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The Hyuuga woke slowly, not like he had with the other memories. He sat up, finding himself back in the hotel. He rubbed his hands over his face and blinked his eyes a few times.

He looked around the room; it was early in the morning by the look of the dark sky outside. Hearing a rustle of the sheets he turned down towards the foot of the bed. He could see Lee had pulled up a chair next to his bed and had fallen asleep while watching the Hyuuga. Neji smiled a bit as pushed his hair behind his ears.

The air was quiet and the Jounin took a slow breath. It felt as if the rushing water had turned into a gentle stream that push and pull ever so slightly. His worries felt like far off echoes, the truth of his incident blocked the horrible thought he'd been having, and kept them at bay. At least for now.

He activated his Byakugan and checked his body, most of his wounds very gone. His wrist felt normal, no stinging or burning.

He'd faced his fear and found out how it all ended. Neji starred at his hands in the dark room. He felt content with his answer. He no longer felt the pressing anxiety that rattled him every second of the day; it had dulled to a calm pressure on his shoulders. Not having to rethink the events over and over again, not worrying about the feather touches that were gone for now.

He knew that the rouge shinobi were dead and he had nothing to fear. He'd be better prepared next time. He was a Jounin, he learned from his mistakes.

Neji felt like laughing, he sat enjoying his lightly returned confidence and peace of mind. How he'd missed his cool and calm attitude. After everything that'd happened he'd made himself such a mess, from his nervous behavior all the way to what was happening between Lee and him.

Neji moved back to lean against the head board. It was almost over.

His hand slid across the blanket to find Lee's. He held it and rubbed his thumb along the thin paper cut like scars. Each one a different training session or new move the spandex loving shinobi had been trying to learn. It was if all his hard work was on display and nothing to be ashamed of. Neji felt a tug at his lips as his other hands brushed over his own scar. The circular spiral of skin, distorted from his near death battle which seemed like a life time ago. His fingers moved over the top of his shirt to feel the ripples of skin as he frowned just slightly.

The Chunin groaned as he woke up. He lifted his head and cracked his neck, it was sore from sleeping in such a strange position.

His black eyes turned to look over at Neji; the Hyuuga was sitting, other hand moved to his lap and a small, tired smile across his lips.

"Neji?" He rubbed his eyes and wrapped his scarred fingers around Neji's paler.

"Sorry, did I wake you?" He spoke quietly and closed his eyes. The rush of nostalgia was annoying in the fact it made the Hyuuga feel uncomfortable, his chest felling stiff and tight. But it was nice to think about something else for a change.

"No, it's alright. How're you feeling?" Lee asked, eyes sick with worry. The chunin sat up a bit straighter, waking up and moving his chair closer to the Hyuuga. Neji reopened his lavender eyes and Lee could see the old spark pride and calmness behind them.

"Much better, I'll have to thank the Doctor properly tomorrow." The Hyuuga rubbed his thumb against Lee's hand again. The Chunin was quiet for a moment before he spoke, voice growing in volume.

"Wait you mean…" Lee's face brightened up as a goofy grin spread across his face. "You're better, like you're cured?"

Neji waved his hand and let his smile drop, returning to his usual indifferent expression. "I'm not cured, Lee. But I believe a large improvement was made. I feel a bit more…content, I suppose."

Lee pounced on the Hyuuga, knocking his chair to the ground, laughing loud enough to wake those in the next rooms. Wrapping his arms around the Jounin's shoulders and pulled him close, the sudden contact startled Neji but didn't cause too bad of a reaction in his head.

"This is wonderful!" He pulled the Hyuuga into a tighter hug, Even though Neji was sure his bones would break from the pressure, he felt no fear, only annoyance at Lee for being so loud so late.

"Lee, volume." Neji hissed and the other released him. Lee just grinned and kept giggling like a school child as he sat between the Hyuuga's legs. He couldn't express enough how relieved he was that Neji was getting closer to his normal self.

