We all exchange glances congested with anxiety, we weren't human again. Were we going to deteriorate in the sunlight until we shrivel up into nothing?

"I was so sure that David was, I don't know who else could have been" Star confesses, her voice quivering with fear. I can feel my bones quake and hear my heartbeat throb in my ears.

"What about Dwayne?" I ask with hope that he isn't the Head Vampire. If Dwayne is the Head Vampire, I don't know if I'll ever be able to forgive myself for the burdens I've placed upon my friends and family.

"But you killed Dwayne" Alan reminds me. I forgot about that lie I allowed to escape from my lips. I stare guiltily at my feet; I can feel Edgar and Alan study me suspiciously.

"Dwayne told me he wasn't, he wouldn't lie to me" I believe her; Dwayne isn't the untruthful type and he couldn't lie to Star or me, he is too much of a gentleman.

"He lied to Sierra about being a vampire! Now look how she's ended up! Because of him keeping secrets, my sister is turning into a monster!" Edgar barks, unleashing his fury onto Star. His anger is so blatant that I can feel his heart roaring as it bounces angrily inside of him. Flames from a dastardly fire have built up, engulfing him completely; I can see it in his eyes.

"Only to protect her! Edgar, you really don't know how he felt for Sierra. He would never want to see her get hurt!" it is true though, Dwayne revealed to me how he felt; I could feel it in that tender kiss. Why did I have to kiss him? I should have withheld myself, but I couldn't. I couldn't defend myself from his love for me – it was too strong to battle.

"Oh yeah? How did he feel for her then?" Edgar challenges; please Edgar, not in front of Michael.

"He loved her! Do you hear me, he loved –"everyone is suddenly soundless. Luminous headlights sweep across the room. There is hurried footsteps rushing outside, growing distinctly louder with each step taken.

"Sam! Michael!" Lucy. Michael and Sams' faces diminish and their eyes widen.

"Shit! What the hell is Mom gonna say when she sees this?" Sam snaps with panic showing clearly.

I gaze around the room to view the massacre we had created. Blood dripping from the windows, a trashed house looking as if a bomb had hit it and a lifeless body skewered on a pair of antlers – not exactly something we can explain without sounding mental.

"Just tell her what's happened. It's about time the whole of Santa Carla knew the truth about what creatures it inhabits" Alan orders. I know he means well, but Lucy won't believe us about the vampires. Vampires to the outside world are something you scream at in horror movies and read about with shivers running down your spine in frightening books, not real life.

"Sure Alan! How about something like this – 'Oh hey Mom, sorry about the mess but we were slaying vampires'?" Sam hisses sarcastically, punching Alan's arm; Alan clutches onto his arm immediately in shock, his mouth agape.

"Calm down Sammy" Michael sighs shaking his head.

"Calm down? You're telling me to calm down? No way buddy! Do you know how long we'll be grounded for? Do you? Years! We'll be lucky if she grounds us for a century!" Sam explodes, a wrath of pure ferocity invades him "So don't you tell me to calm down Mike!" Michael just rolls his eyes before wrapping his arms around my waist from behind me and placing his head on my bed of curls.

"We'll be lucky if she doesn't call the cops!" Edgar intervenes; those words exhibit his worry "Look around Sammy! This place looks like a bloodbath!"

"Well, there isn't anything we can do about it now is there?" I state, it's not like we can say a magical spell and the place will remove all the evidence of the havoc that ceased to a halt only a matter of minutes ago.

"Sierra's right, we're just gonna have to wing it" Michael says.

"Wing it? How the hell do we wing this?" Sam shouts flinging out both of his arms dramatically to gesture the carnage that surrounds us.

"Sam! Michael!" Lucy repeats frantically, she is almost here. I bet she has no idea about what she's about to enter into.

"You three hide somewhere! Mom can't see you like this!" Sam hurries, shooing us behind a piece of fabric of some sort "Stay there until we get rid of her!" the silken fabric drapes over us, Michael's arm is still secure around my waist.

I hear Sam, Edgar and Alan scamper away into the next room. The front door slams shut and there is an array of gasps. I press my ear against the wall to overhear the conversation to come.

"Oh my God... Sam what's happened here? Is everyone alright?" Lucy's reaction is a lot more relaxed than I expected it to be.

"Miss Emerson, trust us everything is under control" Edgar reassures. But it's not under control, in fact the whole situation is held under a lenient rule.

"Oh Edgar, Alan you two are ok!" I can hear nothing but soft murmurs, I clamp my ear closer to the wall "Where's Michael? Where's Sierra? Are they ok? Are they safe?"

"Mom don't worry about them, they're fine" Sam informs her. We are definitely not alright.

"Where are they Sam?" Lucy interrogates, her voice getting even more frustrated.

The door creaks open, Michael fastens his grip even tighter. We are remaining so silent that you can't even hear us breathing. The floorboards squeak and there is a sharp inhale of breath. I slip my eyes to a close, hoping that if I do so this nightmare will vanish.

"David, my son" a man's voice whispers. A white light glows through the thin layer of silk, so blazing it is almost knifelike as it rips through my vision. There is another acute intake of air.

