With the music pounding in my ears, the sour taste of alcohol in my mouth and legs to dance until I pass out from exhaustion - my life is complete! The sparkling lights from the concert stage stream through the dark hall creating a wave of unknown stranger's faces. My heart is thumping, the intensity of everyone's energy combined into one at these concerts creates a frenzied swarm of humans.

The rising thick cloudy smoke wafts around the room, swimming up my nostrils and lingering in them. People here are either puffing on a cigarette or a joint. I don't need pot to make me high though. Concerts are the best drug I can ever take; the powerful atmosphere and the music pulsating on my steaming hot body, the dancing making me sweat gallons of water, I adore them so much.

The room is so packed it looks as if it is about to burst at the seams. I inhale the different smokes that fill the air. The scent of people sweating beer mixed with spilled soda. My ears are already numbing from the screams and whooping of the crowd along with the echoes of the lead singer's deep striking voice harmonizing with the bouncing crowd.

Sleep all day long, party all night until the sun comes up - my motto except it isn't a truthful one that I live by. I work all day at the fatiguing comic store, not getting a dollar for it. Whilst not working, I nurse my brothers Edgar and Alan - they don't make the job a satisfying one either. My brothers are fifteen and fourteen, yet they still believe in the creatures of the night: bloodthirsty vampires who apprentely prowl the perilous streets of Santa Carla when the sun is forbidden from shining.

They pretend like little school children to go around hunting them down, even being entirely serious about it; they carve their own stakes, buy stacks of garlic that they will never consume or use. But that is definitely not the most irritating thing about them. The most bothersome and aggravating shenanigans they do include - pinning me down on the stone cold floor to examine me, checking if my nails are growing abnormally long, trying to smother me in garlic and see if I am light sensitive by holding a blinding torch light only centimetres away from my face.

The night is the only time I can be a regular teenager where I can hang out with friends and be myself; only rarely can I have fun in the daytime. At night I throw away my daylight persona and adopt a more carefree Sierra Frog, a Sierra who doesn't give a single worry in the world. The Night Sierra parties and has a blast with her closest friends, she can drink without threating about the aftermath in the morning and can live like a normal teenager should live their teenage years, fuelled with spirit and a fiery drive to keep her on her feet throughout the night.

"Sierra, come on you've only taken three shots! I'm determined to get you drunk some point this summer!" David calls among the booming guitar solo that blows me away, bringing me back to reality.

David is the leader of our group, the long bleach blonde hair rebellion who seems to live off adrenaline, Chinese food, alcohol, and freedom. He can't care less if something he wishes to do inflicts upon someone else. He is sarcastically charismatic and oddly likeable. Whenever I am in the presence of David, he brings a calm and chilled nature the Daytime Sierra can never feel what with the stresses and worries on her conscience.

I merrily skip over to him, holding out my hand to collect my shot.

David passes it into my hands and immediately, I can feel the heat pressure on it as the vodka starts to condensate, constructing a slippery layer of ice-cold liquid surrounding the shot.

"Might as well make it an even four!" I yell making a toast to him. The toast can almost be percieved as a thanks, a thanks for freeing me, a thanks for presenting me with such thriving life. Most of all, a thanks for rescuing me from my own insanity. I don't know what I would do without David as he brings a sense of tranquilty into my hectic life.

In sync, David and I, in one swift movement put the clear miniature shot glass to our lips, speedily swallowing the frozen liquid that slithers gradually down my throat with a burning sensation.

"Hey where's our shot?" Dwayne questions marching over to David and I.

Dwayne takes second after David in the groups hierarchy system even though he is an unlikely candidate for boss if something, God forbids, happened to David. He is the complete opposite of David, with his silence shown in conversation and mystery lurking within him, appearing with his extensive dark hair and inky eyes as dark as the night skies

"Well if no one's gonna offer, I guess I'll have to take Sierra as hostage and tickle her to death!" he dramatically declares, souring me up in his strong arms beginning to tickle my bare stomach. All the tickling causes me to swing my legs inwards and outwards dynamically and squeal with ecstatic laughter.

