A/N: I just watched the episode where Jess finds out about Cece and Schmidt. I love how Jess finds out all three guys have fantasized about her whilst they've 'completed' themselves. Hahaha. It made me want to write SOMETHING about Jess and Nick, one of my most loved fanfictions.

Set during the episode with the Landlord!(;

"Hey Jess, can I talk to you a minute alone?" Nick asks suddenly and I give the Landlord a polite smile as I follow him into the kitchen.

"So what's up? Ready to admit you were wrong?" I change my voice so it's low and croaky. "Hello, my name is Nick and I like eating crow."

"That man wants to sleep with you." He replies instantly.

"No he doesn't."

"Yes he does."

"He's just showing me how to close a closet." I sigh with a roll of my eyes.

"Okay, any time a man shows a woman how to do something from behind, it's just an excuse for him to get really closea dn breath on her neck. Watch any sports movie." His eyes widen and he nods his head to emphasize his point.

"That is not a thing." I scoff.

"Okay, would you mind picking up that mug?" He asks pointing at it.

With a look of incredulous, I pick it up.

"Ah no, you're doing it all wrong." He tuts. "Here, let me show you."

I laugh softly in surprise as he moves to stand behind me.

"No, no, I've been doing this for years."

The warmth radiates from him as he presses into my back and I find my stomach twisting as he presses his chin onto my shoulder. His hand wraps around my wrist that holds the mug and directs it.

"So the way to pick up the mug is like that, you just gotta relax into it." He murmurs, his breath warm against my ear and neck.

"He wasn't doing..." My voice trails off when he twists his head suddenly, his stubble brushing against my cheek.

His lips gently touch my neck and I stiffen in response, my heart going into overdrive. His nose skims along the skin of my cheek and I close my eyes, allowing the soft sensation to send shivers through me.

"Nick, what are you...?" I ask softly as his warm mouth hovers over my pulse.

"Shush Jess." He whispers urgently as he sucks gently on my skin.

I tilt my head back, my skin flushing as a small, un-stoppable moan escapes my lips. As he grabs my wrists, he twists my arms up above my head, turning my body at the same time so that we're pressed against one another. He steps forward, presses me into kitchen counter.

His lips against mine are everything I've been wanting from the moment I laid eyes on him. No one has made me feel like this, my skin is on fire, burning from inside out. My arms wrap around his neck, our bodies flush against one another. My hands slide down his chest and rest at the hem of his trousers before sliding up.

When Nick when through his phase of feeling self-conscious about his body, every second that went by, I wanted to reassure him. I love his body. I think it's perfect. Beautiful.

His skin is hot, warm against my hands as his lips move against mine, tongue against tongue. I need this. I've always needed this. He groans against my lips and I hold him close.

"I've wanted this for so long." He murmurs, nipping gently at my lower lip.

"I have too." I whisper weakly, his touch causing my limbs to weaken, turning into jelly.

"What the hell is going on?" A voice barks from the doorway.

We jerk away from one another and whirl around to find Winston and Schmidt standing shocked in the doorway.

We share a frenzuied look and say in sync, "We can explain."