Chapter 2: Escape

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Lumina jerked her head toward the assertion, and her pale pink cheeks de-saturated. The cops had seen her. Just as Lumina was about to think this day couldn't get more interesting, a single, heavy raindrop landed on the tip of her nose as if to say, "Ha! I told you I could make your day worse!" Once she got a hold of herself, she took off running again, putting the tin in her skirt pocket. She quickly looked over her shoulder and saw they already had a boy in their custody. Lumina felt a small portion of relief, but this didn't make her stop running. Her body was filled with so much emotion that she could barely feel any. Lumina had no warmth in her body. She pulled her hat closer around her eyes.

. . .

Jim looked up at the sky and it seemed the clouds were finally ready to burst. "You stay right here. Don't even think about running," the robocop warned, and Jim looked down at his free arms. The police took off after the girl and Jim stood in silence for a couple of seconds. He looked around cautiously at the crowd of aliens surrounding him before slowly slipping away. That was the most stupid thing they had ever done.

. . .

"No… No!" Lumina cried as she dodged past purp carts, barrels, and busy people. This was not happening. This was one of the scariest days of her life. Not because police were chasing her or that it started to rain - that happened all the time - but because she was in possession of some cursed tarot cards her mind raced. Just the idea of someone with whom she wasn't acquainted to give her tarot cards put Lumina on edge. Most of all, she was uneasy about Miska's explanation – or, rather, lack thereof. Actually, Miska's refusal to explain coupled with his stern admonition to never return made Lumina more than uneasy – it terrified her. Was she really in that much danger?

"Gypsy! Stop!" the robocops yelled as they motored closer toward her. Usually, she wasn't this terrified of the police, but for some reason now she felt like her heart was going to pound out of her chest. She let out a small scream and frantically jerked her body around in an attempt to find somewhere to hide. She couldn't handle being slowed down by the police today.

Everything Miska said flooded her mind, and she couldn't stop thinking about what was happening to her. Now the police were after her for using dark magic from a previous day! If they knew what kind of cards were in her pocket… Lumina didn't allow herself to imagine how bad the consequences would be for she didn't even know how dark the cards were.

Lumina looked down to shield her face from the fat raindrops and almost slipped on the wet stone. She ran as fast as she could, yelling and shoving aliens out of the way. She couldn't go back to camp because if she did, and the police followed, they would know where the gypsies were and her friends and family would be involved. Fortunately, the police didn't bother the gypsies unless they were playing with dark magic or stealing. The unfortunate part was Lumina had done all of the above. Her eyes started watering and she felt as if her head was going to explode.

. . .

Wow a gypsy, Jim thought as he calmly headed back to the inn. I hope she's okay… He laughed to himself at how screwed she was. As he strutted through the crowds, he received the occasional look of recognition. The word was slowly getting around about the boy who discovered Treasure Planet. Jim smiled and nodded humbly at the people who recognized him. Thankfully, he had kept his head down when the cops had him.

The rain started to pour down heavier and umbrellas began to shoot up from the crowds. Jim merged to walk under one of the awnings of the building to avoid getting too wet.

Jim finally escaped the crowds of the market and arrived back at the inn – soaking wet. He heard the sounds of mining taking place in the trench below the inn. He didn't think much of it anymore because he was used to it, but the constant hammering used to annoy him.

Pulling open the doors of the inn caused his mother to turn from one of the tables at which she was serving breakfast. "Jim, honey, finally! I need you to go to Crescentia and pick up your tickets for the academy!"

"Mrs. Hawkins!"

"One second, Mrs. Dunwoody! I'll be right there!"

"Wait, Mom! I just got back from the uh… market!" he saved. "Can't I go back later?" he begged. When he received a frustrated glance from her he groaned in return. "Plus, I thought you had already went out and got them, seeing as the ship departs tomorrow."

"Jim, can't you see I've been extremely busy! Everyone is coming in for the last week of summer! Now, Jim, get to the spaceport now and arrange something at the dock."

He rolled his eyes but relented and headed out again toward the spaceport.

. . .

Lumina was out of breath already. She started stumbling, and the hoards of people began to shift out of her way and gave her worried glances. Giving up would mean going straight to jail, or worse. She screamed again and quickly turned her body around to see how close the police were.

"Lumina!" She slowed when she heard her name, and a hand grabbed her arm and pulled her into an alley away from the rain.

"Simza!" She desperately embraced her friend and realized Sim had disguised her gypsyness by wearing a loose white camisole, and Lumina was in her regular gypsy attire. "You need to hide me! Fast!" They both turned at the sound of the robocops and Simza smiled.

"What are you wearing?" Simza asked, merging in front of Lumina to block her from the sight of the police. She herded her into a corner.

