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Pama has invaded your vital regions!


Neji Hyuuga was never selfish. It was just the way he was. He never wanted to burden people with his problems. But as he sat in the stark white hospital room, he had this shaking over come him. He wanted someone to be there with him, but he'd never say anything.

Neji Hyuuga never cried. He felt tears were unnecessary and refused to let himself produce them. As he sat on the uncomfortable hospital bed he wondered if he did cry would it release some of this pain in his chest?

A soft knock made the Hyuuga wipe his pained expression from his face and put his normal indifferent one on. Tsunade walked in with a sympathetic smile. She held the chart and stood in front of the long haired teen.

"How do you feel?" Her voice was that of a mother worried for her son. She ran her eyes over the Hyuuga's exposed skin. Once pale and white like snow was now shades of purple and yellow from the bruising. The marks all over his neck and shoulders were alarming. He looked as if a rabid dog had thought his neck was a chew toy.

"I'm fine" He responded in his normal mellow tone. He looked at her to continue with what she'd come in there to tell him.

The large breasted woman coughed and cleared her throat as she looked over the chart. "You had some minor internal bleeding in your chest, but nothing that needs extreme attention. But you'll probably be in lot of pain from all the bruises; I'm going to give you two full weeks of vacation. And that means no training; God only knows that Gai would just make it worse."

Neji remained quiet as she finished with her report. She looked at the young Hyuuga. He was of course a Jounin and a very good one at that, but that didn't stop her from remembering he was barely nineteen.

"Are you sure you don't want me to inform somebody?" Tsunade's voice was filled with concern, Neji knew she was just worried but his anger flickered. Neji's pale lavender eyes glared at her vaguely but then he turned his eyes away and looked out the window.

"Hokage-Sama, I'm perfectly fine. You said you would keep this confidential."

Tsunade could see in his eyes that it wasn't anger that fueled him, but humiliation. She knew if anyone found out, the poor young Jounin would never be able to live it down. She sighed and gave in.

"Yes, of course."

Neji placed his hands together and gripped them tightly. He placed his naked forehead on his fists. Tsunade watched as the man's back shook. Neji cleared his throat and muttered quietly.

"Thank you. Could I be alone now?"

Tsunade gave him one final sympathetic look before leaving and locking the door behind her.


A pair of feet hit the branch then jumped again. Team Gai moved in sync as they made their way towards the target.

Rock Lee kept goofing off and would flip or twirl in the air every once in a while. The Hyuuga quickly scolded him.

"Lee, act professional. We are on a mission."

The bowl haired teen laughed and jumped over so he was next to Neji. His voice was joyful and energized. "Come on, Neji. We haven't been on a mission as Team Gai in forever. Let me be a little excited."

Tenten giggled behind them at Lee's behavior and Gai sent his students his famous sparkle smile. "That's right, Lee. Let the full power of youth explode!"

Neji closed his eyes in annoyance. This was the main reason he'd wanted to become a Jounin, so he didn't have to deal with all these irritating distractions.

The presence of a large group of people made Neji stop. The rest of the group stopped immediately after he did, they knew better than to second guess the long haired brunette. The group waited as the Hyuuga activated his Byakugan and scanned for the chakra he'd felt.

The group seemed to have noticed them too and hid their chakra from his eyes. He cursed under his breath.

"There seemed to be quite a few. Maybe ten or twelve." The Hyuuga reported to the others, still searching the area, enhancing his chakra in his Byakugan.

"That's rare. Unless we were in a war, a village wouldn't send a whole platoon of shinobi out here." Gai stated as he brought his hand to his chin and studied the area.

"How powerful are they?" Their teacher asked Neji. The other two waited patiently as the Hyuuga's veins grew.

"From the brief moment I could see them I'd have to guess chunin mostly, maybe one or two Jounin." Neji offered but seemed troubled that he couldn't find their chakra again.

"I think we can handle that, right, Lee!" He sent his star pupil a thumbs up, the bowl haired teen grinned and sent one back, replying in a happy tone. "Of course, Gai-Sensei."

"Geez, you two. We should head back and ask for back up. Even if it is mostly chunin, those Jounin would require Neji and Gai-Sensei's full attention. And Lee, I don't think just you and I can take on ten other ninja by ourselves." Tenten interjected with her analyzing skills she was known for. Neji nodded and backed her idea up.

"Tenten is right. Even on a good day the odds are not in our favor." The Hyuuga retracted his Byakugan a bit so he could preserve chakra.

"Very well. Tenten, please prepare a message to send ahead of-" Their teacher was cut off as his eyes grew wide and reacted with inhuman like speed, blocking the punch that'd been thrown at the back of his head. He grabbed his attacker's wrist and twisted it, breaking it as he pinned the cloaked figure down.


