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No one's POV

"Hey guys." Jack said walking up to the Wasabi Warrior's usual lunch table in the cafeteria.

A collection of 'Hey', 'Yo' and 'What's up?' greeted the brunette as he sat down smiling.

"Guys, did you hear there's a new girl here?" Milton said.

"Yeah- About that guys-" Jack started but the guys cut him off.

"So?" Kim said eyeing what looked like meatloaf but could have been chicken soup that was sitting on her tray.

"SO? A new girl! Someone who doesn't know us!" Eddie shouted, standing up.

Also gaining the attention of everybody in the lunchroom.

He smiled sheepishly and sat back down.

"And if they're lucky, never will." Jerry mumbled.

"Dude, are you okay?" Jack asked him.

"Yeah. Fine." He said not looking up from his lunch tray, that he didn't know why he had in front of him, because frankly he had no intention of eating that slop.

"It doesn't sound like it." Milton said concerned for his Colombian friend.

"What gave you that impression Milton?" Jerry said more coldly than he expected.

"I thought you'd be happy. Didn't you and Grace just celebrate being together three months?" Kim said happily; the blonde wasn't friends with Grace to say the least.

They were pretty much enemies by now.

Oh Yeah Jerry and Grace celebrated, by Grace making out with another guy.

This he hadn't told the guys.

He's starting to think of himself as Single now.

People on Facebook would ask him how his girlfriend was and his immediate reaction was 'What? Who? What girlfriend?'. He knew Grace was a popular girl in school- Extremely popular actually. She's like the Queen Bee of Seaford high. But she's been fighting with another girl from the cheer squad for that spot- But he didn't think she was capable of being a jerk.

"Yeah. I gotta go." Jerry mumbled before standing up and throwing his trash away, only to bump into someone on his way out the door.

He caught whoever it was and their falling backpack. He met eyes with a heavily breathing, beautiful (at least he thought she was beautiful) brunette girl with penetrating brown eyes.

Missy's POV

I opened the door to the cafeteria, and accidently bumping into someone.

I closed my eyes ready to hit the hard hallway floor.

But for some reason- I never did.

I opened my eyes to a concerned black haired, brown eyed boy, that was actually really cute.

I stood up straight, brushing my shirt that said 'Love Dance' off and realizing that I didn't have my backpack.

"Where's my backpack?" I asked to no one in particular, looking around for it.

The brown eyed boy in front of me held up my pink backpack.

I smiled and took it from him.

He smiled back and I blushed, looked down and put my backpack back on.

"Cool shirt yo!" I looked down at it, then back up at the smiling brown eyed boy.

"Thanks." I said.

"Are you a dancer?" He asked me.

I nodded.

"Sweet! What kind of dance do you do?" He asked me.

"Jazz, Lyrical, Tap, Irish, Pom, Broadway, Acro, Ballet and Powerhouse Jazz... Just to name a few." I laughed.

He laughed with me before asking, "Have you done Hip-Hop?"

I shook my head, "I tried it, but I wasn't very good at it."

"Hey, if you wanna get better at it, I'd be happy to help you." He said, I smiled at him.

"Really?" He nodded.

"Why not?" He said.

"Well, Because you just met me, and you don't even know my name or anything about me." I told him.

He nodded but said, "True, But I know you've got to have some skill to pull off Powerhouse Jazz and Tap. It's hard stuff, Or so I hear." He said not letting the smile leave his face.

I nodded. "It is." I said, trying not to look at his eyes.

"Hey, I'm Jerry, By the way." He said.

I smiled, "OH yeah, I've heard about you." I joked shaking his hand.

"Really?" He asked surprised.

"No." I said shaking my head.

We both laughed.

"I'm Melissa but my twin brother calls me Missy." I told him.

"Well, it's nice to meet you Missy..." He thought about that sentence for a minute. "You know, if you ignore the part where I bumped into you. Sorry about that by the way."

I shook my head. "That's okay. Trust me I've been hit way harder than that before."

"Speaking of, what's that on your eye?" He must have just now gotten a close up look at my face.

I quickly snapped my hand up and covered my right eye.

"Pink eye." I stated simply.

I'm so bad at lying.

"Really? Cuz it looks more like a Black eye." He said.

I laughed at his wordplay, but when I didn't respond, he cleared his throat obviously figuring out to not push the subject any more.

"What's your next class?" He asked me.

"Uhhhh..." I said fumbling around in my backpack for my folder, but unfortunately for me a couple other things fell out of my bag.

He bent down and picked them up.

"You write songs?" He asked, looking at the top notebook that was on the pile he had just picked up off the floor.

