Summary: A story about the second time the Winchester brothers stay at Bobby's place. Dean is 8, Sam is 3.

Author's note: Since I got such great reviews on my story "My Boys", I figured I would give something back to those of you who claimed you loved it so much that you wished the story would have never come to an end. That's how this story came to life and I hope you'll enjoy it as much as you enjoyed the first one. –Elisa.

"Okay boys; remember if anyone asks I'm your uncle. Got it?" Bobby asked as he lifted Sam into the shopping cart.
"Got it." Dean said and held onto the side of the shopping cart as Bobby started rolling it towards the entrance of the shop.
"Sam, who am I?" Bobby asked and hoped Sam would remember.
"Unca Bobba!" Sam answered with a big smile which made Dean snicker a little.
"Good job, Sammy." Dean then said which made Sam smile ever wider.

- Extract from "My Boys".

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Bobby Singer whistled as he made one of the two beds in his guestroom – a room rarely used in the old house in Sioux Falls. When Bobby had been a kid, the guestroom had been his room but after he took over the house after his parents' deaths, the salvage yard owner had moved into the big bedroom and his room had been degraded to guestroom. Throughout the years, the guestroom had been nothing but a storage room for the two spare beds, since Bobby only had guests on rare occasions and never anyone who spent the night there anyway. But the fate of the guestroom was about to change because Bobby expected two very special guests this day.

John Winchester had called the older hunter a couple of days previously – a call Bobby secretly had been waiting for, for the past six months. John had a demanding hunt to take care of and he had needed someone to look after his boys while doing so.

"You think you might.. I mean, they've stayed with you that one time before and.." John had said over the phone and Bobby had smiled wryly before he'd cut the younger man off.

"You want me to look after the boys?" Bobby had asked.

"If you don't mind." John had said. "Sammy has been a little under the weather the last couple of days, and even though I know Dean knows how to look after his brother, I.."

"Don't worry, I'll take them." Bobby had said while doing his best not to sound too eager on the phone.

That had been two days ago and Bobby couldn't wait for the Winchester brothers to arrive. Ever since John had dropped off his boys at Bobby's house for the first time six months ago, the brothers had had a special place in the older hunter's heart. Dean; the stoic little man with the smug attitude and a fierce protectiveness towards his younger brother, and Sam; the happy little dewy-eyed sweetheart who asked a million questions and loved his older brother more than anything in the entire world (except perhaps his precious Lucky Charms that Bobby had remembered to store in his kitchen this time.) Those boys were the closest thing Bobby had ever come to having kids of his own, and he had decided that he would treat them as had they been his own two sons.

Bobby shook his head at his own sloppiness and glanced towards the second bed in the room. The last time the brothers had been there, Sam had refused to sleep in a bed of his own and had instead ended up sharing the other bed with Dean. Bobby didn't know whether or not things had changed over the past six months, but he had a feeling that the brothers would prefer to share the same bed this time as well, so he didn't bother making the second bed too.

Guestroom taken care of, Bobby continued to whistle as he refilled his dog Ranger's bowl with dog food and scratched the creature behind its ear, before Bobby went through his newly-bought supplies. John had explained to him that Sam had had a bad cold, so Bobby had done some research on the subject to be prepared to handle the sick kid when he and his brother showed up.

Speaking of the boys, Bobby glanced at his wrist watch and realized that John could be here with them any minute now, so the older hunter went to a window and moved the curtains a bit aside to peek outside. No Impala yet. Bobby sighed and impatiently drummed with his fingers on the window sill. What the hell had those boys done to him to make him such a softie?

The older hunter paced a bit back and forth in his living room while half-heartedly following up on some research for a hunter he knew, when suddenly Ranger started barking.

"Are they here?" Bobby asked the dog before peeking through the curtains once more, and he smiled when he saw the black Chevy Impala from '67 come to a stop in the salvage yard.

As Bobby Singer walked the short distance outside to his porch, he wondered if the boys would even remember being at his place before – if they would even remember him – and the salvage yard owner felt his heart drop by the thought of it. Dean would probably remember but would Sam as well?

"Hi Uncle Bobby!" Dean called and waved his hand at the older hunter as he stepped out of the car. The kid took out a bag from the trunk of the car and swung it over his shoulder before he walked towards Bobby with a smile on his face.

"Dean." Bobby smiled and ruffled the young boy's hair when he got close enough. "Good to see you, boy. What have you been up to?"

"Nothing good." Dean smirked and Bobby snorted.