Tsunade had given him a standard navy blue, shinobi undershirt with a turtle neck to hide his neck. Neji left the hospital sometime around lunch, carrying his bag over his shoulder. His normal unresponsive expression stayed as he walked around Konoha's restaurant district. He still couldn't bring himself to go back to the Hyuuga house hold yet.

He had a feeling the second he stepped into the large court yard his younger cousins would bombard him with their concerns and questions.

The Hyuuga saw his hand begin to twitch and gripped his bag harder. He still wasn't ready for people to begin to pester him about what'd happen for the more than ten hours when he'd gone missing.

The worse had been Lee. Neji and Tenten were most likely the only ones in the entire Leaf village who knew how protective the spandex wearing teen could really be.

The Hyuuga allowed a sad smile to curve his lips as he remembered a mission in particular where Neji had been stabbed by a kunai and Lee had all but punched the enemy to death. If Gai hadn't stopped him he would have continued long past the enemy's death.

But when The Hyuuga was being carried back by their mentor, Neji had only caught a mere glace at Lee and the rage and pure sadness that filled his eyes; it had left its mark on the long haired brunette.

Neji sighed under his breath and his sad smile fall. He reached a small dango and tea shop. After ordering and receiving his green tea and food the Hyuuga let his eyes close and silently ate his meal.

He was in peaceful isolation for a good thirty minutes. Even though it was lunch break most shinobi preferred the ramen shop or went to buy a bento lunch. Not many even stopped outside the tea shop.

The Hyuuga wore a bored expression on the outside but in his head he couldn't help but feel the anxiety. Tsunade had informed him that these kinds of thoughts would be normal for someone in his position. She 'd told him to talk to someone but there was no way he could ever put his stubborn pride aside enough to tell someone what'd happened.


That word had been ringing in his head. He gripped his tea cup and glared at the liquid that trembled. He felt unclean, like someone was raking their dirty fingers down his skin. But the shame he felt was superior to anything else. He was a Hyuuga. A member of a very proud and powerful family. For him to let what had happened to him was disgraceful.

He calmed himself down before he broke the tea cup and drank the rest of the green tea.

He sat at the table letting his mind wander to other things. His hands were lifted to rub his face every once in a while. The Hyuuga lost track of time, he'd been there for a few hours. He order a few more cups of tea. And soon the day disappeared into the dark night. But Neji still couldn't work up the courage to go home.

"Um, sir?" A young woman in an apron approached the Hyuuga. Before she said anymore he placed some money on the table. He spoke in an uninterested tone as he made his way out of the store. "Thank you for the food."

The long haired brunette walked around Konoha, just focusing on the different things happening around the village.

He reached the shopping district as saw it was full of people rushing in and out of stores. He squinted as the lights hurt his eyes. Making his way down the street he heard someone familiar calling his name. As he turned, his bored exterior clashed with his goofy green loving teammate's.

"Lee?" The man jogged up next to the Hyuuga. Rock Lee seemed happy with the grin constantly painted on his face. "I thought you got out of the hospital tomorrow? Tenten and I were buying you a 'get well' gift."

Sure enough the panda looking girl trotted up behind Lee, smiling and holding a few shopping bags. "As well as some other things."

Neji had known the two since they were in the academy but he had this strange uneasiness come over him as they stood close to him. He wouldn't notice regularly because they were always familiar with each other but now he seemed to be very aware of it and it bothered him.

He took a nonchalant step back and crossed his arms as he usually would. "I was released around noon today."

Rock Lee eyed his bag, he recognized it as the same from their previous mission, and the smudges of mud could still be seen. He asked the Hyuuga in a strange tone. "You haven't been home yet?"

Neji shot Lee a look. He hated how perceptive the two of them were; it irked him that they would always poke at his business.

"I have not." He replied in a tone that threatened Lee to push it any more. Now even Tenten picked up on how uneasy the Hyuuga was.

"Neji, are you alright?" The girl asked. She was clearly worried and it made the long haired male feel bad for snapping at Lee.

"Yes I'm fine, I'm just very tired." Neji moved hand to rub his brow, trying to ease the irritating head ache he was getting. Before anyone could say anything else Lee, with his lightning speed, shot out and grabbed the Hyuuga's hand.

"My goodness, how'd you get these?" Lee asked astonished. The Hyuuga looked down to the friction burns that covered his upper forearm. He felt that fear and panic ripple along his skin.

Lee's hand was just too hot and only reminded Neji of what had happened.

