some time with demi and Nicky demi let's sleep in Joey room okay okay be back in 1 min okay okay demi come with me why because I want to do something to Joey what kiss him but I don't know how do you have a teddy bear yeah go kiss him and then do the same thing to Joey okay come on demi let go to denise okay hey can we go to the mall with Joey me demi nicky sure thank you Joe Demi nicky sorry girl Joey nicky down stairs and in demi car now or else 1 min and you are going Joey please come down stairs thank you will you please get into demi car thank you demi get nick nicky time to go or else demi Joey destiny time to go okay nicky ready for what just get into the back seat with Joey okay demi lock the door while we tell the boys were we are going The Jonas brothers were done touring and when they went to there house they saw the house next to them that said sold and when they went to knock on the door this young girl about 17teen came and said yes denies came and gave her a hug do you live her yes bye yourself yes the girl name was destiny and said yes my mom and dad left me denies said do you want to be apart of our family the girl said yes so she put the house up for sell and they to get her new clothes and makeup and shoes and bed and dress and she likes Joe but she was not going to tell any body and Joe had a crush on her but she would get really Bad night mere and when that happened she would go into Joe room and get into his bed and he would wake up and she said I have a crush on you don't tell anybody then she ran into her room denies came in her room and asked her what was wrong she told her that she has a crush on Joe and Joe went to tell her that he had a crush on her and when he saw him and asked nick and Joey had to talk to her and nick said I have homework Joey said okay and they were talking when Joe's friend said hi what was demi is nick girlfriend which is my best friend hey girl see you later and nick is waiting in his room for you to come in bye text me Joey let finish our walk Joey will you be my boyfriend please okay yeah hold on hello hi denies yeah guess what Joey is my new boyfriend and let me talk to your new boyfriend okay Joey it is your mom okay hi mommy Joe did destiny ask you to be her boyfriend no I asked her good and you know the rolls now she can stay in your room 2 days a night okay mom where are you guys just taking a walk be back before dinner okay we are walking to the house now okay good job hey demi can I talk to you I have a boyfriend who is nick's brother Joe what do you do if you have a boyfriend well girl you will see just follow my lead where are we going to Joe room but why are we going to Joe room but why to hangout hold we need to ask when you're the girlfriend but what if he is in the shower then you join him Joey we are coming in okay hey baby hey Joey we should double date with demi and nick