So it's been weeks since I've escaped the Edison Group. I'm on my own now, I'm going back home to my dad. I have had any contact with him since I was put in the Lyle house, that was months ago. I hope he isn't too worried, and then again, I already know he's worried sick.

I'm sitting in the back of a pickup truck. The Boy's dad is driving. It's quiet back here, Simon is drawing his comics and Derek has his arm around my waist. I'm not too sure if I should call him my boyfriend yet. Just a few weeks ago he walked me to the forest and spilled his soul out to me. He had a way with words; I couldn't get over how he'd smirk when I'd catch him looking at me or how he's pretend to yawn so he can put his arm around my shoulders. He was too good to be true. We didn't always start out like this though. It's okay because now we have such a beautiful relationship, well not relationship but you get the idea.

We've already dropped Tori off and Liz said her good byes. Well I had to tell everyone she said good bye because no one else could see her but me. I miss Liz, but thankfully she said I can summon her whenever I need to talk to someone. Even when she was dead she was a good listener. Aunt Lauren was up front with the Boys' dad. That left us three back here, leaving an awkward silence between us.

Simon liked me, and at first, I thought I liked him too, but something with stronger with Derek and I couldn't believe it actually. Maybe that's what made this all so awkward: Simon's brother got the girl he had a major crush on. It makes me feel so bad that Simon was still upset, even if he tried to deny it, you could totally tell.

Simon closed his notebook and set it next side of him. He just stared at Derek and I and then back down at his lap. The feeling in my stomach came back, the feeling you get when you know you disappointed someone and no matter how many times you say sorry they'll always remember what you did. Yeah that feeling. I hid my face in Derek's shoulder; he scooted closer to me and cuddled with me. Derek cuddling? I mean he already spilt his feelings out to me, now he's holding me in his arms. This wasn't a problem. He smelt really nice today, like a musky smell but also comforting. I'm guessing he got his hands on some cologne. The werewolf started to play with my hair that was loose from my pony tail and kissed my neck a little. I couldn't help myself but giggle; it tickled so much and made me so nervous! Simon looked pissed and picked his notebook back up.

"You know you don't have to brag, Derek." Simon huffed.
"Not bragging, I'm just enjoying my girlfriend before she leaves."

Whoa, 'girlfriend'? He considered me his girlfriend? I could feel my heart pounding through my rib cage as the thought of being someone's girlfriend raced through my mind.

"Whatever man, just keep it to a minimum." Simon shook his head and closed his eyes like he were trying to sleep.

Derek shook his head. I didn't even know Simon could get neither mad nor upset with Derek. They were the closest siblings I've ever seen; even if they weren't blood brothers. Derek went back to kissing my neck and I went back to nervously giggling. His hand started to make its way to my thigh, I shook my head.

"Uh there are people in the car; I prefer my first time not to be in the back of a pickup truck with your brother next to us and my aunt up front." I whispered carefully for neither Simon nor Aunt Lauren to hear me.

"I'm sorry, baby, I can't control myself sometimes. You're just too pretty to resists. I'll stop though. For now." He said with a playful twist at the end.

I couldn't help but be swarmed with butterflies; I felt my face getting hot. Not only did Derek call me his girlfriend, but he called me 'baby'. Can you just even imagine Derek calling someone "baby"? My God he was so perfect, I felt like I already loved him. Maybe it's just still new to me.

The truck was coming to a stop, and Aunt Lauren was being dropped off. We're at her house. She's getting out of the car and thanking the Boys' dad for everything, she walks over to the back of the truck.

"C'mon Chloe it's time to leave your "friends".
"I'm not leaving. I'm going home to see my dad."

"Chloe, listen to me, get out of the car. We can call your father when we get inside and I'll drive you over there. Now get out."

"No, I'm not leaving and you can't make me. I'm going straight home to my dad. I want to see him."

Aunt Lauren looked furious; she threw her hands in the air and readjusted her purse onto her shoulder. She quickly turned around and headed to the door steps; stopping then looking back to see if I was following. I wasn't. It's time for me to start making my own decisions. I'm my own person and I can decide what I want.

Simon got out of the car and went up into the front seat. Leaving me and Derek alone in the bed of the truck. Alone time with Derek is what I wanted.

"So…" Derek said as he laced his fingers in between mine. "Can I kiss you now or you don't want people to see that either."

I couldn't help but laugh, even when he teased me I got butterflies.

"I think I'm okay with a little bit of kissing." I said leaning into his plump lips, they were so warm and soft; almost like they were the best things on this earth. I could feel the sparks. Derek pulled away to breathe then dove right back into my lips. He was strangely good at kissing. Maybe I just thought that cause of my lack of kissing.

"I talked to my dad… and turns out, he might get a place near yours."

I smiled, I probably looked like a huge goofball cause I smiled so big.

"R-really? That'd be great! I'd love if you lived close!"

"I'd love it too, which is why I'm so excited. I'd get to see my girlfriend every day."

There's that feeling again.

"I'd love to live right next to my b-b-boyfriend too."

Derek chuckled. "Too strange to say I'm your boyfriend?"

It was my turn to laugh. "Yes it is!"

He laughed and then smiled as he put his arm around my waist again.

"We're here."