"Father..." David. He's alive! My head snaps towards Michael, both our reactions are ones of horror. He compresses his index finger to his lips, indicating that we must be silent if we want to survive.

There is a pressured groan from David; my instinct tells me that he has been freed from the antlers that previously staked him. How could he be alive?

"David, where's the other boys?" the mysterious voice questions. I listen intently; my mind drains all its thoughts for this one conversation in order to find more details.

"Dead" David announces with sadness, for once negative emotions have taken over him. Now he knows how it feels.

"Who?" rage slashes through the man's voice "Who killed my boys?"

"Max! Are you ok, I heard someone else – oh hello" Lucy halts in her tracks, why does that name Max sound so familiar? It reminds me of that creep that owns the video store opposite us who always stares at me through his advertising windows that scream deals. "Max, who's this?" Lucy don't fall into David's trap, please you're too kind.

"Lucy, this is my son. David" this Max person introduces.

"You have a son?"

"You I thought we killed - ! Wait... you're the Head Vampire?" Alan shouts. Finally the Head Vampire has arrived to his death.

"I fucking knew it! I knew you were a bloodsucker the minute I saw you!" Edgar yells.

"Edgar stake him quickly!" Sam orders. Stake him now Edgar so we can return back to some sort of normality.

"Sam!" Lucy snaps; she has no idea how much importance that command holds.

"You hurt him and you have no idea how badly I'll hurt you Frog Boy" David sneers.

"How the hell did you return from the coffin?" Sam rasps "We killed you!"

"Ever heard of the phrase: 'Blood can revive blood' Sammy? No? Well, here's your example" Max growls. Footsteps are travelling towards us. Michael's arm stabilises even more as the advancing footsteps stop. A black silhouette in form of a standing body is visible in front of what I'm assuming is a curtain. David. He has discovered us.

"Time to stop playing hide and seek now Sierra" the curtain is snagged off its rails, publicizing our vampire anatomy.

"Michael..." Lucy breathes, I survey her face. Nothing but stupefaction trickles over her features. Lucy's eyes jerk onto Max as quick as a crocodile's jaw clamping down "What did you do to him Max?" it is that Max from the video store, I often wondered why he was always goggling at me. Now I know why, he is the Head Vampire – and he wants me to join his jar of nightstalkers.

"It was all going to be so perfect Lucy. Just your boys and mine along with little Laddie, Star and eventually Sierra. Remember I said that boys need a mother figure? You were going to be that person for them" an intense storm is embarking its way throughout Michael's eyes as I see him leering at Max.

"You're... a... a... vampire?" Lucy's shock has breached every part of her, her hearing skills are delayed from the sudden invasion.

"You passed our test! You passed every single goddamn thing!" Alan raves, extending his arm with a stake enfolded in his fist in case of attack

"We have your sisters' boyfriend to thank for that. He invited me in" when did that happen? I can't believe all of this, its something not even my dreams could concoct together.

"What's that got to do with anything?" Sam probes, I can officially declare him furious.

David chuckles wickedly, what else has been harbouring in his trusty shadows? "Don't ever invite a vampire into your house stupid, it makes you powerless against the likes of us"

"I still want all of you though – and I will get what I want this time without any disagreements" Max peels back his lips, unveiling those archaic fangs. Lucy lets out a shriek of revulsion that creates parallel repeats around the room, piercing through my ears. Max morphs from that boring middle aged man to a ghastly character whose evil and foulness dwells over his deadened soul "Now if you don't mind, I'd like to get rid of those two troublemakers, I will have Sierra and I'm not having you two interrupt me from it again!"

I race over to Edgar and Alan. No way is he murdering my brothers, no way in hell. I invent a border around them with my arms, screening them from any danger Max could inflict upon them.

"If you want to kill my brothers then you'll have to get through me first!" I scream. Max chortles perilously as if what I had just stated was a hilarious joke. David copies his laughs, except more evil shines.

"Oh Sierra, that's just what I intend to do!" those crystal eyes of mine increase in size. If he doesn't have me for his own, then his other option is to kill me. Right now, I'm certain he's going to choose that deadly second option.

"Don't you dare touch her!" Michael bellows, charging right into Max! Max catapults him across the room! Michael falls down onto the balcony above us, disappearing out of sight with an ear-splitting bang following afterwards.

"Michael!" I seize the stake from Alan's hands and steam towards Max. Before I know it, I'm flying through the air, not by choice this time.

My head strikes the dense floor, my vision declining rapidly. My whole perception of the world appears smudged like paint after water has been smeared over it. I try to lift up my head; it feels fuzzy and burdensome to be on top of my neck. I slump back down, surrendering to weakness.

"Sierra!" a slurred voice calls; I swear it is Edgar whom the voice belongs to. But I can't tell as my hearing has failed me as well. As my eyes begin to draw to a close, I can just make out an unconscious Michael beside me. His milky chocolate locks flop near my face.

A puncturing agony penetrates through my whole entire brains surface area. I am descending into the darkness, all colour is being leeched away before my very eyes. It's reaching me again. My eyes lock shut, throwing away the keys. Darkness has arrived.