"Yeah, but they're not very good." I said quickly, grabbing my stuff from him, stuffing them back in my backpack. "It looks like, Spanish II."

I sighed.

"Great." I mumbled.

"I can show you where that is if you want. I'm in that class too." He said.

"Thanks. I keep getting lost." I told him.

He pointed to the hallway in front of him and we started walking.

"So, do you speak Spanish; or are you just in this class because that's what was on your schedule?" Jerry asked me.

"I wish. I've been taking Spanish since 6th grade and I can't even carry on a conversation with someone." I told him.

"Don't worry the Spanish teacher is very unique here." He said.

I nodded, not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

Turns out it was a bad thing.

A very bad thing.

~Screen Flip~

The teacher just starts speaking fluent Spanish from the second she walks into the room.

"I'm dead." I mumble to myself putting my head on my desk.

"La Sra. Anderson ¿hay algo que le gustaría compartir con la clase?" (Author's note: "Ms. Anderson is there something you would like to share with the class?" :) )

I glanced to my right, which is where Jerry was seated.

I didn't know how to respond so I just shook my head no- not that I knew what she was saying eaither.

"Muy bueno. Y la clase Démosle la bienvenida a la Sra. Anderson Seaford alto, ya que es su primer día." (AN: "Very good. And class please Welcome Ms. Anderson to Seaford high, as this is her first day.")

The teacher walked over to the dry erase board that has replaced the chalk boards here, and I glanced at Jerry.

"I thought you said she's an easy teacher." I whispered to Jerry.

"I said she was Unique. I never said she was easy. There's a difference." He whispered back.

"Terrific." I mumbled.

"I'm suppressed you know the difference, Martinez." Some kid that was already getting on my nerves said from the seat behind us.

"Shut it Randy." Jerry snarled.

I turned back to my notebook without a word.

Obviously they weren't friends.

Or anything close to that.

~Kickin' It With you!~

"Hey Missy! Wait up!"

I heard a familiar voice call from behind me.

I stopped and turned around seeing a sprinting Jerry heading my way.

He caught up to me and stopped in front of me.

"Do you have any plans?" He asked me.

"Uh, Jerry I heard from some girl in Bio that you have a girlfriend and-"

He cut me off.

"No, as friends."

For some odd reason, that almost hurt to hear him say that.

"I figured maybe you'd like to take your mind off of your first day... here," He mentioned to the white and blue school behind us. "And maybe just hang out for a little while."

I thought about it for a second.

"Sure." I told him, biting my bottom lip.

~Kickin' It With You!~

"Your hair got dyed pink?" I asked laughing.

"Yeah. Turns out it was Truman putting Eddie up to it the whole time." He said still laughing.

"So is this Eddie guy, your friend?" I asked him once our laughter died down.

"Yeah, him, Milton, Jack, Kim and Me all go to that dojo right there." He motioned behind him to a Brown dojo with green lights spelling out 'BOBBY WASABI MARTAIL ARTS ACADEMY'.

"Oh yeah, I've heard a lot about this place- Wait did you say Jack?" I asked him.

He nodded, "Yeah Jack, he's like a martial arts genius. The stuff he can do is insane man."

I put my smoothie down on the table.

"You know he kind of looks like you... a lot. Minus the obvious." He said examining my facial features.

"You don't know my last name do you?" I asked him.

He shook his head.

"No. Not unless you told me and I didn't hear you or I zoned out." He said.


I couldn't finish my sentence though because somebody interrupted me.

"Well, Well, Well, what do we have here? Beauty and Beast."

I recongized that voice.

But we'll get to that story later.

"What do you want Frank?" Jerry hissed.

We both stood up.

"I wanted to see what kind of new girlfriend you swaped out with Grace."

"I'm not his... girlfriend." I said.

It almost sounded weak.

Dang hormones.

Unfortunatly, I can't blame them for everything.

But in this case I'm going too.

"Don't you have to get back to your dojo Frank?" Jerry said, Obvouisly annoyed with Frank's pressence.

"Not untill I teach you two a lesson."

"Pretty hard to do when your 19 and in the 7th Grade." Jerry said.

Frank got annoyed by this and sent a punch towards Jerry.

I stepped infront of him and caught his fist.

"Okay, You probably shouldn't have done that." I said before kicking frank in the side.

Two other Black Dragon's came after us and I took one and Jerry took the other.

When we where done, They where laying on the ground, groaning in pain.

"And that's why you don't hit a girl." I told Frank before turning to Jerry.

"Where'd you learn to fight like that Missy? You're awesome!" He said, out of breath.

"My grandfather." I told him.