"Really now." Neji fixed his hair, pride soaked into his words. He couldn't really blame Lee, he felt like yelling at the top of his lungs, but that wasn't what sane people did.

Neji sat up against the head board and put the pillow under his back as Lee calmed down and started to play with a piece of his long brunette hair. The Chunin's smile slowly fell into a line of uncertainty.

"So, did you remember everything?" Black orbs stared at the Hyuuga, worried and slanted in a sad way. Neji swallowed and looked away from Lee for a few moments, his hands intertwining in his lap. He didn't know if he wanted to tell Lee everything. He knew how possessive the Chunin could be and there was no doubt Lee would be hurt.

"Neji." He leaned forward, his hands gripping at the head board and trapping Neji between his arms. The Hyuuga took a deep breath and ran his tongue over his lips, trying to think of how much he should leave for the other to just fill in.

"Lee, you don't want to know about-"

"Yes I do." The Chunin got a more determined look that made Neji look away again. The intense look of adore mixed with distress in the onyx orbs made the Hyuuga feel his skin grow warm. The bowl haired male pressed his lips against Neji's cheek, his dry lips kissing the Jounin's soft skin of his upper cheek, the Hyuuga flinching away from the awkward affection.

"S-Sorry." Lee jerked back, worried that he'd triggered the Hyuuga. Neji just squirmed a little, repositioning himself and let his fingers brush over the tingle of Lee's lips left.

"No, it's fine. I'm just not used to it." He muttered softly, the room began to light up as the sun was starting to rise.

The two sat quietly before the Jounin finally worked up the nerve to start.

"A…After I was captured I was taken to their camp…" Lee sat leaning over the Hyuuga, his fingers gripping and relaxing on the head board as Neji began to explain the basics of what had happened, placing the scene and the disagreements between he and the rouges.

Neji's found himself having to track his breathing and steady his voice as he continued. His lavender eyes not able to stick to Lee's face for very long. The Hyuuga cleared his throat at one point, feeling it strangely clamping shut.

"I was pulling at the binds so roughly it rubbed my skin raw. Fighting back anyway I could, but now I look back and realize how silly I must have looked." Neji felt his chest grow constricted and made the mistake of glancing back at Lee's face. The onyx eyes to the brim with a deadly fire, his arms flexed and shaking as he was doing his best to control himself. Lee's face doing it's best not to show the typhoon of emotions happening under his skin. The Hyuuga felt his brow drop and Lee's anger was practically radiating off his skin. The Chunin took a few long shaky breaths, seeing the Jounin was staring at him.

"…I'm fine, continue." Lee's jaw was tight and Neji could see the flexing tendons in his neck. The Hyuuga couldn't help but feel the need to calm him down. He'd looked out for Lee all these years; it was a rare occurrence to the Chunin truly angry. If they were even going to start with the main part of the story Lee would have to be relaxed.

The long haired male brought his hands to Lee's face and rubbed his thumbs over his cheek bones. The Chunin move his stare to look down at the Hyuuga. His expression changing, looking like it'd melted off his face, he leaned forward and pressed their foreheads together. Lee's breathing was heavy as he moved his arms down, one to lean on the bed and the other to place over Neji's hand rubbing his face. Gripping at the Jounin's fingers gently he gulped and spoke softer, breaking eye contact as he nodded his head.

"I-I'm okay. It's alright, continue."

And then came the main event. They stayed like that for a few minutes, Neji's heart beating in his ears as Lee's breath tickled against his chin, he smelled like spicy food and trees. The Hyuuga closed his lavender eyes slowly and felt Lee nuzzle against his hand before pulling them to the long haired man's lap. The Hyuuga took a deep breath and opened his eyes and spoke, his voice sounded quieter and as if someone was clamping down on his throat.

"T-the first one had me pressed down against this table in the middle of the tent…and the next time I was…on the ground. A –And…" The Hyuuga cut himself off as the scene played in his head and his skin crawled in disgust. His lavender eyes were glossy with water as the Jounin clenched his hands around Lee's. Neji was trembling under the Chunin, Lee's face twisted in a guilty rage. His jaw flexed and he pressed his face into the side of Neji's hair. Squeezing the Hyuuga's hand back the Chunin stay silent.

