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September 24th 2012;

Just one more day till my 20th birthday. The day I had been dreading since the beginning of my 19th birthday. I sat down on my bed and stared at the wall on the opposite end of my bed. Time flew by so fast. I can still remember being in high school. Outside; I heard people walking back and forth in front of my house doing whatever that was on their minds. I felt jealousy over them. They were able to move forward while I had to stay locked up in this house.

Due to my illness I wasn't allow to do anything much that was stressing. My chest tightened and I felt myself gasping for air. A few short minutes the pain faded away slowly, leaving me breathless and hopeless.

knock knock

"Mary?" the soft voice of my mother called beyond the door. I flinched. Every since she heard of the news of my well being, she changed. She wasn't as mad as before. She would always take a deep breath around me and smile.

"Yes?" I found my voice completely hoarse, the door opened revealing a middle aged woman with light brown hair with glowing blue eyes.

Mother smiled with the same look I always despised. Pity, My heart ached just knowing I don't have much time left. I don't need a consist reminder. I felt my eyes watered in tears just thinking on all the stuff I haven't done yet. Going to college, earn a career, first kiss, and being in love. I wanted all of those things, but I knew it was hopeless. I can't get nothing done if I'm being locked in this room like this. Mother was afraid something will happened soon if she let me leave. So I'm blinded with that fear.

She sat next to me on my bed.

"I'm sorry, that you can't go to college, my dear." She apologized. I just sat there silent for a minute thinking.

"It's alright, I understand." I lied.

My mother closed her eyes.

"Bad things always happened to this family." She whispered before she hid her tears with the back of her hand.

One sob left her lips.

"Your Great Great Grandmother Mary Jane Kelly was brutally murdered. Your Grandpa got killed when he was only in his mid forties and you f-father-"

I winced.

My mother named me after my great great grandmother who had been killed in London somewhere in the 1888. She was a great lady, my mom always told me when I asked about her when I was younger hearing my father stories about her that he heard from his dad. I felt myself almost let out a sob just the thought of my father. My father died a few years back by an accident while working on one of his inventions.

I could still remember the blood and the fear. I blinked passed my tears.

Our family was cursed.

My mother patted my leg softly before she finally gathered herself once more.

"You're the only thing I have left and now our time is limited." She confessed softly. I was the only thing that reminded her of father and she doesn't want to forget.

"Here, I know this cannot make up the fact you're missing College." My mother sniffed, before pulling something from behind her back that she hid so perfectly. I haven't noticed till now.

She handed me a DVD.

Not just any DVD.

My favorite movie sequel.

Sherlock Holmes the Game of Shadows.

My mood finally picked up before letting out a huge giggle. I always been wanting to watch the sequel. The movie was just simply amazing and the plot was flawless.

I snatched the DVD from my mom's hands and she laughed softly at my reaction.

"Now dear, don't get too excited." She warned.

I smiled.

"I'm not. Thank you." I told her, she smiled softly before leaving the room.

I know the DVD didn't make couldn't worth my College education, but it was something to take my mind off of.

For years I wanted to earn a English major but that dream was gone when I received the dreadful news a year later about my declining heath.

I slipped the DVD in my DVD player and cut on the Television. The menu popped up and before I know it my vision turned blurry. My heart slowed it's beat and I was gasping for air once more. My eyes watered up in fear. I was scared. Is this it? Was this the time I was suppose to die? Then I realized how I was going to die. Irony, I was about to watch my favorite movie sequel.

I reached for my throat feeling it tightened.

I closed my eyes in pain before hearing a familiar voice just beside me that surely wasn't my mother.

"Give me some room," Hissed the voice before I felt someone touching my wrist softly, checking my pulse before feeling my forehead.

"Water," That same person commanded to someone, before I felt something cold on my forehead. I took this moment to opened my eyes and what waited for me wasn't what I expected.

I stared into the bright blue eyes of Doctor John Watson. My eyes rolled behind my head before I fainted the last thing I heard was Holmes voice saying-

"Looks like not all women like the sight of you, my dear Watson." Holmes joked.

"Shut up, Holmes."