He quickly and forcefully pulled his arm away from his team mate and held it close to his chest. He rubbed his wrist softly as he tried to control his emotions. Neji looked away from the two surprised faces and tried to make his arm stop shaking.

"It's none of you business, now if you would please leave me be." The Hyuuga swiftly turned and left his team mates standing next to each other with hurt expressions on their faces.


Soon after Gai had pinned the first attacker, four more popped out. They each targeted the group's member individually.

Neji cursed as he was obviously paired with a long range shinobi. He studied their get up and they didn't seem to wear any type of head bands.

"You're just a group of rouges?" The Hyuuga asked as he began to advance on the enemy, Gentle Fist ready.

The masked man showed no response and sent a large wind style attack loose on the Hyuuga. He quickly used his Rotation and deflected any extreme damage.

After a few minutes of fighting the Hyuuga soon noticed that the attackers were trying to separate them. He'd lost sight of Gai long ago and Tenten and Lee were having trouble fighting multiple enemies at once. Neji scowled and quickly hit his attacker with his Air Palm, sending the enemy backwards. But before he could call out to Lee or Tenten he felt a foreign chakra being forced into his head and knocked him out. His unconscious body fell from the trees and onto the unforgiving ground.

Neji Hyuuga regained conscious in front of a fire pit. He blinked a few times to get his eyes to focus. He'd been gagged and his hands had been tied behind him. He groaned as he tried to use Gentle Fist to cut the rope but it didn't work.

His brow furrowed as he tried to remembered what had happened. He'd been knocked out but why hadn't he been able to sense the other shinobi?

Neji lifted his head with his glare fixed on his face. He tried to cut the rope again releasing chakra from one of his points and it had no affect on the bind. He came to the conclusion they were using chakra resistant materials, which was why they'd disappeared from his Byakugan.

The Hyuuga felt someone roughly grab his hair and pull his head and upper body off the ground. He winced as the pain from his head rang in his ears. Two of the cloaked enemies seemed to be talking to each other; Neji couldn't quite make out what they were saying.

They dropped him mercilessly and he groaned as he was now fully awake. He quickly took in his surroundings. They were somewhere near a river because he could hear running water. The closest river to where they been when attack was a good five kilometers west.

He cursed to himself as he looked around to see if they'd captured anyone else. He couldn't see any of his teammates or sense their chakra. But he did see the pile of dead bodies off to the corner of the small camp. The bodies wore the same gear as the other rouge ninja's did.

"Bring in the Hyuuga!" A booming voice called from one of the larger tents and Neji was quickly forced to his feet.

If they knew he was a Hyuuga they must have been looking for something specific in the region. He was thrown into the tent and compelled to his knees.

He met the eyes of man who covered most of his face except for the bridge on his nose and his bright yellow eyes. The man walked around and lifted the long haired brunette's chin up. Neji eyes held such anger behind them that a normal person would have ran in fear of retribution.

The man pulled Neji's leaf head band off of his face and became very angry.

"I can't use him! He's been sealed; if he dies his eyes are useless to me!" The man grabbed one of his subordinate and threw him from the tent ruthlessly. Neji was surprised the rouge shinobi knew about the branch family's seal.

The man turned back to the Hyuuga and grabbed his face roughly. Starring at him, looking the Jounin once over.

"With those bonds he can't form hand signs. Plus it'd be a waste to kill such a good source of information right way."

The Hyuuga had the ripple of anger and fear rip at his chest. He yanked his chin out of the man's hand; he would've bit the man's finger off if he wasted gagged.

The man gripped his large fingers around Neji's neck and squeezed tightly. The Hyuuga winced at the discomfort but kept his glare strong and hateful. Watching as the man raised his fist and brought it down against the brunette's cheek.


Neji ended up going home. It was so late that only a few servants and Hiashi were awake. The younger Hyuuga had merely nodded in acknowledgement and continued down the hallway. He was relieved that the elder Hyuuga hadn't questioned him about being administered to the hospital.

Neji slid open his door and closed it behind him. He sent his bag down next to his bed but didn't lie down yet. Instead he stepped into his bathroom and locked the door. He stared at himself in the mirror as he slowly removed his shirt.

He slowly registered with how beaten up he looked. He had bite marks all over his sides and collar bone. His neck had turned shades of purple and blue to a pale sickly green and yellow. He cringed as he saw the raw red flesh that surrounded his nipples.

He gulped as he removed his head band and bandages. His hair fell out of place and pooled over in his face. He gripped the sink and sunk down to his knees. The shaking returned, he could feel the feather touches of foreign hands, groping him, examining his skin.

It made him sick. Neji glared at the ground as the scenes replayed in his head. He felt like getting revenge.