Before I could go any further a short blond man in a gi and a black belt tied around his waist came running out of the dojo with a blonde girl-about my hight, an african american- just slightly taller than the blonde, a brunette that I knew all to well who he was, and a red head kid- towering over me and the blonde.

"What happened out here?" He short man said.

"Rudy, The Black Dragon's attacked us, and Missy here took out 5 Black Dragon's all by herself!" Jerry explained to him.

The short blonde man turned his attention over to me.

"Hi, Sensei Rudy Calephsi (Author's note: I have no idea how to spell that. But I'm glad they finally gave Rudy a last name though! :) )." He said, wildly shaking my hand.

"Nice to meet you sensei." I said, bowing.

"Have you taken Karate before?" Sensei Rudy asked me.

I nodded, "Yeah I studdied with our Grandfather." Motioning to the brunette.

The Sensei stood there, confused.

"Pardon?" He asked.

I sighed, "I'm Missy Anderson." I said before the brunette came and stood next to me.

"Twin sister, of Jack Anderson." He said.

They gasped.

"Whoa." The sensei looked at us.

"Twins?" He clarified.

We nodded.

He stood there before running around like a nutcase, then back into the dojo screaming something about he's not a failure.

"Twins?" the blonde said. "How come you didn't tell us?" She said.

"Well, I tried to, but everytime I tried one of you cut me off." Jack said.

"Twins?" the red head, african american and Jerry said.

"Are they always like this?" I asked Jack.

~Kickin' It With You!~

"Okay, so you knew about us- How come we didn't know about you?" Eddie said as we sat down in a booth at 'Falafel Phil's'.

"I went to a Private school near here." I told them.

"How come your not still there?" Milton asked.

"Some... Things happend and my parent's had me swich schools." I told them.

"Do you mind if we ask, What school you went to? There's only two in the area. Swathmore Academy and Seaview Academy." Kim said.

"Swathmore." I told them, knowing that they hated that school. "But trust me- I'm nothing like them. I just went there because it was gonna help me with my music." I reassured them.

"Oh Kim- I heard you beat Claire in the Pearl of Seaford Pageant." I said.

"Yes I did." She said proudly.

"Up top." I said, and we hi-fived.

"Jack- You're sister is awesome. I'm not gonna be the only girl babysitting you guys anymore." She said.

I laughed.

"Hey!" Was the guys responce to Kim's comment.

"Guys, I love you- But it's a tiring job." She said.

"So I've heard." I told her.

"Oh my gosh- We have to have a sleepover sometime." Kim said, getting excited.

"I'd love to, I haven't had a sleepover in forever!" I told her.

"Great! What about Friday night? My Place?" She asked.

"I have horseback riding at 5 but I'm sure you can come with." I told her.

The boys groaned in boredom.

"Oh sorry are we boreing you?" I asked them with fake sympathy.

"A Little bit." Jerry said, sipping on his drink.

"We'll get out of your hair then. Oh My gosh- There's this new store in the mall, and I can't take the guys in there. Wanna come with?" Kim asked me.

"Sure! See ya at home Jack." I said getting up from the table as me and Kim grabbed our bags.

"But what about-"

"Bye Jack." I said on my way out of the resturant.

~Kickin' It With You!~

"So what's the deal with you and my brother?" I asked Kim as she held up a dress to me.

I shook my head and she put it back on the rack.

"Deal? there's nothing going on between me and Jack." She said.

"Really? Because I've heard differnt" I told her.

"Really?" She said.

"Yup. Jack won't shut up about you. It's annoying... and Sweet." I told her.

"Really?" She asked again.

I nodded. She pulled out a long Purple dress with gold straps.

"That's cute!" I said taking it from her.

"Yup, Perfect for the dance in two weeks." She said.

I ripped my eyes away from the dress and focused them on my blonde friend.

"Pardon?" I asked her.

"The Homecoming Halloween Masquerade ball...?" She said.

I nodded in understanding.

"OH yeah, I heard some girl's talking about it in Bio today." I told her.

"You should so go with Jack." I said.

"What-" I cut her off, "He likes you Kim. I'm sure of it. There for..." I said pulling out an orange strapless dress.

"I'll try it on." She said trying to sound bored, she took it from me and I laughed at the excited look on her face when she ran to the dressing rooms.

My phone viabrated in my pocket.

I pulled it out.

New text message from Unknown Number.

I debated on whether I should open it or not.

I fliped open my phone and opened the text.

Watch your back, Anderson. He's mine.

I stared at the text for a minute before turning around and looking around the store.

No body was on their phone that I saw.

Who is this?

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