Dad drove us to the park; it was dusk out and the air had a cool feeling to it. He parked the BMW and we began to hike to a woodsy part of the park. I took off my heels and began to carry them; walking in grass was difficult when you were wearing 4 inch heels. For the distance of the walk, the only things you could hear were the crunching of the grass as we stepped on it and owls' hoots. The sun was completely gone; the air began to get even colder. We got to a good enough spot, and we both sat down. I promised Dad I'd tell him everything, so I guess it's time to do that now.

I told him everything, from the Lyle house; what it was really about, to us running away and about how The Edison group had tried killing us. Dad looked shocked, like he couldn't tell if I was full of it or if this was really happening to me.
"Chloe, this is so crazy! How could they even do this? They tried killing you!" His tone was full of anger, which I guess I couldn't fault him for.
"I know, Dad, I was there. I've been running for so long; fearing for my own life!" Flash backs of the Edison Group firing guns at us hit me; I felt the same frightened emotion I did then. I took a deep breath and relaxed.
"Dad, are you ready for me to show you?" He flattened his tie and raised his gaze over to me.
"What exactly are you going to be doing?"
"I'll try raising something from the dead; probably like a squirrel or a rabbit or something."
"Okay, what if something goes wrong?"
"Nothing will, I have complete control, don't worry." Dad took a deep breath and tried to regain the color to his face. I guess he was just as nervous as I was; I only just learned how to raise things.

I smoothed my dress and began to focus; making my breathing regular and trying to be as calm as I can get. I concentrated the best I could; looking for something to call, to hear some cry for help. I sat there, Dad just watching me. I got this feeling; the feeling I always get when I begin to be connected with someone. I thought at first it'd just be a weird connection with a dead rabbit or something, but I was wrong. My dad gasped as he seen a human corpse come out from the ground. The skeleton was fresh; still some hair and clothes weren't decomposed either. My dad's face drained of all color that was ever there and started to panic.
"Dad, calm down, he can't hurt you." The tone in his voice was fierce, almost like he was angry.
"Chloe, there is a fucking skeleton right in front of us, that YOU brought here. How the fuck do you expect me to calm down!?" My dad never spoke to me like this, ever. It almost brought tears to my eyes; no one ever spoke to me like that before, even if they were furious with me.
"I know what I'm doing and you promised to be calm!" He grew even more furious with me; what did I do wrong?
"Chloe put that fucking thing back where it fucking belongs!" The corpse began to weep, Dad probably couldn't hear it but I sure did. It wept and wept, almost like it wanted us to stop arguing. I had no answer to my dad; all I could do is look away so he couldn't see my tears. The corpse began to call for me.
"Girl, what do you want?" I sighed, not only is my dad mad at me but now I have a frustrated corpse laying in front of me.
"I just wanted to show my dad about you. That's all" Dad looked up, he cocked his head like he thought I was actually crazy for talking to bones.
"Please let me rest, I am tired."
"Can I ask you a few things before you go?"
"Sure girl, please make it quick." I nodded.
"What's your name, how'd you get here?" the skeleton wept some more, more like a cry though.
"Andrew Saunders was murder by strange men." Saunders? Could we be related?
"How long ago?"
"Around 6 months. Can I rest now?"
"Of course you can." I pushed his soul free and his body back into the ground. That name rang throughout my head though; Andrew Saunders. Dad looked at me and shook his head.
"Maybe you should be in that crazy Lyle house after all." My heart sank, and tears filled my eyes again; I'm pretty sure my makeup hand been running down my face by now.
"Dad… how could you say that to me?" I was crushed.
"Chloe, you're obviously a monster. I mean look at what you're capable of!" That was it. I lost it. The tears streamed down my face like never before.
"How could you possible tell me I'm a monster?" He shook his head and stood up.
"Let's go home." He started walking away. I got up and followed him.

The car ride felt like the longest car ride of my life; it was silent and I hated my father more than anything. I thought he was the only one I could trust, but I guess not.

I walked up to my room, my dad slammed his door; so much for us spending a week together. I kicked off my shoes and threw myself on my bed and just let all of my tears out. I was so miserable. I didn't want these stupid powers, I didn't even like them! I sat up and sighed. I got up to change out of my dress when my phone started to ring. It was a text from a number I didn't recognize.
"Hey there beautiful, hope your night's going great, I miss you " Who could this be? I quickly typed something back asking who this was.
"Such a shame my beautiful girlfriend doesn't know my own number " I wiped the tears off of my cheeks and smiled, I can't believe Derek was texting me! I was so excited my fingers kept slipping off of the buttons.
"Hey Derek! Sorry I didn't recognize the number. Didn't know you had a phone?"
"Yeah, got one earlier today, how is things with your old man?" Derek was such a slow texter.
"Well, things could've been better, he hates me."
"No he doesn't, you told him right? It's just a lot to take in. Are you busy tomorrow, Baby?" My heart raced when he called me Baby.
"No I don't think so, why?"
"Good, be ready by 7, I'm picking you up tomorrow. Bye, love you 3" What, where was he taking me? I didn't worry too much, I'm glad he texted me, he really made my night much better. He said he loved me, woah. Those are some magical words.

Derek is literally perfect. I wonder what he has planned. I slipped out of my dress and threw on some sweats and a tank top. I crawled into bed a snuggled up with my blanket. I reached for my phone to read his messages again and save his number. 'Derek3' was his new name now. I smiled and replied back to him.
"Can't wait to see you tomorrow, I love you " I quickly fell asleep.