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Last Time on 'The More Boys I Meet, The More I Love My Dog'

"The director wants me to play Ariel."


"What do you mean you don't know what you're gonna do?!" Kim screeched.

I shrugged, "Well. It's really simple really. ... -I don't know what I'm gonna do." I tell her, giving her a look.

She rolls her eyes, "Missy, You can't just not go! We're talking Broadway! That's huge!" Kim gushed.

"I don't know. It seems like a lot to take in." I say slumping down on my bed. The guys where standing around Kim and I's hotel room and Kim was laying on her bed and I was well... slouching on mine.

"So? You'll get used to it!" Kim says.

I look at the guys then back at my lap. "Not after the disaster tonight." I say quietly.

"What are you talking about?" Kim asked.

"Uh- Missy- You may or may not wanna see this..." Rudy calls. I whipped my head to where Rudy was standing and he saw that he was looking at something on his phone. He turned to the TV and flipped it onto some channel. I shared a look with Kim while we stood up and walked over to the TV.

Onscreen was a reporter- the reporter that I had talked to earlier that evening- with the words "Broadway Directors Gone Insane?" Written in Red at the top of the screen.

"People can't stop buzzing about the normal 14-year- old Missy Anderson who is filling in for the actress playing Ariel in The Little Mermaid for opening night, on the Broadway stage, this friday." Silent video (You could see me but you couldn't hear me.) showed up in a box next to her of our interview from earlier. I groaned and put my face in my hands.

"The teenager is new to perfessionaly performing, and hasn't done anything infront of an audience before her performance earlier this evening at the opening party."

"What?" All the guys say. I wince and feel like dying.

"Her performance of her orignal song 'Crazy Dreams' made us think she was a sweet, down to earth, small town girl, but when we talked to her, it seems like the fame has already gone to her head that she didn't bother herself enough to answer the questions fully." I wince again and Jerry gives me a hug. I burry my face in his shoulder, not wanting to hear this.

The video from earlier came off of mute and filled the whole screen. "'You're how old now?''14.''And this is the first time you've ever performed infront of people?' 'Uhhh, Yeah...'"

"Wait a second, she didn't say that- I heard her it was something about her, a 14 year old, playing a 16 year old mermaid." Jack said, disbelief ringing throughout his voice. I wince and try to keep myself from loosing it.

"'My sources tell me you came here with your best friends. Most of them being boys.'-"

Kim talks over the reporter, "I'd like to know what her sources are..." then she starts to mumble something I can't hear.

"Kim..." Milton warns. I hear Kim stop talking and the reporter is now back on the screen.

"I'm thinking that this small town girl is has a small case of diva-ness. Watch out Broadway, this star obvouisly can't handle sharing the spotlight with anyone but herself. That was live from the Green Carpet just a mere couple hours ago, now to Billy with weather."

I pull away from Jerry and wipe under my eyes with my sleeve.

I suddenly want to go home.

"Diva-ness?" Eddie asks.

I shrug and flop back down on my bed.

"I wanna go home!" I say loudly into the sheets, making it sound muffled.

~Kickin' It With You!~


I walked into the Broadway stage with the gang behind me and Jerry next to me.

But when I pushed open the big wooden doors, cameras where pointed at me, microphones shoved in my face and lights flashing in my eyes. I had to cover my eyes from the blinding white light.

"Great." I mumbled.

"How do celebrities do this?" Kim yelled over the reporters shouting things at me.

"That's what I'd like to know!" I yell back at her.

Jack taps my shoulder and points to the stage. I see Mr. Berkley standing there with a microphone. I nod and we push through the reporters and run up the aisle, and up onstage.

"Okay, Listen up crazy, pea sized brain, paparazzi people." I say into the microphone as Jack & Jerry grab the guitars, Milton goes and turns on the keyboard, and Eddie grabs his drumsticks and sits behind the drums. "I'm not who that reporter says I am. Okay? I'm a 14 year old freshman, from Colorado, I'm a twin, and me and my family moves around a lot. I really am not who you think I am. This is a song I came up with last night. Please just listen before you go around telling people you know me, when you don't."

18 years have come and gone

For momma they flew by

But for me they drug on and on

We were loading up that Chevy

Both tryin' not to cry

Momma kept on talking

Putting off good-bye

Then she took my hand and said

'Baby don't forget

Before you hit the highway

You better stop for gas

There's a 50 in the ashtray

In case you run short on cash

Here's a map and here's a Bible

If you ever lose your way

Just one more thing before you leave

Don't forget to remember me'

This downtown apartment sure makes me miss home

And those bills there on the counter

Keep telling me I'm on my own

And just like every Sunday I called momma up last night

And even when it's not, I tell her everything's alright

Before we hung up I said

'Hey momma, don't forget to tell my baby sister I'll see her in the fall

And tell Memaw that I miss her

Yeah, I should give her a call

And make sure you tell Daddy that I'm still his little girl

Yeah, I still feel like I'm where I'm supposed to be

Don't forget to remember me'

Tonight I find myself kneeling by the bed to pray

I haven't done this in a while

So I don't know what to say but

'Lord I feel so small sometimes in this big ol' place

Yeah, I know there are more important things,

But don't forget to remember me

But don't forget to remember me'

I smiled as everybody clapped and cheered.

Mr. Berkley came up onstage.

"So Missy, what do you think about being the full-time Ariel?" He asked me.

"I-" I looked at the guys who were now standing behind me. They nodded. "I don't know. Give me a couple hours."

"2 hours, and that's all you got. Sorry but sweetheart, if you're not going to do it, I need to hold auditions."

