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WYRW- Chapter 5

If it was possible, over the next few weeks Maka and Soul became even closer and Maka was unable to deny to herself her growing attraction for Soul, though she still maintained that they were only close friends to anyone who might ask her otherwise. Unsurprisingly, this was rather often.

It also didn't help that they had begun to hang out a bit more with Tsubaki and Black Star, who had finally started to calm down and relax into their relationship. However, both seemed to think that Maka and Soul had something more than friendship going on. Countless embarrassing situations had arisen from that, and it didn't help that on these outings they were often confused for a couple by complete strangers.

Therefore, it was the time that Maka spent alone with Soul that was her favorite. It didn't even have to be anything special. Just curling up on the couch with him next to her while watching a movie was perfect in Maka's mind, and after he had fallen asleep on her couch numerous times she had insisted that he just take the spare key to her apartment.

She couldn't help but smile at the fact that Hiro had not slept over once at her place, much less was given a key, but she had no doubts about letting Soul that far into her life, and they weren't even dating. Although, she certainly wanted them to be.

Everything with Soul was just so easy. He wasn't polite like Hiro, instead he chose to give her a hard time about her bad hair days and studious nature, and in response she teased him for wanting to be so cool and about his lazy nature. Neither took any real offence, and Maka found that she rather enjoyed the strange sort of flirting that went on between them.

The day that Maka had plopped down on the couch practically on top of Soul in an attempt to annoy him, she realized that personality and ease of conversation were definitely not the only reasons she was starting to fall for this boy. He had been startled, but something about his eyes had almost darkened as he had leaned toward her in almost a predatory manner, and then he had tickled her causing the moment to end quickly. Then again, the position they had ended up in with him lying down on the couch with her between his legs, back against his chest, Maka hadn't minded at all. And apparently neither had he considering there were multiple movie nights that they wound up in the exact same position.

Simply put, things were good for Maka and Soul. They were practically attached at the waist, but neither really seemed to mind. Sure Maka sometimes got annoyed with Soul for leaving a mess at her apartment, and he got equally pissed at her for nagging him, and they would shout and yell. But then after a cooling period away from each other, which hardly ever lasted more than one afternoon, they would both apologize and move on.

Maka was beginning to realize that the range of emotions she felt with Soul was so much greater than the mere satisfaction she had felt with Hiro. When she thought of her happiest moments with her ex-boyfriend, it wasn't even close to the happiness she had experienced with Soul over these last few months. Sure she hadn't had the amount of blow ups with Hiro that she had experienced with Soul either, but that didn't really bother her. For once, she didn't feel the need to hold back and bite her tongue. She could be completely herself around Soul, and he didn't seem to mind. If anything, he seemed to appreciate her for it.

Plus, she could never deny that she loved getting around via Soul's motorcycle, and he always loved to have her. She wasn't sure if he really wanted her per say, or just someone to show off his beauty to, but she didn't care because she loved it.

For instance, just today he had given her a ride to his own end of the year concert.

The semester had slowly wrapped up for everyone, and even though Maka had been completely stressed out and busy, she also couldn't remember ever being this happy. Finals week she'd had five exams, but all of them were over by Wednesday. Soul had been the same, except for his end of the year concert that was on Friday.

As busy as Maka had been, Soul's schedule had been just as demanding. Maka didn't know what he had to do for his music classes, as she really didn't understand the subject in the least, but he was constantly spending hours on end in the music building doing something, only to come to her apartment afterwards looking completely drained and exhausted.

She had tried asking about what was stressing him out, but he always waved her off with a smirk saying that it was a surprise for the concert and that she would see soon enough. She tended to frown at that, but at the same time got small butterflies in her stomach. She didn't know if the surprise was just for her, but she liked to imagine that it was, and that made her almost giddy with excitement.

Now that it was the actual day of the concert, she was just nervous. Because, what if it wasn't just for her? In fact, it probably was a surprise for all of his friends, and that broke the illusion that Soul might just perhaps actually see her as more than just a friend.