"What do you mean what am I wearing!" she blurted breathlessly. "This is what I always wear!" Lumina knew what she meant, that a green floor length skirt with embroidered designs and many layers of scarves and cloth around her hips made her look like a gypsy thief. "Now, you need to find some place for me to hide!" She looked around and tried to steady her heart rate but heard the cops coming closer.

"They're going to find you if you're so flustered," Sim pointed out. "Just stand here and act normal like there's no reason to throw you in jail." Simza was always on the cops' radar and knew how to get away from them. Lumina sometimes got annoyed about how she always got caught and Sim never did. Sim had definitely committed more crimes than her.

"No, they're going to find me either way! My hair and my clothes are so noticeable!"

"Just shut up."

"Get off of me! Let me find somewhere to hide. We're out in the open! We ca-" With that, Sim pressed her lips to hers while they heard motors rolling past the alley.

"Ew! Sim, ugh! What the he-" Lumina screeched when Simza pulled away.

"You're welcome. I just saved your life."

"What do you mean!? If I ever drown, I'm not letting you do mouth to mouth on me because you're doing it wrong," Lumina exclaimed loudly wiping her mouth off. The rain finally started to pour down full speed and some of the drops even made it into the thin alleyway.

"Lum, shut up."


"The cops are still around. Just because they didn't notice you this time doesn't mean they aren't coming back. Come on, we need to climb up this building."

"You're not serious."

"Yeah, I'm just kidding."

"Okay, good. Now, we need to creep around here and get back to camp." Lumina stated peeking around the corner to make sure the police had motored away. She quickly jerked back into the alley when she saw them just around the corner talking about the boy.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," Simza warned with her fingers clutching the cracks in the brick wall. "Come on."

"Wait, I thought you were kidding!" Lumina exclaimed.

"I was. I was kidding about saying I was kidding."

Lumina rolled her eyes but stuck her sharp-toed shoe in one of the wall's depressions and started to climb, getting her clothing dirty from the wet bricks. "This is kind of hard with a big skirt."

"Well, that was stupid wasn't it?" Sim acknowledged. Lumina groaned and wished she were as smart as her. "You need to be prepared for anything. Especially with you, because you're prone to getting caught."

Of course, Sim arrived at the top first and had to pull Lumina up. Lumina brushed herself off and was out of breath. It was easier for Simza who had on pants. Usually, Lumina was a great climber – when she had better clothing.

"We need to take a little detour through Crescentia," Sim explained.

. . .

Jim, once again, shuffled down the lonely, muddy road and turned the corner to get to where he parked his solar surfer. Then he realized that his solar surfer was down in the mining area in the middle of nowhere in pieces. He kicked a rock out of a puddle in annoyance. Why hadn't his mom gone out to get the papers before? The ship left tomorrow! Sure, he had already applied for the school and they pretty much accepted him, but they still hadn't picked up the tickets! Then Jim realized how immaturely he was acting and scolded himself for not picking them up himself. He would have to take a solar ferry.

. . .

"No!" Lumina cried. "There's something I need to go over with Zuzula. We need to get back to camp!" Her big skirt was starting to stick to her legs, which made it hard to reach the next building and Simza's short, large hair began to deflait from the weight of the rain.

"I just have a feeling that we should go to the spaceport. I honestly don't know why I have this feeling, but come on." Lumina watched as Simza's long legs leaped across the building and landed on the next one gracefully, splashing in a puddle. Lumina followed with a sigh and they danced across the rooftops like gazelles did in the Milky Way. Sim warned her to stay close to the center in case the robocops were around, and she obeyed. Finally, they spotted a solar taxi arriving in the distance.

. . .

Jim sat on the bench, and waited as the ferry took its last stop before the spaceport with a jerk. The driver waited for a couple seconds for someone to climb on, but no one was in line. He backed up the ferry and continued heading to Crescentia, closely passing the buildings. Jim wondered why the ferry was so close, for it seemed too close for comfort. Frankly, the driver himself wondered the same thing but continued to coast next to the rooftops.

"Wait!" Sim screamed as she leapt from building to building with Lumina following her closely.

Jim turned his head and saw two girls running across the rooftops. He saw one of the girls wearing colorful attire and immediately recognized her as the gypsy from before.

"Sim, no. We've missed that one, don't try to-" without even an acknowledgment, Simza leaped from the rooftop to the ferry and landed between the passengers like a cat.

"Come on, Lum!" Simza called and waited for the taxi to arrive at Lumina's level. When it did, she hesitantly jumped just in time to land on the solar ferry. The driver growled but didn't kick them out.

Then Lumina saw Jim, and Jim saw Lumina.