His chest felt like it was being crushed under a bolder. Neji continued, speaking of the acts that he'd had to go under, Lee's heart was tearing with every word. The green-loving shinobi rubbed his thumb over Neji's hand to let him know he was still here. They were safe and together, and Lee would protect him and love him and never let anything bad happen again.

Rock Lee leaned back, his shoulders quivering in a mixture of bloody rage and sadness. His stared at the Jounin, Neji's eyes flickering between him and the wall. His voice trailed off and the Hyuuga took a shaking gulp, his skin looked clammy and lost of all color.

"I'm sorry. I'm sure this is hard to listen to-"

Lee 'shh'ed him and pressed a gentle kiss to his cheek. His nose bumping against Neji's as he tried to think of what he could possibly do to make this all better.

The Hyuuga finished with everything he could handle, he'd been proud of himself for keeping himself from falling apart throughout it. The touches of foreign hands were kept at bay by the Chunin's insane body heat; it was as if Lee was a furnace. The Hyuuga sat against the head board and watched as the other shinobi stood and his chest rose and fell in large movements.

The Jounin was about to ask what Lee was doing but before he could open his mouth Lee clamped his hands to the sides of the wooden dresser on the other side of the room. The Hyuuga flinched as it came up and down with a loud, vibrating rumble. The entire piece split into a pile of rubble and Lee stood in front of it panting like a dog in the sun.

Lee's knees gave out and he fell to the floor over the wooden mess. Neji held the sheet of the bed between his fingers as he sat quietly, his eyes watching over the Chunin's form shake. Lee gave a loud roar and brought his fist down into a large piece of the dresser.

They actually had one of the hotel attendants come up with a noise complaint, which Neji made Lee apologize for.

Neji walked around a little, his face feeling hot and his eyes burned. After Lee returned from the hall he moved to plop down on the Hyuuga's bed. Neji and Lee stared at each other for a moment as the excitement calmed down and the room grew silent again. The Jounin glanced between the floor and the bed. He gulped and slowly moved to sit Neji to Lee. The Chunin's brow went up slightly as the Hyuuga moved himself into the shinobi's side, the Hyuuga's hand resting over Lee's chest as his head lay on the man's shoulder.

The Chunin lied against the pillows and propped up slight with the Hyuuga maneuvering, laying his head against Lee's chest. Lee's arm rubbed over the Hyuuga's arm slowly and gave him a few soft squeezes.

Neji felt his self control seem to disappear. His throat locked up and his breath cut off sharply. It made Lee jump a little, the flushed expression of the Hyuuga made him sit up all the way and wrap his arms around the Hyuuga.

"No, No-I'm-" Neji tried to defend himself as his hands gripped at Lee's shoulders. His breath was unable to steady as he started to inhale in quick short bursts. Lee just hugged him tighter as the first tears rolled down Neji's face. He stayed mostly quietly. His sobs muffled or buried in the Chunin's chest.

He hadn't cried in front of anyone willingly in a very long time.

The Hyuuga moved his arms to grip around the other man's neck, hugging him back as his wet face pressed against Lee's neck. The Chunin was swallowing heavily and Neji could feel his tendons and pulse through the heated skin of his neck.

Lee held him close and placed small kisses against his hair as he cried, his broken and painful voice sounded so unlike Neji yet it was his voice making these sounds.

The Hyuuga calmed down after a few minutes, listening to Lee's heartbeat, he sighed with a shaky voice and wiped his eyes and face.

Lee lied down on the bed with Neji on top of him; the Hyuuga inhaled and cleared his throat. He starred down at Lee who was wearing a sad smile.

The Hyuuga intertwined their fingers and brought them close to his face. He pressed his cheek against Lee's warm hand. His sniffles filled the quiet room as he felt warm and the clamp on his chest had loosened. Neji stared down at Lee's face as the Chunin's smile grew a bit more genuine.