The moment that they had arrived at the University auditorium Soul had to head backstage since he was one of the performers. Meanwhile, because this a formal concert, Maka had headed to the bathrooms to change from her jeans and t-shirt into something more appropriate: a long black dress and heels that made her feel more girly than anything she had ever bought for herself before. It was also nicer than anything she had ever worn for Hiro. Then again, she had never wanted to impress Hiro as much as she did Soul. It had taken her ages and a lot of arm twisting for her to get Soul to tell her that it was a formal concert a month before the actual date, but it would be totally worth it to see his reaction to her in this dress she was sure. Plus, even if he didn't react, she really did like this dress… still she hoped he liked it.

Because she had arrived with Soul, Maka had to sit around for a couple hours before other audience members began to show up. Therefore, when Black Star and Tsubaki showed up, they found her reading a book in the first row saving them seats.

"Hey Maka," Tsubaki greeted as she took a seat next to her friend. Just like Maka, her and Black Star were dressed for the occasion in a dark blue cocktail dress and suit and tie (that wasn't tied actually) respectively.

"Hey, how are you guys," Maka replied looking up and beginning to put away her book.

"We're amazing! We're Godly!" Black Star proclaimed loudly enough for basically everyone in the entire auditorium to look over.

Tsubaki merely smiled politely while Maka shook her head in embarrassment. "Good to know, so can you guys tell me anything about what Soul's gonna be performing today?"

"I didn't even know this was a formal thing until you told me, but I saw that they were selling programs in the hall if you wanted one," Tsubaki informed Maka.

"Thanks, I definitely do," Maka said standing up and heading out with a small wave trying to keep herself from rushing too much as it would be inappropriate. Part of her was just curious but another was hoping that it would hold a clue as to why Soul had been so busy these last few weeks.

The program actually did tell her exactly what Soul was going to play at the concert and when he would play, right before intermission. Unfortunately, she didn't have a clue what the song was that he was going to play. Not for the first time, and certainly not for the last time Maka cursed her lack of knowledge on music.

By the time Maka had maneuvered her way back to her seat, the lights had dimmed several times warning the patrons that the show was about to start. The actual moment that Maka plopped back down in her seat, the lights were lowering as the show officially started. She only had a moment to smile to Tsubaki, slightly sorry that they hadn't gotten to speak before the show, but relieved at the same time. Her stomach was so tight from nerves that she wasn't sure if she really would have been able to keep up a real conversation.

The show for the most part was extremely impressive with only a few mishaps such as a few sharp notes for a flutist and out of place squeaks for a violinist. Still, Maka was thoroughly enjoying herself even if much of the classical music made her a tad sleepy. She noticed Tsubaki's eyes drooping on several occasions, and surprisingly Black Star was rather quiet. Although when Maka did look over at him at one point between songs, he appeared to have fallen asleep. While Maka usually would have minded, she felt that a quiet Black Star was a good Black Star, even if he was asleep.

When it finally came time for Soul to perform, Maka couldn't help but sit up straight in her chair leaning forward slightly in anticipation. Meanwhile Tsubaki woke Black Star with a quick jab to the ribs, and thankfully the boy did not make a fuss as he saw his best friend take the stage in a pin striped suit with a red shirt underneath.

Maka watched Soul carefully as he confidently made it way on the stage and she cursed the fact that she couldn't help but notice how nice he looked in his pinstriped suit matched with a deep red undershirt. It was a bit different than all the other formal outfits the other performs had adorned, but it fit him so well that she liked it quite a bit more. Along with his messy white hair and red eyes, not only did he look sexy, but almost a bit dangerous. And Maka found herself liking it more than she knew she should.

Surprisingly, his eyes caught with hers for just a moment. His eyes widened ever so slightly, but besides that he had no reaction to her, but she was pleased. That's all she needed, and with it she blushed and looked down for just a moment before raising her eyes to meet his again. The same intense look that she had received from him so many times before met her stare, and this time she stared right back smiling sweetly.

