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(this all took place after Dance With Somebody (it aired in America on 24th April) so I'd say this took place during Choke (after Kurt's NYADA audition)

Home Invasion – Epilogue

~4 Months Later...~

Kurt walked the all too familiar pathway up to the gravestone. He had tried to visit more, but life had been pretty hectic. First not getting into NYADA, then Graduation, working at the Lima Bean during the summer to get money, and now today was the day he was going to leave for New York and live his dreams.

Kurt's hold on the bouquet of roses got stronger as he got closer and closer towards the grave. He bent down in front of the headstone, and tidied the area a bit, getting rid of the freshly cut grass trimmings that must have flown on top of it. He took out the already dead flowers from his last visit from the vase, and washed the vase with his bottle of water before placing the new fresh flowers inside. Kurt put his hand to the headstone and trailed along the writing on it, a soft smile on his face. The summer breeze filled the air, and Kurt breathed in the smell of the freshly cut grass. Kurt sat himself on the ground and started to play with the grass beneath him.

"So, I haven't visited in a while, I'm sure you know why." Kurt sniffed, mentally blaming it on hay fever. "I thought it was supposed to get easier, but now the reality of me leaving seems like I really am saying goodbye to you. I, I just miss you so, so much. There have been so many times when I wished you were here to take care of me, to guide me through the light at the end of the tunnel, especially these past few months. I mean, dad's been amazing, but I wish you were here too." Kurt looked at his watch and saw that he was running out of time.

"I have to go soon, my flight leaves in two hours. I'll try and come and visit more when I come back. I might be back for Thanksgiving. God, I don't want to say goodbye, so I won't. I...I love you." Kurt pressed his lips to his fingers and placed his fingers on the gravestone. He stood up wiping the tears from his eyes and made his way back to the car. He opened the door and hopped into the front, Burt offered him a small smile and a squeeze of the shoulders.

"You alright kid?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." Kurt said, smiling back at his dad, and put his seatbelt on.

The drive to the airport was long, and Kurt spent the trip staring out the window, saying goodbye to the cow town of Lima, the one place he had dreamt of leaving since he was ten. They finally reached the airport and Burt helped him take out his suitcase from the trunk of the car. They both walked into the airport and Kurt checked in. He was on his way to the Departures when he felt someone tap his shoulder from behind. He turned around and smiled wildly at the face he met.

"Blaine!" Kurt said surprised, and brought Blaine into a hug.

"Surprise!" Blaine yelled, hugging Kurt twice as hard.

"What are you doing here? You're supposed to be at school?" Kurt said seriously.

"What? And not say goodbye to my lovely boyfriend? That's offensive." Blaine teased, pulling out from the hug.

"What did I say, I'm never saying goodbye to you." Kurt said, face breaking off into a wide smile.

"Passengers for Flight 602 to New York, please make your way to the Departure lounge, I repeat, Passengers for Flight 602 to New York, please make your way to the Departure Lounge. Thank you."

Blaine pouted sadly when the intercom had finished the warning. Kurt had more tears in his eyes as he looked at Blaine.

"Did you have time to visit your mom earlier?" Blaine asked, putting his hand on Kurt's arm.

"Yeah I did. Are you sure you're fine with taking care of the grave? I know dad still finds it hard to go on his own-"

"Kurt, It's fine. Now, go and take New York by storm." Blaine said, smiling sadly.

Kurt mouthed an 'okay', not trusting his voice. He turned back to his dad, and Burt pulled Kurt into a big, warm hug. Kurt and Burt were both in tears as they said their final farewell to eachother. Burt was the first to pull out of the hug, and wiped his eyes.

Kurt then turned back to Blaine, but instead of going into the hug for which Blaine had his arms open for. Instead, he ran into Blaine and slammed their mouths together. He didn't care who was looking, this was the last time he would kiss his boyfriend in a long time. Kurt slipped his tongue into Blaine's mouth, and Blaine happily accepted it. They finally broke apart, both breathless and red. The first thing they did was look around, but luckily the area was alone, except for more couples, but they were more preoccupied in their own goodbyes. It was in that moment when they realised that Burt was watching.

"Right, I better go." Kurt said sadly, looking at Blaine and his dad.

"You go on Kid, call when you get there."

"I will. I love you both." Kurt said, he waved at his boyfriend and father, and tearfully walked through the departures.

A while later, he was sat in his seat in the plane and waiting for the plane to start. It was then that Kurt reflected in the last month. How he nearly lost Blaine, but after two weeks of being in a coma he finally awoke. Kurt was there for him, exactly the same way Blaine was there for him. His foot was indeed broken, so he had to use crutches for six weeks. Finn has been playing the overprotective brother ever since, Kurt didn't know whether to be annoyed, or to love it. James was finally put away, and he was put away for eight years, while the other two got five years in prison.

Kurt smiled at how his life at turned out now, things were finally getting back on track. He was hardly having any nightmares, but at times when he did, he had them under control. Now, all he had to do was plan on his reunion with Rachel in New York.

Kurt closed his eyes as the Plane was now ready, and slipped into the best dream ever...his name up in lights in New York, with his family and Blaine cheering him on.

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