If this is what love feels like, I think I can live with it.

"Thank you." He closed his eyes half way and smiled a little, his hands still shaking as he tightened his grip on Lee's hand.

"For what?" Lee asked lifting his head a bit so their faces where closer. Neji felt his breath brush against his lips. The Chunin placed his hand in Neji's against the bed.

"Everything and anything." There was a rare breathy laugh from the Hyuuga as Neji used his hand in Lee's to lift himself a little and move his lips against Lee's.

The Hyuuga broke the light kiss and exhaled pleased. Rock Lee kissed back and sucked on Neji's lips lightly. Neji's eyes closed as the two rolled over so Lee was leaning over the Jounin. The bed creaked and strained under their combined weight as the rays of light silhouetted the two shinobi. Lee continued their kissing and let one of his hands wander to the Hyuuga's waist. He wanted to touch Neji, to feel the hat of skin, show him he was loved and wanted. Lee's mind switched to an almost primal train of thought all he could think of was Neji, Neji's smell, his voice, his lips.

"C-Can I-?" Lee was only able to get the beginning of a sentence out before Neji stopped his voice.

Neji let his open hand cup the side of Lee's face and pull the Chunin closer, their kiss deepening. Lee needed no further encouragement. The Jounin felt the warm hand slip under his shirt and run over his stomach. He opened his eyes as Lee's broke the kiss again, Neji's breath in sharp inhales. The green-lover moved to his neck, sucked and kissed softly. His hand roaming the Hyuuga's chest, tracing every curve and indent.

Lee untangled their fingers and sat up a little so he could remove his shirt. Neji leaned up and ran his own hands over Lee's insane muscles. Lee laughed breathless as the Hyuuga tickled him with the light touches. Neji's sensitive and highly trained fingers moved over the male's skin. He'd seen Lee shirtless hundreds of times but having him so close and hot was over whelming. Lee smiled and grabbed the Jounin's face gently and kissed Neji again, knitting his scarred fingers in the Hyuuga's hair.

The Hyuuga slipped out of his blue navy shit between kisses; eventually both of them were twisted up in each other once again. Lee chuckled as he let his nose trace the middle of Neji's chest.

"You have no idea how happy I am. I love you so, so much." He deep tone against the Hyuuga collar bone made Neji shiver a bit. The Hyuuga felt Lee's waist brush against his crotch; Neji flinched at the welcomed friction.

"L-Lee." The Chunin perked up at that, blushing at the tone of Neji's voice. He coughed to hide the lump in his throat. Lee knew they wouldn't go all the way, at least not so soon, He didn't want to go anywhere that made Neji uncomfortable.

His lips moved over Neji's chest, sucking and kissing all over as he tried to hide his embarrassment. The gravity of the situation made Lee's spine tingle, they'd never gone further than kissing before. His other hand moved to brush over the jounin's flat breast and let his hands moved down Neji's side and waist.

Neji could feel Lee's hands teasing him slightly and it was getting him pretty worked up. He felt Lee's wet tongue travel down his midsection and along his navel. The green-lover's teeth nipped at Neji's hip bones.

Lee leaned up and wore a worried expression; The Hyuuga looked at him as if to ask him what was wrong.

"We're not going to fast are we? I don't wanna do anything you're not ready for." The Chunin rubbed the back of his neck, not only was he concerned for Neji, but the green-lover was getting nervous. What if he 'preformed' poorly and-

"If you back out now, I really am going to kill you." Neji hissed as he pulled the Chunin into a kiss, teeth hitting each other as they both moved back into their previous mood.

Lee's hands traveled over the Hyuuga's skin once more, the growing condition of each male was becoming more obvious as their bodies pressed against each other. The Chunin pressed his chest down against Neji's skin and his lips worked against the Hyuuga's as in a burst of confidence he rolled his hips forward against Neji's. The Hyuuga tense and shivered, his throat vibrating in a noise of engorgement.

