I have wanted to write "Eagle" fanfiction for a couple of months now. I have been battling myself over how to begin. I wanted to be respectful. So this is a one shot I came up with last night. I am not well versed on Hadrian's Wall and the whole Roman Empire thing, but I am going to try to be as respectful as I can. I have not read the book; it's on my reading list.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. I just made this for fun.

He's Only Tiny

He's only tiny, thought Marcus looking over at his new slave. Uncle Aquila bought Marcus the slave whose life he saved. Marcus never thought he would see this tiny, fragile, wisp of a man again, that's partly why he saved him.

If he had known the boy would go back to just being a slave he would have just let him die. No. He could never have done that. Esca, as the slave was called, had a tender sweetness in his eyes that called out to Marcus that day, yearning to be rescued.

He's only tiny, Marcus told himself that day too. And he was too. Esca's head barely came up to Marcus's broad shoulders, and his form was wiry and small next to Marcus's muscled width. Yet, there was strength and power, and determination in that small that Marcus had to admire.

He's only tiny, thought Marcus the first time he held Esca in his arms. It was during their months' long journey to find the Eagle of the Ninth Legion. It was frigidly cold one night in the north and rather than letting his little companion freeze to death Marcus used his own body to warm him after the last breath of fire burned down to cinders.

They were huddled together, naked, and shivering with nothing but a woven blanket to keep out the chill. Esca, so small, was childlike against the warmth of his larger master. He nuzzled his hair against Marcus's body and fell asleep immediately.

He's only tiny, Marcus thought looking at Esca's hands while he bandaged up his leg. Those hands were small like the rest of him, and calloused from working his whole life, but they were gentle as they worked the needle back and forth in Marcus's skin to sew up the wound that came open running from the Painted Warriors.

He's only tiny, was the only thought that came to Marcus's mind the second time Esca found his way into Marcus's arms. This happened when they were back in Uncle Aquila's home. Esca had woken up in the middle of the night from terrors that haunted his sleep, and crawled into Marcus's bed shaking in fright. Marcus slid his arm around Esca's tiny waist and pulled him as close as they could be, never let go while he softly whispered to Esca that he was not going to let any harm come to him.

He's only tiny but that's the way that Marcus liked him.

What did you think? Thank you for reading.