I nod.

~Kickin It With You!~


"Missy?" I turn around to face Jerry standing in the doorway. I'm out on the balcony of my hotel room, looking out over the NYC skyline.

"Hey Jerry."

He comes and stands next to me.

"Missy, why are you on the fence about this?"

"Because- Because I've moved around enough already, Jerry, I don't want to move again. Plus, I couldn't stand leaving you-" I put my hand over my mouth to keep myself from saying anything else. "You guys." I coughed, trying to cover it up. He nodded, like he didn't hear my slip-up.

"You wouldn't be leaving us, after the 8 months of the show is over, you can come back to Seaford. Plus we can video chat you every day."

I look over at him and sigh.

I guess I should've known better,

to believe I'm a lucky chain, Oh.

I lent my heart out forever,

and finally learned each other's names.

I tell myself, "this time it's different."

No goodbyes, cause eyes can't bear to say it.

"I'll never survive on one that's coming",

If I stay, Ooh!

Just Walk Away! Ooh, and don't look back.

Cause if my heart breaks, It's gonna hurt so bad.

You know I'm strong, but I can't take that.

Before It's too late. Oh, just Walk Away!

(Walk, Walk, Walk Away) Ooh, just Walk Away!

(Walk, Walk, Walk) Away-aye-aye, yeah.

I really wish I could blame you, but I know

That it's no one's fault. No, No. No, No

Cinderella with no shoe, and

the prince that doesn't know he's lost.

He says that her face is so familiar, and

Goodbye with just the same old song.

But this time I will not surrender!

'Cause I'm gone, Ooh, yeah!

Just Walk Away! Ooh, and don't look back.

Cause if my heart breaks, It's gonna hurt so bad.

You know I'm strong, but I can't take that.

Before It's too late. Oh, just Walk Away!

(Walk, Walk, Walk Away) Ooh, just Walk Away!

(Walk, Walk, Walk) Away-aye-aye, yeah.

Ooh, I've got to let it go.

Start protecting my heart and soul.

Cause I don't think I'll survive a goodbye again.

Not again!

Just Walk Away! Ooh, and don't look back.

Cause if my heart breaks, It's gonna hurt so bad.

You know I'm strong, but I can't take that.

Before It's too late. (Before It's Too Late!)

Oh, just Walk Away!

(Walk, Walk, Walk Away) Walk Away, Walk Away, yeah!

(Walk, Walk, Walk Away!) Walk Away, Walk Away, All right!

(Walk Away, Walk Away, Yeah, Walk Away!) Walk Away, Walk Away.

(Oh, Walk, Walk, Walk Away!) Walk Away, Walk Away, Ooh..


~Kickin' It with You!~


"And 5, 6, 7, 8!" I watched from the front row of the theater, feeling slightly depressed. I blew a piece of a hair out of my face as I rested my head in my hand.

The gang had went home a week ago and I had chosen to take the deal. Although being here and doing the show was fun, it was way more fun when I could finish a show and run off and tell the guys how many times I had messed up and nobody even noticed.

I pulled out my phone and sighed when I just saw my basic lock screen.


I hadn't talked to the guys in a week.

Except Jack, I called him every night. Problem is, now I'm 3 hours ahead of them, so we rarely got time to have a two minute conversation.

I sighed and put my face in my hands, leaning my elbows on my knees.

If I knew I was going to be this miserable, I would never have stayed.

I'm living with my aunt until the show ends in 8 months. (Broadway shows do 8 shows a week for 8 months [I think they like the number 8 :P] :)) And I had fun, don't get me wrong, but I felt like I was faking a smile all the time.

Did I really want to be doing this if it made me this depressed?

~Kickin It With You!~ -in Seaford

"Have you talked to Missy, Jack?" Jerry asked his friend as they packed up from an oddly quiet practice.

"Yeah, She's having fun." Jack said, half faking a smile, half smiling. "New York's food is better then the cafeteria food here, she says." Jack laughs slightly and the guys laugh too.

"It's weird- it seems quiet without her here." Eddie says.

Milton nods, "Yeah! And I almost miss her falling flat on her face in front of Jerry."

The guys laugh but stop when Kim holds up her hand and steps toward Jerry, "Wait- Jerry, you knew she likes you, right?"

Jerry nodded and Milton says, "Kim, it's kind of hard to miss."

Kim waves her hand at Milton to tell him to be quiet and says, "Why didn't you say something to her before we left? Don't you want to have a girlfriend?"

"Of course I do. I- It just wouldn't be fair to her. I'm not what she needs. She needs a guy who's not as-"

"Goofy? What if I like that?"

What the-

The Warrior's head snapped around to the dojo doors to see a certain smiling Wasabi Warrior standing there, with a suitcase and a coat draped over her arm.

"MISSY!" The warriors yelled running over to me, almost tackling me over onto my butt, embracing me in a giant group hug.

"Why aren't you in New York!?" Eddie asked once they all released me from their grasp.

"I missed you guys too much." I smiled and sighed. "SO- when I graduate high school I'm playing Ariel over in New York for 8 months then and I just signed with Mr. Berkley's friend's record label." I informed them.

They cheered and gave me another big hug.

"Hey, this calls for some Falafel!" Jack says.


"Okay, I actually missed his greasy stomach ache balls." I laugh.

They laugh at me and head out the door.

"We'll catch up with you guys!" Jerry called after them, as he grabbed my arm gently.

"We will?" I questioned him.

"I have to tell you something." He said.

I smiled and urged him to go on.

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