Lee pulled back, his face flushed with embarrassment, Neji's was no different.

"I'm not gonna go all the way. But can I…"The Chunin's glanced down between their connected waists. The Jounin's cheeks grew darker in color.

This was actually happening.

"Y-Yeah, no, go ahead." The Hyuuga's voice did little to hide his nervousness. That relieved Lee a bit; the long haired male was just as flustered.

Lee gave a slight nod and moved his lips back to Neji's neck, kissing slow and in a continuous rhythm as he moved his hand down Neji's chest. His fingers running over the Hyuuga's Naval, the Hyuuga's muscles twitching under his touch.

The Chunin gulped and nipped under Neji's chin softly, earning a gentle flinch from the Hyuuga. Then he took a deep breath and moved his hand further down, Neji's neck tensed and his head pressed back against the pillows. Rock Lee kept swallowing thickly, his hand moving over Neji and every different movement he made got him another reaction from the Hyuuga.

Neji chest moved in shaken, gasping breaths.

Lee all but jumped off the bed when his palm moved down and Neji's hips jerked forward. The Chunin's face went red as the Hyuuga quickly looked away.

The Chunin cleared his throat and moved his hand away, positioning his arms next to Neji's head. The Hyuuga's hair was slightly frizzy at the top, random strands all over the pillows. Rock Lee looked down at the flustered Hyuuga, he'd never seen Neji like this, and it made his stomach feel so nervous he would throw up.

"Um…Do you want to, well…?" Lee tried to explain how he wanted to continue but all he did was look down and get very distracted by the Jounin's bent legs.

The Hyuuga's shoulders rose and he nodded. His emotional state was fine; Lee's touches had all but given him a heart attack. Neji's mind did its best not to focus on the feeling of Lee's bulge pressing against his thigh.

"M-…Maybe you could…" Neji's lust flustered mind let his usual formal tone of speaking disappear. His legs just gently brushed against Lee's waist, leaning up on his elbows as he looked away from the Chunin, hoping he could connect the dots from Neji's actions.

Lee ran a hand through his hair and cleared his throat again, he hadn't meant from this go so awkwardly.

Neji's legs made his lower stomach flex and his back shiver. Lee moved his hands down the Hyuuga's thighs slowly and the Jounin let out a surprised squeak, making Lee laughed under his breath.

Lee wasn't sure how to move with Neji very well but they started slow so the Hyuuga could move how he wanted. The Chunin hooked one hands under Neji's right leg and held it up just slightly. Their bodies pressed together tightly and Lee's back rolled in a fluid motion, their hips rubbing against each other as Lee's lips attached to the front of Neck's neck.

The Hyuuga trembled at the slow friction that grew in force and momentum. Neji soon found his head rocking back and forth against the pillows; his other leg wrapped itself against Lee's waist as they moved against each other. The excitement growing as the heat between them rose to make Neji feel like he was melting. Every time their zipper and buttons brushed against each other a metallic 'click' filled the room.

Lee's teeth moved over the Hyuuga's neck as Neji's neck bent back, pressing his head into the pillow and his shoulders off the blankets. Neji's back began to curl forward as his hips moved back against the Chunin's. Lee groaned into the Jounin's neck, the rush of excitement flooding his head and his moved faster, adding only a little bit more pressure between them.

As he sped up Neji's lips parted in a gasp, the Hyuuga did his best to hide the moan that rose quickly in his throat but failed. Lee replied with a happy growl against his neck, feeling the Jounin shiver at the vibrations.

The bed's creaking only seemed to make the Chunin speed up. The wood bending sound filled Neji's head as the head board began to tap against the wall behind them. The Hyuuga was lost in the pleasure, his neck turned and the side of his face pressed into the pillows. Neji's arms gripped at the other male's back, his nails raking up Lee's back causing the other shinobi to move faster. The creaking growing faster and almost urgent.

The excitement reached its peak and Lee couldn't hold himself any longer in a burst of movement Neji cried out, his back coiling off the bed and the muscles of his abdomen flexed and trembled.