Their moment only lasted a few seconds though before Soul had to tear his eyes away and take a seat at the piano. He slowly closed his eyes and it was as if he turned into a completely different person as he sat up pushing his shoulders back and lifted his hands to hover just over the keys of the beautiful grand piano in front of him. For a moment Maka couldn't breathe in anticipation. It felt as if the entire audience was holding their breath.

It was then that Soul hit the first note, deep and thundering, anyone who might have been asleep before certainly wasn't anymore. He continued to build his notes one upon the other making it feel as if something was about to happen, but if asked Maka never would have been able to answer what. However, just as suddenly as he had begun, Soul suddenly stopped and the auditorium was filled with silence for a couple seconds. Then softly, he began again softly with notes that seemed to clash but would come out to chords the melted softly away. It was creepy, but sturdy and unlike anything that Maka had ever heard. As he began to pick up speed and volume once again, building much more slowly this time, she felt her heart speed up and had the urgency to look behind her to check that nothing was there. It was fascinating, and Maka loved every moment of it for how much different and exhilarating it was. She was almost disappointed as he came to an abrupt end that clashed and blended while fading all at the same time.

As the notes faded everyone in the audience seemed to be frozen in time before the clapping began. Louder than it was for any other performer thus far, and Maka couldn't help but stand to her feet, and she wasn't the only one. Soon enough the entire auditorium were on their feet giving Soul a standing ovation. For the most part, Soul kept his cool, simply standing and bowing with a toothy smirk.

Maka beamed as his eyes caught again with hers and did not break contact until he had left the stage. It was only when the lights came back up that she found herself able to breathe once again and she could tell that she was definitely blushing.

"Maka, are you going to come out to the lobby, they have small snacks for free?" Tsubaki asked slowly knowing that Maka had been touched in a way by Soul's performance that she could never understand. Plus, by what had passed between the two after and before, Tsubaki knew that Maka might need to catch her breath. The sheer tension between the two was incredible.

"Yeah, just give me a second," Maka said not even looking at her friend before she plopped back down in her chair and took a deep breath. She simply was staring off into the distance obviously deep in thought as Tsubaki took a seat next to her rather than proceeding outside.

"Maka, I know that I've asked you this a million times, but honestly, is there something going on between you and Soul?"

It was a simple question that Maka usually would have denied without issue, but this time she paused. "No, nothing is going on."

"Do you want something to?"

Maka buried her face in her hands as her elbows rested on her knees. "Maybe," came out in a small whimper.

Tsubaki merely smiled.

"Then why don't you just kiss the guy!" Black Star suddenly shouted from right behind the two, making both jump in surprise.

"Black Star," Tsubaki warned as her best friend became red in the face and looked around to see if anyone had heard him.

"What?" He asked legitimately confused. "Both of them like each other and I'm tired of watching them dance around like two baboons not doing anything about it!"

As childish as Black Star was acting, it couldn't help but strike a chord with Maka, "Look, I may like him but he doesn't see me like that okay," she hissed continuing to look around making sure that Soul hadn't come out for the time being.

"You're kidding." Maka was surprised to see Tsubaki looking at her as incredulously as Black Star. Intent not to look at her friend Maka tried to distract herself by rummaging through her purse looking for her phone. After all, Soul might have texted her.

"Oh my gosh, you actually believe that he doesn't like you like that don't you?!" Tsubaki's voice was now getting to be as loud as Black Star's, who was looking downright proud of his girlfriend.

Just having found her phone Maka grasped the small object as she set her purse back down on the floor. "Look, Soul is very nice to me, but he doesn't treat me any differently than any of his other friends, no matter what you might say otherwise." She was trying to stay calm, but it was frustrating that her friends wouldn't drop the subject.

At this point Black Star was barking out laughs and practically rolling on the floor as Tsubaki shook her head in disbelief. "You're so dumb!" Black Star shouted between laughs. Maka was on the verge of punching the dumbass, but his next words actually surprised her. "I've known Soul all my life and he's never been as head over heels with a girl as he is with you!"

"He's just protective of me," she countered unable to believe him.

Black Star barked out another laugh as he continued, "Soul's protective of people like me and Tsubaki, his friends! He's in love with you idiot!"

