years old Chihiro loved Kohaku, it started out as a love for a friend but as time grew longer her love for him grew stronger.

Chihiro's father had died when she was only 14, and her mother had been in a car accident just last year leaving Chihiro with her fathers car and the blue house she had moved to 7 years ago all alone with no one beside her she kept on going with hope that one day she'd finally be able to return to the spirit world.

How she missed the spirit world, she tried many times to visit it again but not once was she successful. Every night she would dream of being reunited with her true home, with the one she loved, every morning she would wake up and wonder when Haku would finally keep his promise. ...

Chihiro's POV:

I was standing on the bridge leaning over the edge to catch a glimpse of the train when I smelt the fresh scent of pine, I looked over and saw a young boy with shoulder length hair the colour of forest green, he had a serious expression on his face as he told me I shouldn't have been there, he told me to run while he distracted them. Who they were at the time I didn't know I just ran looking for my parents.

As I was running the scene had changed and I was getting flashing images of people I had never met before an old woman with an angry and sly expression, black shadow figure with a mask for a face, the same old woman appeared but this time with a kind and loving expression, a fat baby bigger than a wardrobe, a bird with a womans face, a young lady who somehow had an expression that showed she had a lot of attitude, a man with a moustache and 8 arms like a spider and lastly, the image lasted longer than the others but it was the boy on the bridge.

I woke up from my nightly dream by the sound of my alarm 'jeez do you ever gimme a day off' I moaned whilst hitting the snooze button and rolling on to my side with a huge yawn.

Eventually I stretched out and forced myself to get up with a great deal of reluctance. I walked across the room and stuck my head out of the window to get a breath of fresh air, on my wrist was the purple band that Zaniba had made me and I sighed as I remembered Haku and my home, 'when will you keep your promise Haku, I just wish I could see you once' I said, the sound of the second alarm brought me out of my daze and made me hit my head on the frame of the window where I was startled. 'Alright alright I'm up' I need to stop talking to myself its even creeping me out I thought.

Normal day I thought this morning, school was normal and work was normal, but I forgot I needed to do some shopping so I'm later than usual and I left the car at home today, by the time I arrived at the shop, miles away from home it was shut, and I had just missed the last bus. 'Great now I have to walk and it looks like its gunna rain too' I sighed. I was right, about 20 minutes after I left the closed shop it started to rain and was already getting dark, there was at least another hours walk till I would be home.

I knew a shortcut but I wasn't too happy about taking it. About 5 minutes later and I'm going through the alleyway by the corner of the. Street, its the fastest way home. Suddenly, I hear footsteps behind me, it. Was hard to tell who this person was but he was tall had black hair and he was wearing a jeans and a shirt.

This person was walking extremely fast coming towards me and I started to panic and walk faster, a moment after he past me and turned left as he came out of the alley, I've never sighed with relief so much in my life, I had to stop for a second before I could carry on walking. I reached the end of they alley and took a right but before I knew it someone had grabbed my arm and swung me back so that back of my head hit one of the alley walls. I managed to let out a scream before I was punched in the face, it was the guy from before.

He must have waited for me while I let my guard down, he had only managed to control my arms so my leg was free to kick him in the groin, he let go for of me with a gasp for a moment giving me a chance and false hope to get away before he was able to grab my leg causing me to fall and cut my lip on the ground. ...

Haku's POV:

My eyes shot open as I felt the most disgusting feeling I had ever felt, I immediately knew that Chihiro was in danger and my heart almost stopped. I transformed into dragon form and flew towards Yubaba and demanded her to open a portal that would take me to Chihiro.

'Haku what's wrong with you I've told you before that little human isn't worth worrying about' the old hag spat 'Chihiro's in trouble now unless you want me to tear this bath house to the ground open that portal' the witch did as I ordered, she always had a soft spot for Chihiro even after the incident with no face.

I had to hurry I could feel how scared she was, I could hear her heart beating so fast it was about to jump out of her chest, she needed me and she needed me now. ...

Chihiro's POV:

Before I knew it he was on me and I was able to get a good look at his face, I knew this monster but for the life of me I couldn't remember who he was, I heard a rip and I closed my eyes still kicking and punching and doing everything in my power all in vein hoping that this was a nightmare and that it'd be over soon.

In that moment I heard more footsteps running towards me, I couldn't open my eyes or even move anymore since the guy had kneed me in the stomach, almost a second later the guy was up against the wall and the person who had joined the alley was holding him there. I could hear my brain screaming at my body telling it to move, telling it to escape but my body wouldn't listen it just stayed there on the wet ground in agony.

Eventually after what seemed like hours but what was really a mere matter of seconds I was finally able to at least sit up, I looked up and the man who had attacked me had vanished. My rescuer had ran towards me and lifted my chin up so he could look into my eyes 'Chihiro, are you alright?' I gasped 'Haku?'.