From the Third to the Fourth [Redux]

A/N: Oops hiatus is over and I tripped thus rewriting this story, sorry- shit- fuck- how the hell is it 2014- *chuckles nervously* so uh, apologizes to all that probably have been waiting for this to continue so hard! By popular demand, this story is back on the roads, starting from scratch so I could fix some things as I go, several things have been changed around, but you will see what those changes are when they come. *casually waits for the I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS to roll in*

With Death Comes A New Life

November 3, 2009


Death tolls in most unexpectedly, yet in a way, Minato was going to embrace his upcoming death either way. Once he fell to the ground, blood seeps out from his wound and spreads across the road of Moonlight Bridge slowly. For those around him - the member of S.E.E.S - flabbergasted at the moment they had to witness their leader being taken down, just after their victory against Strega.

They all started to crowd around him, Aigis holding his hand, constantly whispering to herself how she failed to protect him. Minato placed his other hand, wrapping her hand, if he could tighten his grip, he would. Instead he removed her hand and returned them to his wound, attempting to add pressure as Yukari desperately tried to continually cast Recarm and Diarama in that order over and over again.

Her attempts were futile.

"Mitsuru...?" Minato weakly called for her to come closer to his side, wishing to tell her one last thing before he passed away. Mitsuru kneels down next to him and lowered down as much as she could, "Please..." He choked, knowing that Mitsuru was going to stop him, he places his fingers on her lips, "I'm entrusting the position of leader to you... promise me that."

With that he closed his eyes, drew his final breath, and fell into eternal darkness...

Or so he thought.

Even with everything feeling like they came to an end, Minato knew he was dragged to the Velvet Room to what he thought would be the final time. His eyes remain shut. But he was definitely aware of Igor and Elizabeth sitting across from him, noticing that the soothing piano play, Minato was sure he was called into the Velvet Room.

To be frank he was expecting the chorus of angels telling him that Death is unbeknownst to its prey for the umpteenth time, but something about this whole ordeal felt different to those times.

"My, my, what an unexpected fate to take place, but fear not, for this isn't the end of your journey, but merely just the beginning." Igor informs him with that thrilling, enthusiastic voice, and without needing to see, that grin would grow even bigger. "When fate calls back for you, that will be the time for your proper journey to begin. With that my dear guest, we bid you farewell until time heeds your call."

"We will soon reach your destination." Elizabeth said briefly.

Minato was finally able to open his eyes, blinking, he noticed that the elevator-looking Velvet Room was coming to a slow halt, the slower it got, more noise was being produced; as if like a proper elevator. Upon its halt, the gates behind Igor and Elizabeth slowly open, allowing light to shine through. As it became brighter and brighter, everything around Minato became bright, then back to darkness.

Once silence dawns in, Minato felt himself floating in a vast of emptiness, merely drifting wherever the current takes him.

Then a voice called out to him.

"The time has come for you to reawaken once again. Your journey, oh Wild Card... Starts again."