Maka began to move towards Black Star once again ready to kick the guy's ass, "I am not an idiot."

This time, Tsubaki stepped in. "Yes you are Maka." Maka froze and looked back at her best friend more than surprised at her words, "You are an idiot if you can't see that boy has fallen head over heels in love with you, and the only reason he hasn't asked you out is because he doesn't want to be some rebound for you after Hiro."

"But he'd never be a rebound, you know I'm too practical to act without actually evaluating my feelings Tsubaki," Maka said desperately. It was true, she had thought so much about Soul lately that she had forced herself to really think about it and make sure she wasn't just latching on to him because he was the first good guy in her life since Hiro. And she was constantly reminded of how he was there for her before she and Hiro broke up and the attraction had been there too, though she never would have worked that out if it hadn't been for her and Hiro's break up.

"I know that Maka, but does Soul?" Tsubaki asked seriously.

Maka simply tried to digest the words that Tsubaki and surprisingly Black Star had just confronted her with. And that was the moment her phone lit up with a new text message… from Soul.

Based on the way Maka's eyes widened and her cheeks flared up as she looked at her phone, it was easy for Tsubaki to know exactly who it was.

"We'll be out in the lobby if you need any help, but you've got to decide if you're willing to take a chance on Soul," and with that both Tsubaki and Black Star walked away leaving Maka to her own devices.

Startled by the sudden turn of events in just the last hour, Maka sat back down in her chair staring back down at her phone. Slowly she opened up Soul's text.

'Meet me backstage after the show. Don't bother changing. I've got a surprise for you.'

Maka's heart couldn't help but speed up once again. Both Black Star and Tsubaki believed that Soul actually liked her, something that she had been convincing herself for the last couple months was so obviously not true. It just seemed too good to be true. But there were little things.

That moment he had come out on the stage and stared at her, it had been a moment. And the way he looked at her after the performance. A small shiver went up Maka's spine. It was unbelievable to her. Still, what if Tsubaki and Black Star were wrong. Sure her best friend and her boyfriend meant well, but what if they were reading all the signs wrong. What if Soul just saw her like a little sister or something? She'd have to wait for some other sign that he liked her, something from Soul himself. There simply was no other way.

Still if they were right, Maka smiled to herself. Thinking about Soul's text and what his surprise could be, she suddenly got very excited. Maybe he would ask her out. She knew she was being a little silly, but it was still exciting, and according to Tsubaki and Black Star, very possible.

She hardly even noticed when the lights began to dim once more and Tsubaki and Black Star took their seats next to her once again. She was much too busy smiling at Soul's text.

"Are you going to text him back, or just sit there grinning like a fool," Tsubaki asked teasingly as she looked over Maka's shoulder.

Blushing, Maka quickly typed a response back before placing her phone on silent and putting it away.

The second half of the show went much slower for Maka than the first, though she couldn't tell if it was because it was actually longer or she just was looking forward to the end so badly. The second half was more duos and trios rather than the first half that had only be comprised of solos, and while Soul did not participate in any of those, he did play his piano once more in the ending number in which everyone performed together. While it was not by any means at the difficulty level of many of the other pieces in the show, it was the only group number and therefore had a certain charm to it that the others had not.

It was a happy piece, which Maka could tell wasn't Soul's forte, but he played just as excellently as before looking almost bored with the song. Still she was proud, and joined in the standing ovation at the end of the concert along with everyone else in the hall.

Right before the curtains closed, Soul winked at Maka and she couldn't help but blush for what seemed like the millionth time that day. As Tsubaki and Black Star told her to tell Soul their 'good jobs and congrats' and made an excuse to leave with winks and shouts of good luck to her respectively.

Maka patiently waited for the performers to come out and meet up with their friends and family before disappearing once again into the back to grab their instruments and go. She wasn't surprised when Soul never emerged from the back room. After what seemed like hours, and at the same time only a few seconds, Maka finally headed into the back room.

She was surprised to see that Soul wasn't anywhere in the room, but on top of the upright piano there was a note that she easily recognized as Soul's handwriting. She cautiously followed it's directions to join him on the stage through one of the side entrances.