The two slowed to a stop and the room filled with breathless panting.

Lee was the first to move, he pulled back, the scent of the both of them strong and made him blush through his flushed expression. The Hyuuga sat up on his elbows and moved his legs from the other's waist and looked up at the Chunin. For a moment they just looked at each other, the room's air feeling thick as they both tried to think of something to say.

Lee just ended up letting out a laugh and he moved his head forward, catching Neji's swollen lips in a loving kiss.


After the two cleaning up and changed into clean clothes, they'd gone to bed. The rush of everything had left both of them a bit awkward but everything seemed to be fine once they feel asleep pressed together.

The Hyuuga laid on his stomach, arms crossed and being used as a pillow. He opened his eyes and saw the tanner shinobi moving around the room, cleaning and getting rid of the rubble from his fit of anger.

"Good morning." He said as he closed his eyes, wanting to fall back asleep. Lee just grinned and kissed Neji head. Ruffling his hair a little, knowing the Hyuuga hated it.

"Breakfast ends at eleven." Neji swatted the Chunin's hand from his hair and groaned, grumpy now. He exhaled, enjoying his comfy bed. Rock Lee just let the Hyuuga be and went back to cleaning.

Neji sighed, knowing he needed to get up. Realizing his was still shirtless he threw on one of Lee's shirt, which hung low, being made for a man large than Neji. He made his way to the shower, groggy. They'd been up well past midnight. He decided against a shower, seeing as he'd have to go see the Doctor later. As he washed his face and brushed his teeth, Lee came up behind him and hugged him lightly.

Neji just stared at the mirror as he brushed. Lee nuzzled against his neck and smiled his typical goofy, wide toothy grin, enjoying seeing Neji in his shirt.

"You're morning after face is pretty cute, Neji." The Chunin laughed as the Hyuuga swung his arm out to hit the other man. Neji rinsed his mouth out before glaring at Lee and snapping tired.

"Men aren't cute, Lee." Neji returned to the mirror and fixed his hair. Lee just laughed and exited the bathroom.

The Hyuuga glanced at him and shook his head, letting a small smile tug at his lips.

He fixed his headband and was about to leave to change out of his dirty clothes when something grabbed his attention.

Or somethings.

Neji blinked and pulled the top of Lee's shirt down a little revealing the large purple and red hickey on the base of his neck.

The Hyuuga's brow twitched and he removed the shirt. His old bruises were all a faded yellow, practically gone, but that was when his rage flared. His chest was cover in the bright red dots.

"Rock Lee!"

The Chunin flinched, hearing the familiar tone on an angry Hyuuga. Lee walked over to the bathroom slowly, peaking his head around the edge.

"Yes-" Neji's hand flew out, chakra flowing around his fingers. Lee jump back and noticed the hickeys that littering the Hyuuga's pale chest.


"Oh? Do you know how long it will take for these to go away?" Neji lunged out at the taijutsuist, Gentle Fist ready.

The Chunin rubbed his neck and held the other hand out in front of him, moving Neji's hands as they shot out to hit him. He moved backwards and he laughed awkwardly.

"I-I'm sorry N-Neji, won't happen again."

The green-lover grabbed Neji's wrists and changed his expression to a slight pouting one.

"But you're just as bad, Neji. I won't be able to have my weekly shirt-less sparing with Gai-Sensei."

The Hyuuga decided to ignore the last part of Lee's statement. He pulled his hands back and crossed his arms, not enjoying being accused of something.

"What're you talking about, Lee?"

The Chunin pulled his shirt over his head and turned around.

The Hyuuga's face heated all the way to his ears as he saw the other shinobi's back covered in scratch marks. Painful looking red raised marks that ran from the middle of Lee's spine to the edges of his shoulder blades. Neji turned away hiding his embarrassed face.

"I-I see, my apologies."

Lee chuckled and put his shirt back on. He moved closer, smiling and hugged the Hyuuga again.

"It's okay, I don't mind."


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