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Home Invasion

It was a rare occasion for the two Hummel's to have the house to themselves. Carole and Finn were in Canada for the week for Carole's sisters wedding. Burt would have gone, but a lot of his employees are absent with some flu going around, so he had to pick up more time at the shop. He even might have to ask Kurt to do a few shifts for him. Also, Burt wouldn't trust Kurt alone in the house for a week, now that he had a boyfriend, anything could happen.

It was a Wednesday night; Kurt was in the Kitchen preparing dinner for himself and his dad when he came home. Bang on 6 pm, Burt's car lights shone through the window, and Kurt heard the engine cut out and the slamming of the door.

As Kurt was turning the oven off, he heard his dad come through the front door, still in his coveralls.

"Hey dad," Kurt said while putting the chicken on a plate and putting it on the dining room table.

"Hey sport," Burt said tiredly.

"Something wrong?" Kurt asked absentmindedly as he prepared the rest of the meal, and getting the salad from the fridge.

"Just knackered, I need you at the shop tomorrow alright?" Burt said, washing his hands in the sink, then wiping them on a piece of kitchen roll.

"Will I get paid?" Kurt asked sweetly.

Burt sighed. "Kurt, why do you always want to work at the shop just for the money?"

"There's this new McQueen coat I like, and-"

"So a coat is more important than spending some time with your father?" Burt challenged.

"Dad, I do like spending time with you, but I'm a teenager now, you know, teenage angst. Plus, it's nearly the holidays, I need money," Kurt said, still setting the table.

Burt huffed. "I'm going upstairs to change," he said gruffly.

Kurt shrugged. He didn't think he had done anything was wrong. He knew his dad was tired, but should he really take his problems home with him?

Kurt had just finished setting the table when he heard a knock at the door. His dad was still upstairs, most likely in the shower, so Kurt had to go and answer the door.

He couldn't think who would be knocking at this time, him and Blaine were due to go out as soon as dinner was finished, had Blaine forgotten about the meal him and his dad had pledged to have for ages? His dad was going to kill him…

Kurt slowly walked up to the door, he took the chain off the door and slowly opened the door.

Before he had a chance of opening it all the way, the door was pushed open and Kurt was pushed aside. Kurt watched as 3 masked men wearing black entered his house. Kurt just stood there frozen, he had no idea what was going on.

He felt himself be grabbed from the back of his shirt, and lead into the living room by one of the men.

"Stay there, and we won't kill you," one of the men said, he was the heaviest of the two, with black tracksuit bottoms on and a black hoodie that was too small for him, showing his bulge hanging over his jeans.

Kurt still stood frozen. He thought that if he cooperated, nothing bad would happen.

"Are you alone?" the smallest man asked. Kurt was still in shock, so didn't hear the question directed at him.

The smaller man pulled out a gun from his trouser, the gun was snug between his hip and his trousers, and pointed the gun at Kurt's head.

"I said, are you alone?" he asked again.

"Yes," Kurt hadn't even thought about what he had said, before he had actually said it. But it was too late to take it back now. He just prayed that his dad would stay upstairs, and that the men would just take whatever they came here for and leave.

"Good kid, now, here's what's going to happen, we are going-"

"Kurt? Did I leave my keys in the kitchen? I can't remember if I brought them in or not," he heard his dad shout from upstairs.

Kurt gasped and was sure that all the colour had drained from his face. He saw the men glare at him. The taller one went over to him and pressed Kurt's back to the man's front, holding him in place so he couldn't escape, he then took out his own gun and pointed the end of the gun on side of his head.

"Bring him down here kid," the man growled in his ear. Kurt whimpered.

"D-d-dad? Can y-you come down h-here please?" Kurt hated how weak his voice sounded, and how much his voice stuttered out of fear.

Using his father's intuition, he sensed there was something wrong, Burt hurried down the stairs. He walked into the dining room, the food was ready but Kurt was no where to be seen.

He then checked the living room and what he saw shocked him to his core.

His son was held at gunpoint by 3 guys wearing all black and masks covering their faces. He looked at his son, who looked like a terrified puppy. He had gone so pale, and his lips were quivering.

The 2 other guys pointed their guns at him, and Burt put his hands up in surrender.

"Please don't hurt him, he's just a kid," Burt begged.

"Hummel, right?" the shorter guy asked.

"Um, yeah?" Burt asked cautiously.

"Well Mr Hummel, can you kneel on the floor for me?" he asked, using the gun as a motion for Burt to get down.

Burt slowly kneeled down on the floor, his eyes never leaving his terrified sons.

"Now, before we begin this robbery, we'd just like to say that we do not tolerate liars." The smaller one said, he then nodded at the guy holding his son.

Next thing Burt saw was the bigger guy throwing his son on the floor like a rag doll, and kicking him hard in the stomach.

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