Maka entered the auditorium cautiously as the audience was completely dark and there was only one spotlight on the stage lighting up the grand piano and Soul who was sitting on its bench looking completely lost in thought. Coming up from behind him, Maka made a small cough sound in order to catch his attention.

Soul looked over his shoulder and grinned at Maka as she slowly made her way over to him.

"Hey," was the only thing that Maka could say suddenly overcome with shyness. She knew she was blushing but hoped that since she was partially in the dark Soul might not notice it.

He did, but wisely didn't mention it knowing he was probably doing the same. "Hey," he answered back trying to sound more confident than he felt.

Barely stepping into the spotlight, Maka stopped unsure of what to do or where to go. She merely held her hands in front of herself and smiled at Soul noticing his matching blush for the first time. She was trying not to hope for anything too bad, but couldn't help herself a little. "So what's this surprise you have for me?" she asked politely, unwilling to wait any longer.

Soul chuckled, "I knew you wouldn't be able to refrain from asking." He patted the bench beside himself, motioning to Maka to take a seat. She made her way over to him and sat down carefully though she couldn't keep herself from brushing up against Soul just slightly as she made herself comfortable.

He felt his heart speed up slightly at the small amount of contact she gave him, so he wasn't surprised when he had a hard time saying anything. Part of him just wanted to continue to look at her, as beautiful and comfortable as he had ever seen her, not to mention sexy. Yep, he definitely had a thing for black dresses. Or perhaps it was just Maka in black dresses.

She looked at him pointedly and he realized that he hadn't said anything once she had sat down, instead doing exactly what he wanted and simply staring at her. Forcing himself to calm down, Soul took a deep breath and started.

"I know these last few months have been hard on you Maka with the breakup and everything," he started forcing himself to refrain from touching the girl seated next to him as he spoke to her.

"It hasn't been that bad," she quickly interrupted him without warning. As she blushed even harder she continued, "I mean, thanks to you. I don't think I could have done it without you Soul."

He smiled, "You're always saying things like that Maka, and I don't think you know how strong you really are. Plus," he continued, not letting Maka get an edge word in. "You have no idea how much you've affected me ever since the moment that I met you."

Maka made a little squeak, obviously surprised at Soul's words. "Please let me finish before you say anything okay Maka?"

She merely nodded her head in agreement, though her eyes were still wide in shock.

Soul took Maka's hands in his own stroking the backside of each with his thumbs as his eyes connected with hers. "You inspire me Maka Albarn." She immediately looked down, refusing to meet his eyes in embarrassment. He simply took her hands in one of his and tilted her chin back up with the other. "You need to hear this." He paused, "You're the most brilliant, amazing, cool, girl I have ever met in my entire life."

"Soul," she started to protest, but he refused to have any of that.

"No, listen," she closed her mouth again as he spoke. "You have so much dedication to everything that you do and becoming friends with you this year made me realize how much I would love to even have one tenth of the dedication and passion that you possess."

"But I like that you're lazy," Maka suddenly blurted out, turning beet red immediately after.

Soul laughed hard. "I'm never gonna stop being lazy Maka, just like you're never gonna stop being a nerd," he chuckled as he lightly flicked her forehead and then took her hands back in his own. "But this isn't about that. This is about me wanting to want to do something so bad that I get lost in it, just like you get lost in doing your homework to the point that you can't even hear me talking to you."

Maka frowned cutely, "That was one time Soul."

He laughed again, "That you remember." She pouted, "I don't know how many times I've said something to you while you were working, only for you to merely grunt out a response."

She looked back down again in embarrassment, not wanting to talk about her faults like this. "Hey," he said moving to take her cheek in the palm of his hand, gently caressing her face as he lifted it back up. "This isn't about you being passionate, because I love that you get lost in your work like the big nerd you are." Maka was torn between scowling at Soul or smiling at him.

"What about playing?" she interjected. "Your performance was amazing, everyone thought so," she gulped, "And I was completely captivated by it."

