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Haku's POV:

I did it, I finally did it. But what does this mean? She kissed me back, that must mean she ergh this is so frustrating. She's right in front of me, I'm holding her close, I can smell her scent, feel her warmth. I'm scared that if I pull away I'll wake up and she'll be gone. I sighed then realised about the danger of her staying here, she had to go. A loud bang made us jump as we heard Lin burst through the door screeching 'DRAGON BOY!' before we heard her gasp we stepped away from each other but knew it was too late, Lin was going to explode any minute now…

Chihiro's POV:

My heart was racing, not only because Lin had burst in and made me jump but because Haku felt the same, I never thought that he would feel the same as me. Lin's shouting brought me back to reality and I realised what she'd seen, luckily she didn't walk in when we were kissing, my face burned red at the reminder.

'What the hell is going on here?' Lin screeched I went to explain but she didn't let me get one word out 'Haku who the hell do you think you are? You know how dangerous it is for her to stay! And you' she pointed directly at me 'you should know better, you know how dangerous it is for you to stay, why are you so reluctant' she took a breath, of all the people here I thought she wanted me to stay the most, I didn't know what to say 'Lin' I started but she interrupted me like a mother scolding her child 'what excuse now, I don't want to hear it. I'm going to see Kamaji i'll finish shouting at you tomorrow!' she stormed out and with another loud bang the door was shut and we were alone again.

"She's right" Haku broke the silence as usual "You don't know how dangerous it is here Chihiro" he sighed and looked at his feet, I took a step which closed the gap between us and cupped his face "I do know! Yubaba told me and I don't care, if I disappear, if I die or even if I turn into a Denseye spirit or whatever you call it. I want to do it here in the only place I've ever been able to call home. I want to spend as much time as I possibly can here with you! and Lin and the others, i'll even work for Yubaba again"

After that little speech I looked into his eyes searching for some sign that he understood but all I saw was sadness he took a breath then said "But I can't watch you go through it Chihiro, I cant watch you slip away" "you won't have to i'm strong you know i'm not like that wingy kid who always needed looking after, I wont give up Haku" I paused "besides if I leave we won't be able to do this" I wrapped my arms around his neck again and kissed him, at first he just let me and then he responded by wrapping his arms around my waist and kissed me back, despite what the conversation was about I felt like was in heaven.

We stayed like this for, I don't really know how long. Eventually we sat down on the sofa near the fireplace and talked about everything that we'd missed over the years, I told him about my parents and how lonely it was. He talked about everything that happened after I left and how for a long time he couldn't find me but he was always getting Yubaba and Zaniba, how he was always watching out for me. We stayed up till dawn and when it was time to go to the separate rooms he said goodnight and as I turned he grabbed my hand pulled me back and kissed me one more time which still got my heart racing and gave me butterflies.

I didn't want to go to sleep but I knew that I would need my energy to search for another way that would allow me to stay with Haku. He agreed to help and we both decided that we wouldn't give up until it was certain that I could stay, we were going to try and visit Zaniba who might be home this time around. All I knew is that the next few days were going to be tough but as long as Haku was with me it would be fine.


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