He brought his fore head to the cool surface of the sink and sighed. He let his anger leave him, being upset would fix nothing. It wouldn't turn back time nor would it make Neji feel any better.

Then he remembered Lee's face when he'd saw the Hyuuga's arm. He'd looked angry, but Neji hadn't stayed long enough to figure out what Lee had really thought.

For the first time in a very long time Neji Hyuuga really, truly felt defeated.

The brunette lied down on the cold bathroom floor, letting the cool tile sooth the dull soreness from his wounds.


Neji coughed as his lungs tried to work properly. Another kick caused him to cringe in pain and grind his teeth to keep from calling out. If the brunette wasn't a Jounin he might've passed out by this point. But he knew the most important thing was to at least stay conscious. That was much easier said than done.

One of them grabbed his hair, which had been freed from its tie long ago. He glared through squinted eyes as their leader came over to look at his bruised and bloody face. His sadistic grin made the Hyuuga want to stab a kunai into his throat so much that'd it go all the way through to the other side.

He gripped Neji's swollen cheek and gave it a few forceful pats.

"Come now, you must know where to get a decent pair of Byakugan eyes." His breath was hot and musty on the brunette face. He spit the blood that had collected in his mouth. He smiled triumphantly as he saw it splatter on the man's face.

Neji's grin was soon lost as he cried out in pain, he watched with wide eyes as the leader of the rouge ninjas grab his fore arm and twist it painfully. The man broke the tie holding his hands together and motioned for one of his men to bring him some more.

The Hyuuga saw his chance. He used his feet to push off the ground, ripping his hair from the other ninja's hand as he moved against the leader. He located the correct charka point and released as much as he could in a powerful burst of energy.


Neji awoke to the sound of someone knocking on his bedroom door. He let his eyes get used to the dim bathroom light before he pushed himself up into a sitting position. He ran his hand over his face and moved his hair back in place.

The knocking came again.

"Yes?" He called tiredly and he stood up off the tile floor. It certainly hadn't been the best night's sleep of his life but he'd had worse.

"Breakfast is ready, Neji-san." A servant's voice called from outside his door.

He glance at the mirror and raised his brow at the red imprints of the tile that'd formed in his skin. He ran his hand over them and winced.

He decided to leave them be and that'd they disappear soon enough. He washed his face with cold water and returned to his room. He changed, making sure to pick a shirt that covered his neck fairly well as well as his arms.

He stared at the empty dark space for a few minutes not really thinking about anything. He just stood for a few moments enjoy the privacy of his own room.

A knock cut him from his concentration. This one was soft and awkward.

"Come in, Hinata-Sama." Neji smirked a little to himself as he heard her small shriek of embarrassment before she slowly opened the sliding door.

The older Hyuuga's smile dropped as he saw the look of concern written across her face like a burn.

"What can I do for you?" His voice became bland as he anticipated what was going to be asked. He packed his bag for the day as the curvy girl stuttered.

"Father said y-you'd been sent to the hospital when you got back…A-Are you okay?" Hinata's big eyes brimmed with genuine tears. The two had undoubtedly become closer as the years went by, much like siblings rather than cousins. But it was that closeness that bothered the long hair man. He couldn't quite place it but it was like he didn't want that bond, not just with Hinata but with anyone else.

"I was admitted yes. I'm fine now." Neji found himself looking away from her worried, lavender eyes. He finished his packing and casually threw it over his shoulder. As he made his way through the door, Hinata moved aside, hands intertwined in front of her.

She followed him through the compound asking simple questions.

"Was the mission a success?"


"Are the others okay?"


"How'd you get hurt?" Neji stopped walking and Hinata nearly ran into him. She could see the tenseness of his broad shoulders as he looked over them, back at her.

"I'm going to go report to Gai-san; I'll be back later tonight." His voice had an underlining warning in it. Telling her to stop. His eyes were filled with a hint of guilt but that was over shadowed by rage.

"O-Of course…" She lowered her eyes and looked away from his brother figure. She bit her lips slightly as she stopped herself from asking anything further. She'd heard the report given to her father. There was no way Neji would've let himself be sent to the hospital for some broken ribs and some cuts. She knew his pride was too thick.

The younger female Hyuuga watched as Neji walked out into the yard moving towards the gate. She desperately wanted her cousin to trust her.

Neji knew this, he wasn't stupid. It'd been obvious the more time he spent with Hinata the more he'd begin to crack. She was one of the only ones who could break the Brunette's tough armor. But he wasn't ready to let himself fall apart over stupid emotions. He was a shinobi and had a role to play, if he couldn't do that much he wasn't worthy of being a Jounin. Other's depended on him to lead and he'd do just that.

Even if he was to be tormented during every second of it.


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