We tumble onto the floor; Dwayne is refusing to let me go with his arms secure around my midsection so I can't escape out of his grasp. Excluding the tickling, it was a rather comfortable position! We roll over like pigs playing the gloopy mud onto my stomach. Dwayne has manoevered the tickling underneath my armpits. Unfortunately to me, my most sensitive area when it comes to little games like this. He's restraining himself from losing this battle but I still persist to get out of his tangling webs that are enwrapped around me like loose yet strong ropes.

"I wanna join in!" Laddie demands, piling on top of us creating a distressful weight on top of me.

Laddie, the youngest of the boys at a tender age, he is like a magnet the way he sticks by my friend Star's and my side. When not in the company of the boys, Star and I, he portrays a lonesome character obviously showing he is lost without the brotherly love from the guys and motherly adoration from Star and I.

Whenever I see Laddie, I seem to melt in his cute existence with his glorifying features of a loveable baby and chubby cheeks that display as balloons filled to the brim with water. Dwayne subsequently revolves over and leaps onto his feet before aiding me up with an offering of his hand before giving me a light hug around the waist. My bones and energy can feel that faintness I always feel after being tickled to death. I almost collapse on Dwayne whilst heaving heavily, wiping away those tears of laughter.

"Sierra, can you come with me and Star to the arcade? Please!" Laddie begs me, pulling that puppy pout that's so irresistible and can make commands alone without needing a voice.

I can't turn the little sweetheart down and so I agree with an earnest smile. Even without the pouting, I would have accompanied him and Star. I love spending quality time with Laddie; I see as the more attention he gets, the more he can feel a family around him. I don't have a single clue what happened to Laddie and his journey through life so far.

The most I have figured out already is that Laddie doesn't have parents, and the closest thing to family he had is the guys, Star and I. Along with that and the reason Laddie is as sweet and cute as a button, I devote having time with him whenever having the opportunity for I am obligated to help Laddie feel nurtured. I say my goodbyes to the guys.

As we walk out of the boisterous concert hall, Star and I cling onto Laddie's hand as a protective mother would to her son. Our priority is Laddie not getting harmed in any way. Santa Carla is a dangerous place and anything could happen at night.

Santa Carla, the murder capital of America where the tattered advertisements on the elderly brick walls expose to unsafe citizens the hundreds that go missing every year never to be found; if you tear off all the worn pleas of paper you would find colourful graffiti with all the colours of the rainbow, some artwork created out of boredom but the majority of it are the trademarks of Santa Carla's vicious gangs who are most likely the culprits responsible of these heinous crimes.

Because I have been living in Santa Carla all my life, I am not that scared as one should be when living in a murder town full of abductors and gangsters. I always keep a watchful guard though, not only for myself but for my brothers, Star and Laddie. The guys can look after themselves, they are strong enough and can fight to the death for their safety. However, my brothers and Laddie are innocents; therefore, making them more at risk. As for Star, being an attractive woman is never a good trait to have in the lonesome streets in this town. Looking at some of the posters with the bold writing saying 'missing' in capitals, causing them to stand out like a star in the black sheet of the sky, its hard not to imagine the array of faces manifested on them.

You never know who's going to commit a crime in Santa Carla and who the victim will be. It doesn't matter about age, whether you're good-looking or not, if you're a man, woman, girl or boy. There is never any category you have to be in: if they want you, they will get you.

I glance at some of the people coming in here, everyone is different. You have the daring punks in their intimidating and raw outfits with hairstyles so ablaze it can blind you if you peer too close, the silent goths in their corner by the comic store my parents own, and then there are the others like me, who is dressed in a black crop top saying 'LIFE' in bold white lettering, floral high-waisted pants that finish just above my knees revealing the bottom half of my sun kissed, smooth skin and white Doc Martin lookalikes.

We stop by some games that Laddie has found an interest in. Star and I proudly watch over him. All of a sudden, Star begins flicking at my earring in my left ear, checking it out.

"You're finally one of us now" she sighs gloomly still tapping away at the beaded earring, making it spin in an anti-clockwise direction.

It sounds weird if you're not familiar with the guys or don't look at them closely enough but the guys all have one ear pierced with a dangly earring hanging from it. Once I started wearing that earring in one ear, there was no turning back.

I am one of them.

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