His eyes then caught sight of Sam as John Winchester carried the boy from the car to the porch. The little boy was wearing a beanie and a scarf, and judging from the red color decorating the kid's nose, Bobby was sure that the cold hadn't got much better since John's phone call.

"Hey Bobby." John said.

"Johnny." Bobby nodded and looked from John's face to Sam's. Bobby didn't doubt for a second that the kid was sick. "Hey there, Sam."

"Unca Bobba." Sam said in a congested voice and gave the man a small smile before rubbing his eyes.

Bobby reached out his arms for the boy and his heart swelled when Sam automatically reached out his arms too and allowed the hunter to take him from his dad.

"I don't know when I'll be back yet." John said and handed over Sam's teddy that Bobby accepted with one hand while he used the other one to keep Sam in place on his arm. "But I'll call you as soon as I know."

"It's fine." Bobby assured the younger man. "I'll look after the boys until you get back. Don't worry about it."

"Thanks Bobby." John said and looked between his two boys for a moment. "Be good to Bobby while I'm gone, okay? And stay out of trouble. I mean it, Dean."

"Yes sir." Dean said and his father gave him an approving nod.

"Bye bye Daddy." Sam waved and John smiled a little.

"Bye Sammy." John said and patted Sam's beanie-covered head in a gentle way before he took off.

"You boys have gotten so big." Bobby said as he followed Dean inside the house.

"That's because I'm eight now." Dean happily announced and crouched down to pet Ranger - the dog licking at Dean's face, making the eight-year-old laugh.

"And what about you, Sam?" Bobby asked and put Sam down on the ground before he removed the beanie from Sam's head, revealing the big brown mop of hair while doing so. "How old are you now?"

"Thwee!" Sam smiled and held up two fingers and Dean smoothly moved a third of Sam's fingers upwards with a chuckle.

"Still three?" Bobby asked.

"Uh-huh, his birthday is on May 2nd." Dean said and handed Sam his teddy bear that Bobby had dropped by accident, smiling to his brother as Sam clutched the teddy to his chest. "Mine is January the 24th so it's just been my birthday."

"I'll try to remember that." Bobby said. "And congratulations. What did your daddy give you?"

"This." Dean grinned and pointed at the black t-shirt he was wearing.

"What is a 'Metallica'?" Bobby wanted to know with a frown.

"Probably one of the best bands ever!" Dean said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Sam then coughed and sniffled, and Bobby reached a hand down to feel Sam's forehead.

"So, do you boys like apple juice?" Bobby asked after confirming that Sam was running a fever and decided he had to get some fluids into the small boy.

"Yes!" Sam exclaimed . "Me lovey!"

"Dean?" Bobby asked.

"Sure." Dean answered before he led his brother to the couch and lifted him up on it as Bobby walked to the kitchen to prepare the drinks.

Sam then sneezed and Dean wrinkled his nose as Sam had green-ish snot hanging from his nose.

"Eww, Sammy." Dean commented but wiped Sam's nose with a napkin nonetheless.

It never ceased to amaze Bobby that Dean did those kinda things without a complaint - like had it been the most natural thing for an eight-year-old boy to do for his younger brother. Even more impressive did it become as Dean claimed the spot next to Sam on the couch and draped a blanket over Sam's legs before turning on the TV with the remote. Dean flicked through the different channels until he settled on some cartoons and allowed Sam to snuggle closer to his big brother.

"You're all sweaty and warm." Dean grumbled but he still didn't push Sam away from him or suggest that he should move.

"Two apple juices coming up." Bobby said and handed a cup with a straw to each of the boys.

Bobby sighed as Ranger then decided to scratch on the front door, letting the older hunter know that he needed to be walked and since Bobby wasn't thrilled about dog excrements on his floors, he had to fulfill the dog's wish.

"Balls." Bobby mumbled. "Boys, I'm gonna take Ranger for a quick walk in the salvage yard."

"Okay." Dean said without looking away from the TV. Sam didn't say anything; he seemed to be too engrossed in the cartoons.

When Bobby returned from his walk – all wet and grumpy from a sudden cloudburst – he found the Winchester boys both asleep on the couch; Dean with an arm around Sam, and the younger brother leaning his head against Dean's shoulder. Bobby couldn't help but smile affectionately by the sight of it, and the grumpiness he'd felt moments before started fading away as quickly as the cloudburst had appeared outside. Bobby then rearranged the blanket so that it covered both Sam and Dean and turned the TV off. It was so great being able to look after those boys again.

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