Soul smiled, "I like playing other people's works, but it's always just been a mere pastime for me." Maka frowned sadly, "But," Soul interjected, "I was determined to find something that I could be as passionate about as you are, and I did."

Maka's face immediately brightened, "I had dabbled in song writing before, but it wasn't until this semester that I had a course on it, and quite honestly Maka, I fell in love with it." Seeing her eyes brighten, Soul couldn't help but expand on his feelings, "I've found that playing something that you made completely out of your head, can be one of the most liberating feelings in the world, and it's because of that, I had to write something for you."

"For me," Maka squeaked.

Soul grinned, "Yeah, I figured I had to thank you somehow."

It was then that he let go of Maka and turned to the piano in front of him. Maka got chills as he closed his eyes and took a deep breath just as he had before.

And then he began to play.

It was different from his first piece. It was dark, but did not make Maka anxious as before. It was intricate, but the way Soul's hands moved across the piano keys she could tell he could have played it in his sleep. It crescendoed into a moment of happiness only to take a more melancholy twist and that made Maka feel like crying. But what struck Maka the most about the song was how lonely it felt, almost as if something was missing.

And then it went very quiet but had a strangely happy feel to it, and just as the last note was fading out, Soul picked up his pace and it was if he had started playing an entirely different song. It was much happier with moments of melancholy, but it mostly made Maka feel like smiling. She could tell that it wasn't Soul's usual style, but it complimented the first half of the piece so much she couldn't help but love it. Quite honestly, it felt like home to her. It was then that she knew that this piece had been what Soul had been working on to the point of exhaustion.

Finally, Soul began to repeat the very beginning of the song, only to have the second half suddenly join in, and Maka understood. Apart, the two halves of the song were beautiful, but rather incomplete. It was only when Soul played them together that they were whole.

He ended it with a small new section of the two parts bouncing back and forth, only for them to come together one last time in two complimenting chords.

Maka found that she had been holding her breath at the end and finally released a breath. "That was amazing Soul," she whispered, feeling as if she was disrupting the spell he had cast over the entire room.

He grinned, "I'd certainly hope so, it's been a bitch to work on," he admitted, but obviously very pleased with himself.

"What do you call it?" she asked, refraining from correcting Soul on his inappropriate language.

Soul's expression suddenly became very serious as he looked Maka in the eyes, "I call it Dance of Souls."

She smiled, "Yeah, I could hear how there were two very distinctive parts, and only when they came together they felt complete."

Soul gulped, "Yep," he paused, "Actually the first part is supposed to be representative of my own soul."

Maka's breath caught in her throat, but she had to know. "Who's soul is the second part based on."

It was as if time stood still for a minute as Soul gently took Maka's hands in his own. "It's based on yours Maka."

By this point, Maka's heart was pounding harshly. This was a moment, no this was more than a moment. This was the moment, Maka had been waiting for, and yet only one question came to mind.

"Soul, are you in love with me?"

He froze for a moment, frozen like a deer in the headlights, before he was suddenly off the bench and standing at the edge of the spotlight facing away from her. And yet despite the distance, both of their hearts continued to beat rapidly.

"No, I'm not," Soul said as he turned to look back over his shoulder at Maka who was staring at him. He took a deep breath, "But I'm certainly heading down that path."

Maka continued to stare almost as if in a trance as Soul continued slowly, "You have to understand Maka, this has been a long time coming for me. I mean, did you know that I hated Hiro from the moment I met him." Soul's voice raised, "Not because he was a jerk, although the guy was an asshole, but because he had you."

By this point Soul had turned his body to face Maka and was speaking more passionately as he worked himself up. "And I knew that I could never break you guys up because firstly I'm not that kind of guy, and secondly, you were so damn happy with him!"

Maka stood up in concern, "Soul-"

"No you need to hear it all, because honestly I'm a terrible person. Did you know how happy I was when you and him actually broke up! Though all I really wanted to do was to go beat his ass for being such a bastard hurting you like that! Plus the ass was such an idiot for letting go of you! How could anyone ever want to let you go Maka! What kind of moron would let you go!"

