Danya waved goodbye as the big blue box slowly disappeared back into the Time Vortex. She made sure her sonic screwdriver was placed safely back into the inside pocket of her black blazer and looked around. This was her new home. This was Cardiff. She caught a glimpse of something in the corner of her eye, something that shouldn't be there. That's a perception filter her father's voice, ever so helpfully, supplied inside her head. A rather good one too. Wonder what they're hiding. Dany smiled and went closer to investigate. She pulled out her sonic screwdriver and quickly sonic-ed it. She looked at the readings and almost giggled. It was an elevator. She stepped on, braced herself and sent the energy from her sonic screwdriver straight into the mechanism controlling the lift. As it was traveling downward, Danya contemplated what could possibly be awaiting her below. She adjusted her black fedora more firmly on the top of her chocolate-colored curls.

Taking a deep breath she whispered, "Geronimo." She was nearly there.

"Who the hell are you?" a very well-dressed man with a very dangerous-looking gun demanded as the lift came to a stop. Danya smiled in a very non-threatening manner and quickly stowed her sonic in the back pocket of her dark-wash jeans. She had seen this man before, in files of some of her father's adventures before he met Mummy.

"My name is Danya Song," she said with a smirk. "My dad's told me all about you, Captain Jack Harkness."

The man was momentarily speechless. He shook his head before focusing back on her, his gun not wavering an inch.

"Your dad?"

"Yeah," she said, as if explaining this to a small child. "He's called The Doctor, travels in a big blue box called a TARDIS, saves the universe… is any of this sounding familiar? And could you please stop pointing that gun at me?"

Jack nodded and lowered the gun. He seemed a bit shell-shocked by the knowledge Dany had given him.

"I didn't know he had a daughter," he said at last.

"He doesn't right now, I'm from the future. He sent me back here to help."

The large room they had been standing in which had been empty started slowly filling with people.

"Well then," Jack said at last when he had finally processed everything. "Welcome to Torchwood, Danya Song."

Dany smiled and adjusted the lapel of her blazer.

"Introductions!" Jack said with more than a slight amount of glee, offering her a hand to step off the lift. "Toshiko Sato," the Asian woman nodded and smiled. "Gwen Cooper," the slightly gap-toothed young woman smiled and waved. "Owen Harper,"

"That's Doctor Owen Harper, thank you!" the wiry young man shouted while giving Dany a short wave. "And last, but never least, Ianto Jones, our operations manager." The very well-dressed young man nodded with a shy smile and offered Danya a hand to shake,

"Nice to meet you all," Dany said. "So what do we do first?"

"Well," Jack said. "Owen should probably give you a medical exam, just to make sure you don't have any weird alien diseases."

"Okay," she said, shedding her blazer and revealing the lacy white v-neck blouse underneath. "Which way, Doctor Harper?"

Owen smiled, "I like her!" he said, offering his arm. "Right this way, Miss Song."

Jack just smiled and shook his head. He had much to contemplate. If the Doctor sent his daughter, something big was definitely going to happen. He headed to his office.

Owen got out his stethoscope and began listening to Dany's heart. He moved to the other side, took a listen and moved back to the other just to make sure he wasn't imagining things.

Dany fought back giggles watching this. "I guess I should have mentioned this, I have two hearts."

He looked at her in shock. "What are you?" he asked.

"I'm an alien," she said simply.

Owen didn't wait for her to explain about her (almost) completely human grandparents, he grabbed her wrist rather roughly and dragged her into a cell, locking her in.

She looked around dubiously. "Very nice, very hospitable," she said wryly. She just took a seat on the bench and breathed. Dad said Captain Jack was smart. Hopefully he would fix this, and soon.

"Jack," Owen said, bursting into his office. "We need to talk. About Danya."

Jack looked up. "What about her?"

"She's an alien!"

Jack was unimpressed. "What did you do with her?"

"I put her in a cell, because she's a bloody alien!"

Jack rubbed his temples. "Really, Owen? Do you honestly think I would willingly allow something dangerous in here?"

"Yeah, Owen, really?" Danya said, leaning against the doorframe, twirling her sonic screwdriver between her fingers. Owen looked shocked, Jack just laughed. "I got bored," she said as an explanation.

"How- how did you?" Owen said.

"Sonic screwdriver, works on anything and everything…except wood," she added as an afterthought.

"You are truly your father's daughter," he said.

Danya smiled. "Thanks, but you might want to get everyone together so I can explain exactly what I am, because those cells of yours are not very comfortable."

Jack nodded and spoke into his earpiece, summoning everyone to the meeting room.

"Hi everyone," Dany said to the assembled Torchwood team. "As Owen so artfully discovered today, I have two hearts. He also deduced that I am an alien. This is also true. But allow me to explain. My father is called the Doctor. He is the Last of the Time Lords. My mother is River Song, the daughter of Rory Williams and Amelia Pond, who are both human. Because Mummy was conceived on the TARDIS, she had Time Lord DNA, giving her the ability to regenerate, la de da de da. I'm going to skip a bit because of spoilers, but basically there is me, just enough Time Lord to have two hearts and regeneration, but not enough to continue on the legacy. Have I lost anyone?"

She paused to look around.

"So," Ianto said kind of raising his hand. "Do you have some sort of nickname? Or something?"

Dany looked at him, fighting back a laugh. "Of everything I just told you, that's the only question?"

Ianto nodded.

"Dany," she said. "Danya or Dany. I answer to both."

With Ianto's question breaking the ice, everyone else wanted to know things. Tosh wanted to know how her sonic screwdriver worked, Owen wanted to do a full scan just to see how alien she was and Jack wanted to know how good she was with weaponry.

"Well," she said, answering Jack's query. "Dad's not wild about the gun thing, but Mummy made sure I can shoot and shoot well. Just in case Dad decides fezzes are cool again. Oh, and I know how to fence."

Jack nodded. "Come with me."

Dany followed Jack to an underground shooting range where targets of aliens were set up and there were guns sitting out on a table.

"Pick one, and shoot it."

Dany smirked at him and reached to the small of her back, pulling out a futuristic gun and blowing the head off one of the targets.

"Very funny," Jack said. "Now, pick one that goes with this timestream."

Dany pouted playfully and picked one of the guns from the table. Jack went up behind her, helping her line up the shot.

"Getting a bit friendly there, Captain?" she asked, feeling his chest against her back and fighting back the blush that was quickly coloring her cheeks.

"Just making sure you don't shoot anyone, Danya."

"Right. Sure you are," she said wryly, letting him guide her arm. If her dad could see her now…