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The weather was awful. Nasty drizzling rain, marsh under your feet. You can't wait to be in a comfortable chair by the fireplace with a cup of strong tea in your hands. Natsu and Lucy were happy that today they have successfully completed their mission.

″Well, Lucy, now you have enough money to pay the rent for two months″, even Natsu's smile wasn't very bright today.

″Yeah″, Lucy nodded, hugging herself. ″Enough even to save some.″

″And what are you saving for?″, Natsu asked his teammate.

″Well″, she got slightly embarrassed. ″I recently came up with the idea. Our family mansion is still on sale and I would like to buy it. Not that I really missed the place, just ...″, she felt even more embarrassed under his curious glance.

″Anyway, I won't gather such money anytime soon, so I thought″, Lucy was sure that Natsu will laugh at her idea. ″That when I get married, it would be a good place to live with children″, she blurted quickly. But instead of laugher she heard a sharp "No" from Natsu. She looked at him questionably.

″Our children will be Fairy Tail members as soon as they learn to walk!″, he said firmly.

″What?″, Lucy was stunned.

″What?″, Natsu looked as if he hadn't just devoted Lucy in the future of their children.

″What did you say about children?″, she asked again.

″I did not say anything″, the guy simply stated. ″Maybe you have strange hallucinations, Lucy?″

Celestial mage was quite confused, but only shook her shoulders and continued her way.

Natsu and Lucy stood on the platform waiting for the train. Dragneel looked at the gray clouds in the sky, cursing in his mind. Suddenly Lucy put her arms around his neck and gently kissed him on the lips, and then pulled away, as if nothing had happened.

″What?!″, Natsu was shocked. No, he was very shocked!

″What?″, The cute blonde flapped her eyelashes.

″What did you just do?″

″I did not do anything! Maybe you are hallucinating, Natsu?″, she giggled.

And now the dull autumn day seemed the most beautiful to them.