"Soul-" Maka repeated but more from flattery than anything else.

He didn't seem to hear. "From the moment that you kissed me Maka Albarn that's all I've been able to think about!" Completely red in the face, Soul finally seemed to realize that he had been shouting all this time. "I've just… damn it Maka this is so uncool of me." Words began to rush out of his mouth, "Sorry for shouting, I think I'm just gonna leav-"

"No!" Maka rushed forward grabbing Soul's hands. The contact made Soul jump slightly but not enough for Maka to let go. She just didn't know what to say. Therefore, the two of them just stood there looking at each other as Maka's mouth opened several times and yet words never came out. Finally, she stopped thinking and just acted.

"Heads up," she said much to Soul's confusion, but it didn't last long, because the next moment she had risen on her toes and pressed her lips to Soul's.

Soul wasn't sure exactly what Maka was trying to tell him, but he certainly wasn't going to let her get away without a real kiss, so he immediately cupped her face softly caressing her lips with his own, and Maka was completely willing as she threw her arms around the boy's neck pulling herself as close to him as possible.

Neither thought as they continued to stand there and kiss each other as if there was no tomorrow. They both merely tried to convey the depth of their emotions holding on to one another. However, they could not kiss forever, and eventually the two began to release their grips on each other and Maka took a step back.

Maka was completely flushed and breathing hard as Soul simply stood there wide eyed and frozen. If Maka'd had any doubts before about her and Soul getting together, she certainly didn't anymore. Kissing Soul wasn't anything like kissing Hiro. It was off the charts when it came to comparing the two. But she did feel the need to clear a few things up.

"I wasn't happy with Hiro," Soul continued to stare at Maka blankly as she spoke. "I mean I was happy with him at one point or we wouldn't have been dating, but in the end," Maka smiled, "I wasn't happy at all. He just wasn't what I really wanted."

Soul gulped, "What do you really want then Maka?"

Maka smiled and looked Soul directly in the eye, "I want a sarcastic smartass who gives me a hard time as much as I give him one back."

Soul visibly relaxed as she continued, "I want an idiot of a boy who doesn't know the talent he has for cheering people up much less as a piano player." He grinned at that.

"I want a boy who I'm completely myself with, who I can scream at to the point of exhaustion only to come running right back to him knowing that I'd prefer no other."

Soul stepped forward and placed his hands on Maka's waist. "I want a guy with white hair and ruby eyes that make shivers go up my spine when he looks at me," she said as she lifted one hand to rest on Soul's shoulder while the other twirled a bit of his hair before she let it flip back up into its spike.

Maka then traced her finger down Soul's cheek as he gently pulled her completely against him. "I want a guy who makes my toes curl and takes my breath away with his kisses."

Soul chuckled deeply making the small hairs on Maka's neck stand on end and goosebumps form on her arms. "So who exactly does all those things for you Maka?" he asked calmly smirking at her.

She narrowed her eyes at him, but the smiled. "You know exactly who Soul."

He squeezed her gently, "Yeah, but I want to hear it from you."

"So cocky," Maka murmured under her breath.

"But…" He smirked in response.

Maka rolled her eyes, "I want you Soul."

And with that, he kissed her once again, but much harsher than before. Maka did not mind though as she ran her hands through his hair pulling at him just as aggressively. By the time they drew away from each other Soul's suit and Maka's dress were both beyond wrinkled and both were breathing heavily but with identical smirks, though Soul's was a bit more pointy than Maka's.

Eventually they both made it to their own respective gender's bathrooms to change back into normal clothes for the ride back to Maka's apartment. Coming out of the restroom Maka was pleasantly surprised when Soul took his hand in his own pulling her to walk next to himself out to the parking lot where his bike was located.

"So I meant to ask," he started, "what was with the 'heads up' thing?"

Maka blushed refusing to meet his eyes with her own. "Well, you told me when I kissed you in front of Hiro to give you a heads up next time, so I did."

Soul was silent for a split second before he erupted in thunderous laughter. Maka couldn't help but join in quickly after. It was in that moment that Maka realized, this was what she had really wanted all along.